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The next chapter will explain the mechanics of how to put a spread bet on but, beyond the very basics, I hope there is something here for everyone from the absolute beginner to experienced traders. In the same way, it is possible to back against events happening—such as points being scored in a rugby match, corners in football game or the number of birdies on a specific hole in a golf tournament.


Seven years on and it is the early hours of a cold winter morning. The New England Patriots have taken the American Football world by storm and made it to the Super Bowl where they face the all-conquering St Louis Rams. A special thank you to Paul Austin at IG for his time, trouble and dinners. All I can say is I remain a huge fan of spread betting and convinced that it is possible to win.


We are living in an age where dominance in sport is everywhere to be seen. Technology has also changed the face of competition. Tennis racquets made of a graphite compound mean balls are hit faster and sweeter. The vast number of spread bettors lose, but lose survivable amounts. Others are happy to quote prices without knowing who they are speaking to.