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The stakes have been raised for The Prospective Talent Pool in the RISE 12 World Class Development Seminar January 18 in Texas City, Texas near Houston. In addition to a full day of training with Phoenix of RISE Mercedes Martinez, Saraya Knight and RISE Executive Producer Jimmy Jacobs, it was already known that several talents will be utilized on the co-promoted Live Event between RISE and Reality of Wrestling January 19. But now, more opportunity lies ahead for one Seminar talent.

SHIMMER Executive Producer Dave Prazak will be on hand to assist in event production and to scout talent in the Seminar. Dave and RISE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will come to an agreement on one talent who will be brought to Chicago March 29-31 to be part of RISE 13 – LEGENDARY and to make their SHIMMER debut over the course of the weekend’s tapings. The talent selected will be announced before the end of our January weekend in Texas.

“There is so much talent in Texas right now. I’ve been lucky enough to meet many of the region’s Women Athletes at the RISE on the Road Seminars in the last year in Austin. Now, it’s time to invest more of our resources into talent in that market. And it’s also time to help one of those Texas talents break out into new markets and new promotions,” said Harvey.

Women wrestlers, register for the RISE 12 World Class Development Seminar today at

Tickets for the co-promoted Live Event between RISE and Reality of Wrestling go on sale Friday, December 7 at

RISE Online Seminars

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We will be offering Promos and Public Speaking at the following dates and times:

December 5: 12 PM to 2 PM and 7 PM to 9 PM

December 12: 12 PM to 2 PM and 7 PM to 9 PM

December 13: 7 PM ot 9 PM

December 19: 12 PM to 2 PM and 7 PM to 9 PM

December 20: 7 PM to 9 PM

December 27: 8 PM to 10 PM

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Legends Developing and Scouting Tomorrow's Women Athletes

We are incredibly happy and extremely excited to announce our new partnership with WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling in Houston, Texas! This working relationship kicks off in a big way January 2019.

“Teaming with Reality of Wrestling is something that has me fired up. Booker T and his team are doing amazing things with their Diamonds Division and their Ladies Night Out Events. We’ve been fortunate to have several of the ROW women in our Seminars and part of our past events. Bringing these two companies together along with what I know is a deep Seminar Prospective Talent Pool in the State of Texas has me very excited to see just how huge this January weekend can truly be for Women’s Wrestling,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

Friday, January 18 we will host a World Class Development Seminar with facilitators IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer Gail Kim and The Matriarch of The Knight Dynasty Saraya Knight! This Seminar will be scouted and evaluated throughout by RISE and ROW Staff on hand, including Booker T. Immediate opportunities will be available for Seminar standouts on the RISE Live Event January 19. Booker T has also made it known he is keeping his eyes open for future female talents for Reality of Wrestling Events.

Full registration details will be available later this weekend!

Saturday, January 19, it will be a double shot of Live Events kicking off with RISE that afternoon and Reality of Wrestling that night. Talent details and ticket on-sale information will be coming in the very near future. We are currently verifying key talent availability. We can confirm at this time that Saraya Knight will be competing at the RISE Live Event.

Get ready for one heck of a fun weekend with RISE and Reality of Wrestling!


This image is just a partial preview of the cover art for a Super Limited Collectors’ Edition of RISE 10 – INSANITY Two Disc Blu-ray Set. These sets will be available exclusively by eBay Auctions as there are fewer than ten sets in total that are being produced.

RISE 10 – INSANITY Collectors’ Edition Two Disc Blu-ray Set Includes:

• Special cover art made specifically for this set

• Blu-ray of The Final Edit of RISE 10 – INSANITY with a Bonus Match of the 30 Minute Iron Woman Match between Tessa Blanchard and Mercedes Martinez from RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts.

• Blu-ray of The Live Edit of RISE 10 – INSANITY, signed by Tessa Blanchard and Mercedes Martinez.

We will communicate when these extremely rare items go up for auction via our Social Media Accounts @RISEdtwa.

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 1.43.01 PM

The complete, final edit of RISE 10 – INSANITY is now available for download at for $9.99! This version will be shipping soon for those with pre-orders for DVD and Blu-ray. To reserve your copy, order today at

In addition to a more refined edit compared to the Live Edit and updated graphics, this version features two exclusive interviews. Hear from Paradise Lost following the brutal Rosemary’s Rules match for the Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships. Backstage hostess Alicia Atout also catches up with Shotzi Blackheart.

The Main Event of RISE 10 was the record breaking 75 Minute Iron Woman Match for The Phoenix of RISE Championship as Tessa Blanchard defended against Mercedes Martinez. Witness history as these two combatants have professional wrestling longest ever women’s one on one match.

The complete card for RISE 10 – INSANITY

RISE 10 – INSANITY, held in Berwyn, IL October 19, 2018. Commentary by Dave Prazak and Lexie Fyfe.

