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Different firms have different policies, and, depending on which you go to, the trader taking your call may first ask for your client number and surname.  If the price you are quoted is in line with what you had in mind and is acceptable, state clearly what you want to do and the size of your stake (we will consider later the sometimes complex question of what size stake is suitable for different markets).

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On markets where there is room for confusion, it is important to spell out your stake per unit. They also find that Sporting and IG’s results service for the make-up of every market dating back a year or more is very useful. Whichever method you choose, the process is similar. When a client sees a potential bet after seeing a price on the , the first move is to check the price.


So if you want to buy England’s supremacy in a football match and the price you are quoted is 0.7 to 1, do not just say ‘I’ll buy for £100’. The trader should then quote back to you what you have done. If in doubt, make it clear who you are supporting. Once the phone is replaced, your bet is on and it is a legally binding agreement.