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Since taping the first six episodes of our new, weekly episodic platform for women’s wrestling RISE – ASCENT last weekend in White Oak, PA, we have seen tremendous support from new subscribers at This streaming platform not only features our entire library of past events, but will be the exclusive home to first-run episodes of RISE – ASCENT beginning May 30. With subscriptions priced at just $4.99 per month, this is a great value for every women’s wrestling fan!

Today, we begin our new social media campaign #RISEto1000. Our goal is to use this hashtag to raise awareness for all women’s wrestling fans worldwide of our product and reach our first 1000 recurring monthly subscribers to

There are millions of women’s wrestling fans worldwide, and many have been waiting for one of the major promotions to produce a weekly program exclusively for women’s wrestling. Beginning May 30, RISE has teamed with IMPACT Wrestling to produce exactly that.

“RISE is not a company with millions of dollars or world class lighting and sets. We don’t have stock prices to keep in mind, and we aren’t focused on marketing words and political agendas. But, what we DO have is the most amazing pipeline of female talent available at any point on the independents. And the goal is simple: showcase these amazing women with a weekly program all to their own,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

And now, the race is on. All fans, talent and staff, we appreciate your support as we begin the race. Let’s get #RISEto1000!

Who would have thought such a thing 18 months ago? When our company began November 2016 with RISE 1 – IGNITE, no one could have imagined what would come to be in such a short time frame. What would become of these little “Seminar Shows,” and what might they do for the bigger picture of advancing women’s wrestling?

As we learned who we were and grew as many relationships as possible in the spirit of collaboration winning over competition, it became apparent that if we all work together, we can make amazing things happen.

After last weekend in White Oak, PA, one of our goals is no longer a goal. It has happened. It is real.

Women’s Wrestling finally has its own weekly, episodic platform. The first six episodes have been shot. They are currently being edited. And May 30, we bring you RISE – ASCENT, Episode 1, available exclusively to subscribers at New episodes will drop every Wednesday.

Most of that is what you already knew. This article’s intention is to let you in on a few things you might not know.

Creating RISE – ASCENT

The first six episodes of RISE – ASCENT were written by RISE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey and IMPACT Wrestling Writer and Producer Jimmy Jacobs.

These episodes were not written as random matches put together for a one-off independent show. Each match, each segment has a purpose and was designed in introduce talent and elevate talent to our existing and new audiences.

The Road to RISE 8, RISE 9 and Beyond

The stories told in these first six episodes build to our upcoming events. Episode 5 drops June 27, just two days before RISE 8 – OUTBACK in South Gate, CA. Episode 5 serves as the “go-home” show to RISE 8.

Episode 6 will feature Seminar Showcase matches as well as video packages that lead us into our largest scale event to date, RISE 9 – RISE of the Knockouts, a joint promotion with IMPACT Wrestling streaming LIVE on Twitch taking place in Naperville, IL July 7.

The Next Tapings Are Set

ASCENT was not designed to be one set of tapings and then “we’ll see…” Our next tapings will be July 8 in Naperville, IL. We also may film one episode during the course of RISE 8 – OUTBACK.

The Producers

A large part of what made out first tapings run smoothly was the caliber of talent producing the show.

Producers of matches and segments during the course of the day included Harvey and Jacobs. Added to the mix were IMPACT Hall of Fame Knockout and current Knockouts Producer for IMPACT on Pop Gail Kim, IMPACT Wrestling Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore, Creative Director Sonjay Dutt and IMPACT Knockout Rosemary.

The Production

RISE flew in key members of the IMPACT Production Crew, James Long and Ben Coile to shoot not just the in-ring action, but a number of vignettes and interviews as well. IMPACT’s backstage segments are beautifully shot and add a great deal to their overall presentation. We wanted to bring a similar feel to truly elevate the talents of RISE.

Some of that footage has to been seen to truly appreciate how wonderfully it was shot. You’ll see first hand in Episode 1’s “Flight of The Phoenix: Delilah Doom.”

The Key

And now it is time for the key element: We need more fan support than ever. This project has been a tremendous undertaking and a labor of love. RISE is a privately funded company. There are no corporate sponsors or backers. In order to keep this project going, we must get the weekly, episodic content to be self-sustaining.

