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The importance of having an account with all the spread firms, but there is no better incentive than the several hundred pounds worth of free bets on offer. As always, there is a word of caution. The firms have whole marketing departments thinking up offers and gimmicks to attract custom. These range from adverts highlighting particular markets, competition entries with the chance to win a free bet after a client has placed ten bets on a specific sport, to the offer of ‘a point inside the price’ on a market if you sing the first line of a song.


Ask yourself—why are the firms making these offers? The answer is that it is psychological kidology to encourage you to bet on certain markets, often ones where the odds favor the firms. All is fair in love and gambling, but do not be suckered in just for the sake of the freebie. If you would have ten bets on American football during the NFL season anyhow, then good, take advantage of the offer. But do not be tempted just for the chance of a free bet.


All offers are carefully costed by the firms. You can be sure they will only offer them if they are confident they will be the eventual winners.