2016 11 26 Holiday Sale Through Tuesday Saturday at Aaw in Chicago

They have that warm feeling of a man who has predicted an event weeks before others. I bought the Patriots on Sporting Index’s 100 tournament index after week 11 at 20. Their thinking had been that they were a good bet to make the play-offs because they had a relatively simple run-in at the end of the season and if they managed that, the money was covered.


As events transpired they turned out to be much better than just play-off fodder and, probably more importantly, they had all the luck going. Even so, the satisfaction of a big winning spread bet takes some beating. So enticing. This was first dreamed up a few years ago when they went to an open night at IG Index and saw at first hand how the business works.


Since then, I have had a chance to look at the mechanics of the industry, the mathematics and probably most importantly the psychology of it. “From market-makers at the firms who have put up with me asking daft questions as they try to trade a game, to the winning punters and tipsters for letting me in on a few secrets, to pundits and experts in specific sports. I am very grateful.”