Kimber Lee vs. Karen Q

4-on-4 Elimination Tag Team Match:
Jessicka Havok, Nevaeh, Allysin Kay and Dynamite DiDI vs. Alex Gracia, Myka Layne Rosario and Nikki Victory

Queen vs. Queen:
Madison Rayne vs. Jinny

Triple Threat Match:
Cheerleader Melissa vs. Rain vs. Double D Rose

Intergender Tag Team Match:
Colt Cabana and RJ City with David Arquette vs. Bones of Contention (Ray Lyn and Karen Q)

Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships, Rosemary’s Rules:
Champions Paradise Lost (Raven’s Ash and Dust) with Rosemary vs. Challengers Balls of DOOM (Shotzi Blackheart and Delilah Doom)

Phoenix of RISE Championship, 75 Minute Iron Woman Match – Longest 1-on-1 Women’s Match in History
Champion Tessa Blanchard vs. Mercedes Martinez


Are you new to RISE? Looking to get caught up to date on all our Live Events and Weekly Episodes of RISE – ASCENT? We have been asked by several fans recently to outline the chronological order of Live Events and the Weekly Episodes leading into them. Below is the complete timeline for those looking to get caught up to date on the varying stories one will see in RISE.










RISE – ASCENT, Episode 1 – Kimber Lee vs. Shotzi Blackheart

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 2 – Tessa Blanchard vs. Britt Baker

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 3 – Phoenix of RISE Delilah Doom vs. Jessicka Havok

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 4 – Mercedes Martinez vs. Deonna Purrazzo

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 5 – The Killer Death Machines vs. Phoenix of RISE Champion Delilah Doom and Shotzi Blackheart



RISE – ASCENT, Episode 6 – Seminar Showcase

RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 7 – New Phoenix, New Guardians

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 8 – Fire vs. Nice

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 9 – A Diamond’s First Defense

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 10 – Farewell, Virtuosa

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 11 – The Search for Tito

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 12 – Bones of #1 Contention

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 13 – The Phoenix, The Wolf’s Head and The Broken Arm

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 14 – 上昇

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 15 – Feels Like Home

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 16 – Doppelgänger

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 17 – Impending Doom?

RISE – ASCENT, Episode 18 – Prelude to INSANITY


RISE – ASCENT, Episode 19 – Rebel Yell

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Own this piece of wrestling history, the day Tessa Blanchard and Mercedes Martinez had the longest women’s professional wrestling match in recorded history – A 75 Minute Iron Woman Match for The Phoenix of RISE Championship!

Here’s what you will see…


Held October 19, 2018 in Berwyn, IL

Commentary by Dave Prazak and Lexie Fyfe

Kimber Lee vs. Karen Q

4-on-4 Elimination Tag Team Match

Jessicka Havok, Nevaeh, Allysin Kay and Dynamite DiDi vs. Alex Gracia, Myka, Nikki Victory and “Derby Doll” Layne Rosario

Queen vs. Queen

Madison Rayne vs. Jinny

Triple Threat Match

Cheerleader Melissa vs Rain vs. “The Weapon of Ass Destruction” Double D Rose

Intergender Tag Team Match

Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana and RJ City with David Arquette vs. Bones of Contention (Ray Lyn and Karen Q)

Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships – Rosemary’s Rules

Paradise Lost (Raven’s Ash and Dust) with Rosemary (C) vs. Balls of DOOM (Shotzi Blackheart and Delilah Doom)

75 Minute Iron Woman Match for The Phoenix of RISE Championship

“Undeniable” Tessa Blanchard (C) vs. “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez

screen shot 2018-10-22 at 6.56.09 pm

We have received a few, consistent questions the last few days, and we hope to clarify the confusion as best we can. Going into last Friday’s RISE 10 – INSANITY, we intended to announce our next event, which logically would be RISE 11 and was slated to be our return to the Los Angeles Market. But, as can often be the case in the our world, “Card Subject to Change.”

Our next event, RISE 12 – WE DON’T NEED ROADS, was set for South Gate, CA. We had the building secured and key talent committed, but we had a very big factor preventing us from running the date we had set – impossible travel booking situations. When attempted to book travel for key talents, nearly all flights needed were already sold out or were astronomically high priced. Returning to our loyal fans in Los Angeles is a top priority for us, but we have been forced to push the date of RISE 12 and possibly the location. We WILL return to Los Angeles in 2019 at a date yet to be determined.

Now, as for another question…what happened to RISE 11?

We had announced on our Social Media some time ago our next event would be RISE 11 – ONE LOUDER. We had begun a dialogue with representatives of potential special guests who would have been very fitting for an event entitled ONE LOUDER. However, due to current legal situations, on which we will not further comment, we will be skipping over RISE 11 – ONE LOUDER. We will only ever get one “11,” and we hope to one day present the event as planned and to do it right.

As a show of solidarity for our potential special guests, we will not be making any reference to or making any profits from RISE 11 – ONE LOUDER unless they are able to be a part.

Now, where and when will RISE 12 – WE DON’T NEED ROADS be? That is to be determined. We are working on a few possibilities for early 2019. We will get the word out as soon as locations and dates are set.

What we DO know, is this: The Fifth Phoenix of RISE “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez will defend her championship against Kylie Rae!

Los Angeles, we hope to see you soon! And there are a few new towns we might be seeing in the relatively near future as well.

Thank you fans for your patience and understanding!