2020 02 17 The end of an Era the Final Rise Live Event is March 27 in Berwyn Il

Our only test for having a bet and which firm to have it with, should be the price that is offered and nothing else. A last thought on managing betting money. As we said before, this is a golden age for betting. Plenty of options are available when it comes to backing on an event, whether it is fixed-odds, on the spreads, pools, one-to-one exchanges or any others. Do not be blind to what is available.


Spread betting is special because it offers so many different markets on a sporting event and because, as the blurb always says, the more a punter is right, the more he is financially rewarded. In many cases, spread betting also offers good value and we will be looking at that concept in a later proceedings. But there are times when other mediums will offer better opportunities, either because the odds are more favorable or because the risk of a spread bet does not warrant the return. Professional gamblers rarely limit themselves to one form of betting.


They make sure that they have the accounts open to be able to bet where they find the best value. Those I have spoken to use spread betting for between 30 and 50 per cent of their exposure. It is a significant part of the betting armoury, but not its only weapon. Make sure you use spread betting to its full advantage, but remember there are other options as well.