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The best spread bettors make their money by being both brave, but sensible and on more than a few occasions pretty devious and calculating. As we will see, this psychological flaw can open the way to profitable trading. The fact is that more clients win at spread betting than they do in fixed-odds betting and without having their accounts closed.


I hope that this will give an insight into how the market-makers think themselves and how some of their best clients beat the system at least some of the time. It will highlight where we have the best chance of winning and where long-term profits are most difficult to secure. In the chapters on individual sports some of the experts in the field, whether it is from inside the spread betting industry or from inside the sport itself, will reveal how they make money spread betting. ‘Spread bettors have an odd view of risk.


The phrase that is used is that they want to “minimize the downside” and it is the platform they take into the markets. They more often than not like to get on the unlimited high side. They often seem to be scared of risk—maybe because of the horror stories that are told.’