And how we do that is with the help of all in our company, all talent and most of all, our fans.

The key now is to drive subscriptions to $4.99 per month lands subscribers new episodes of RISE – ASCENT each week as well as access to our entire library of past events and more.

Fans have been asking for this for a very long time: a weekly wrestling program for women to have all to their own. We have done exactly that. And we wish to keep doing exactly that.

There are millions of women’s wrestling fans out there who’ve been asking for a product like this. We want to reach as many of them as possible.

But we need everyone’s help.

Spread the word.

Share it.

Shout it from the rooftops.

We all got here together and we can keep this going together.

Today, we begin our ASCENT. Join us for one hell of a ride:


Seats still remain for this Friday’s World Class Development Seminar, Lights, Camera, ACTION: The Art of TV. This unique Seminar is focused specifically on preparing talents to ply their trade on professional wrestling events that are being produced for television. This Seminar’s facilitators include former WWE and current IMPACT Writer Jimmy Jacobs, IMPACT Creative Director Sonjay Dutt, IMPACT Hall of Famer and Knockouts TV Producer Gail Kim and IMPACT Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore.

Registration fee for this Seminar is $150 and covers a full nine hour day starting at 12 PM, signups are still open at This Seminar is open to men and women in all wrestling roles.

“This Seminar is of great importance to the future of RISE, the future of IMPACT and the future of all wrestling. Television is such a unique environment, and so many people get caught by what they do not know in the precise moment they do not know it. Through this Seminar, we hope to prepare a future generation of talents to be better prepared  if they are chosen for their career’s next steps. On top of that, this has openly been called a direct scouting report for IMPACT Wrestling. And we know at least one of the women from the Seminar who is part of the RISE – ASCENT Tapings will receive a future opportunity with IMPACT, ” said RISE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey.

“These kids have no idea how much knowledge they are going to get out of this Seminar. I wish. I WISH there was anything close to this years ago,” said IMPACT Writer Jimmy Jacobs.

In addition to the tremendous opportunity ahead for IMPACT, there is also nearly immediate opportunity from women in this Seminar during the course of our RISE – ASCENT tapings May 12. Several women will be selected for roles to be part of our new, weekly program.

Wrestlers, why wait? If you are free Friday, May 11, join us for RISE – Lights, Camera, ACTION: The Art of TV!


Next week, RISE partners with International Wrestling Cartel and IMPACT Wrestling to present a full day of women’s wrestling May 12 in White Oak, PA in suburban Pittsburgh. Many questions have come up, especially with the announcement of the RISE 7.5 – STEEL taping that will take place. Most of those questions have centered around confusion of match changes and a timeline for the day.

9No originally advertised matches have been changed. Many talents will be wrestling multiple times throughout the ASCENT Tapings and RISE 7.5. We will provide a rundown of announced matches at the end of this article.

As for timeline, we begin taping Episode 1 of ASCENT at 1 PM. Each episode is designed to be between 30-35 minutes of in-ring action in front of the audience. That said, it will take us roughly 3-4 hours to get through all six episodes.

After the ASCENT Tapings have concluded, we will be taking an additional break to give fans and talent a chance to eat and re-energize as we prepare for RISE 7.5 – STEEL, a five match card slated to last approximately 90 minutes.

Assuming we are reasonably on time, the day’s matches should conclude by 8 PM. But, this is independent wrestling, which is far from a perfect world. That is the goal, but stranger things have happened than ill-timing and “technical difficulties.”

There are over 20 matches in all with some of the top athletes in all of women’s wrestling as well as talents identified directly from our Seminar May 11.

Talents would would like to be part of our show, there are still openings in the Seminar with Jimmy Jacobs, Sonjay Dutt, Gail Kim and Scott D’Amore May 11, register at

Fans, tickets are available at Front Row is sold out.

Announced Matches for ASCENT Tapings:


Announced Matches for RISE 7.5 – THROTTLE:



The Godmother of RISE returns, only this time, she has the group all to her own. Saraya Knight is back in the facilitator’s seat with RISE, and at the request of prior participants, we are giving her the entire day as her own.

Saraya’s Seminars with us have been wildly popular, selling out each time, with participants always asking for more. Well, with this Seminar, we are giving the Prospective Talent Pool exactly that!

