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This will e-mail your bet back to the firm, where a trader will either accept the bet and acknowledge it with a confirmation message or, if events have changed, offer a new price, which you can either take or decline. Money-management—know what your losses could be. The worst-case scenario is the worst-case scenario…and it could happen. Know your volatility levels.


The limited loss accounts offered by the spread firms. The firms’ free offers…or are they? Spread betting as part of your weaponry The concept is beautiful. You take your fancy on an international rugby match over the weekend or a midweek football match or a golf tournament on the other side of the world, your pick comes in and a few days later a cheque drops on the doormat. It is a lovely feeling.


The reality, as we all know, is that while the cheques do come, there are also some dark days. Days when you have to make the call to the customer service desk at Sporting or IG and pay a margin call on your Switch card because a long-term position has taken a turn against you. Unfortunately, no matter how good a punter you are, no one wins all the time.