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On the contrary, one of the advantages of having strong favorites is the relative value it offers further down the betting field. Not surprisingly, in the motorized world of Formula One and rallying, the cars are going faster than ever. But other sports have also benefited from advances. New clubs and balls in golf mean players are driving further and further and with more accuracy.


Cricketers can watch computer animation of their shots to see where their weaknesses are and how to improve their batting or bowling action. Watching videos of opposing teams is old hat, but in American Football, whole backroom teams will study hours of footage to predict what a team will do in a particular situation. The point of all this for the spread bettor is that more goals, more points, bigger scores and greater margins of victory are all becoming the norm.


And when the essence of spread betting is that the more you get it right, the more you win, living in an age of sporting dominance can only be good. It gives the possibility for volatility and big make-ups…and makes the surprise results even more surprising. This does not mean of course that we just back strong favorites in the hope of the blow-out result.