Speaking of the Prospective Talent Pool, select members of the Seminar will receive opportunities on the cards for both the IMPACT and RISE joint promoted event, RISE 9 – RISE of the Knockouts, an IMPACT Special on Twitch as well as the RISE – ASCENT Tapings taking place July 7 and 8 in Naperville, IL.

This Seminar has a registration fee of $100. To sign up, please visit


Great news, and an even bigger value to the tickets has been added to our RISE – ASCENT Tapings May 12 in Pittsburgh! Not only will we be taping the first six episodes of RISE – ASCENT, but we will also be filming a video special: RISE 7.5 – STEEL! RISE 7.5 is INCLUDED with admission to the ASCENT Tapings!

The card for RISE 7.5 is as follows…

Non-Titles, Champion vs. Champion (If Doom is still Phoenix after ASCENT Tapings)

Phoenix of RISE Delilah Doom vs. SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy

IWC Women’s Champion Britt Baker vs. Mercedes Martinez

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Tessa Blanchard

Deonna Purrazzo vs. A Debuting International Star

Paradise Lost with Rosemary vs. Bones of Contention

This is a FULL day of women’s wrestling and a day fans of Pittsburgh will not soon forget! Join the teams of RISE, IWC and IMPACT as we present one hell of a card to end the day with RISE 7.5!

Tickets are still available at


Our World Class Development Seminars have proven to be a finding ground for Tomorrow’s Women Athletes. We have been able to identify and develop a new generation for RISE, SHIMMER and more. The time has come to expand the program and open our arms to developing even more professional wrestling talent.

Due to a high amount of inquiries and amounts of remaining seats in upcoming Seminars, effective immediately, all RISE Seminars are now open to all trained and active wrestlers and performers of support roles, women and men.

“Our brand of development can help many people, and the time has come to expand what we do. This change is all about opening the learning and development to as many talents as possible, not altering current plans with RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes Events. RISE – ASCENT will still be a 100% Women’s Wrestling Program. The RISE numbered events will still be predominantly women competitors with an occasional intergender match. Future opportunities for men discovered from our program will be different from the current plans for RISE Women’s Events,” clarified RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

So, all wrestlers and support roles everywhere, registration is now open for you, including May 12 in Pittsburgh’s Lights, Camera, ACTION: The Art of TV with IMPACT Wrestling’s Jimmy Jacobs, Sonjay Dutt, Gail Kim and Scott D’Amore as well as June 29 in Los Angeles’ RISE 8 – OUTBACK with Madison Eagles and Nicole Matthews.

Register today at


May 12 is an important day for RISE and for Women’s Wrestling as we take our bold, next step. We will tape the first six episodes of RISE – ASCENT, the first weekly, episodic content of the modern era with 100% of it’s matches and content devoted to women’s wrestling.

Already announced prior, IMPACT Knockout Sienna will provide color commentary for RISE – ASCENT. But, until today, it was not publicly known who else would be joining the team.

We are extremely excited to announce Lexie Fyfe will be joining Sienna May 12 at RISE – ASCENT in Pittsburgh!

“Lexie Fyfe is an incredibly important figure in women’s wrestling for so many reasons. She has been an integral part of every key women’s promotion both in front of and behind the camera. To have someone with the skills of Lexie as part of our events and lending her perspective to our viewers adds tremendous value to talent and fans,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

RISE – ASCENT’s first episode is slated to drop May 30 at Subscribe today for just $4.99 to get all prior RISE Live Events, including RISE 7 – SENSATION!

Fans in the Pittsburgh area, we want you to be part of this landmark day for women’s independent wrestling! Joins us, won’t you? Tickets:

ROTKO Chart.001

With tickets on-sale for RISE 9 – RISE of the Knockouts and RISE – ASCENT Tapings July 7 and 8 in Naperville, IL, we wanted to share an approximate seating arrangement as this will be a significantly larger scale event than anything attempted previously.

We say approximate for two reasons. One: This is the owners very crude hand at trying to make a seating chart… Two: The venue, the Illinois Basketball Academy, has a great deal of flexibility to add more seating. If more seating is needed, we will increase the overall size of the arena and add additional General Admission seating only.

Tickets available for both days now at Coming later this week, we hope to be able to share more talent announcements, including what additional IMPACT Knockouts will be joining the fun!