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At the touch of a button, a client’s complete betting record is available: how much they have won or lost since they opened the account and whether they are on a good run or bad, or whether they win on specific sports or markets—and if the firm needs to limit a client’s stakes in certain circumstances because they are regular winners. It is not unusual to find that clients win on one sport, but give back their winnings on others.


All the firms have the betting history of every client at their fingertips. When they call up an account they will see what has been won and lost over the short and long term and details of every bet placed. Notes exist on probably two-thirds of all clients. Some are very amusing and no one will be surprised that the clandestine nature of spread betting comes to the fore. A trader calling up an account might just see something along the lines of: ‘Bills to be sent to work address.


Call Mr Jones at home only under extreme circumstances. If woman (Mrs Jones) answers phone, tell her you are a work colleague.’ Other notes give information that can significantly affect how the most successful clients are treated and what bets will be accepted from them.