2018 06 25 Some Rise some Fall a very Open letter from Rise Owner Kevin Harvey

The few exceptions to this usually relate to markets that are on the point of completion. So betting on a side’s score in the first 15 overs of a one-day cricket match may only be done over the phone when the team are actually in the 15th over. This is on the basis that events in the last few balls have a much bigger relative impact on a quote than in the first over.


When you have made your choice of market and stake, click on the appropriate box to confirm the bet. All calls to the spread firms are recorded—both for the firms and your benefit. Any disagreement over a bet can be referred back to a time and the call played back. It is also always important to check your weekly statement to make sure the bets you placed were logged correctly.


On the very few occasions when I have had mistakes with my account the firms have acted quickly and precisely to correct the situation. Internet betting works in a similar way. Once you have logged on to the site with your personal password, you will have the option of buying or selling on almost any market.