Knowing reputable sports betting providers

Before you put your money on the line with an online betting company and other online gambling sites such as NoAccountCasinos, you should check that the provider is serious.


The following checklist will help

Licenses and seals of approval

Serious betting providers have at least one license recognized in and additional security certificates and seals of approval. For example in Germany, EU licenses are considered reputable, and company offices in Malta or Gibraltar are popular with qualified betting providers. Even the Caribbean states of Curacao and Antigua and Barbuda are reputable licensors.

Compliance with the law

If a betting provider follows the provisions of the State Treaty on Gambling, one can assume that he is reputable.

Choice and fair conditions

A qualified betting provider offers a choice between different sports and different betting options for each game. Seriousness also includes fair bonus offers, balanced odds, and high payout rates.

Fair bonus offers

The bonus money must always be released before it is paid out. Important criteria for the bonus are: The initial deposit rate, e.g. 50 percent of the initial deposit; the conversion, 4 to 8 times is considered acceptable; the period to clear the bonus is often 3 months with reputable providers; the minimum odds of the bet placed, 1.50 is a guideline.

Reliable payment methods

You can only rule out fraud if withdrawals are processed quickly and smoothly. Deposits and withdrawals should only be made via encrypted channels. It speaks for seriousness if you can choose between different payment options, such as credit card, bank transfer, possibly PayPal. Fees for deposits or withdrawals are rather uncommon.

Competent customer service

The advice can be very important for safe sports betting. With reputable providers, you will find friendly and competent employees.

On various websites, you can find comparisons and reviews of sports betting providers, also called bookmakers.

In addition to the normal offer, reputable portals now also offer live betting. These are considered a good addition to the normal betting offer. If bets are offered via a mobile version, this speaks in favor of the betting provider. In this case, one must pay attention to compatibility and practical programs.