A VIP Meet and Greet has been added to RISE 10 – INSANITY Friday, October 19 in Berwyn, IL. In addition to the popular opportunity to meet many of the advertised talents before the heavy crowding of intermission, we will be offering multiple VIP Photos Ops and taping episodes of RISE – ASCENT before the 8 PM Bell Time of RISE 10.

As of press time, we are still sorting final details on the two photo ops and hope to have those fully available Monday.

In order to create as many opportunities as possible for The Prospective Talent Pool, we are taping two episodes of RISE – ASCENT, one exclusive to VIPs.

Different from past VIP Meet and Greets, we realize not everyone will want to partake in every facet, so we are introducing tiered pricing. All tiers include early entry to the building and the ability to attend the VIP ASCENT Taping.

VIP Photo Op #1 (Includes David Arquette): $30

VIP Photo Op #2 (Including Several Stars of RISE 10, In-Ring Photo): $30

VIP Photo Op #1 and #2 Combo: $50

VIP Early Entry Only for General Meet and Greet and ASCENT Matches: $10

Projected Timeline for VIP Meet and Greet

6:00 PM – Doors Open for VIPs Only, Photos Ops and M&G

7:00 PM – First Episode of RISE – ASCENT

7:25 PM – Doors Open for All

7:35 PM – Second Episode of RISE – ASCENT

8:00 PM – Belltime for RISE 10 – INSANITY

All levels of VIP Meet and Greet Passes will go on sale this Tuesday, September 18 at


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One of the most controversial figures in the vast history of professional wrestling, unlikely former world heavyweight champion David Arquette, has joined the RISE 10 – INSANITY World Class Development Seminar October 19 in Berwyn, IL with SHIMMER Originals Mercedes Martinez, Rain, Cheerleader Melissa and Lexie Fyfe. And, as such, David Arquette’s name is now among those in The Prospective Talent Pool for the RISE 10 Live Event later that evening.

For those unfamiliar with RISE or The Pool, The Prospective Talent Pool is made up of attendees of our World Class Development Seminar who may be chosen as opponents for a number of wrestling talents slated to appear at RISE 10.

So far, announced talents who currently have open contracts for matches October 19 include Dynamite DiDi, Miranda Alize, Allysin Kay, Cheerleader Melissa, Rain, Jessicka Havok, Nevaeh and more yet to be announced.

“I know the decision to allow David in this Seminar will be a polarizing one. After speaking with David’s representatives, I firmly believe he has genuine interest in learning more about the incredibly complex world of professional wrestling. And, if David wants to have a match in RISE, he will have to do the same as everyone else in the Seminar. David will have to show us, and more importantly his prospective opponents, what he has got,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

Wrestling talent, there is very limited room in the RISE 10 Seminar, register today at

Fans, tickets are available at Front Row is sold out, Second Row is nearly gone. Act fast as sellout in advance is anticipated for this event.

The card for RISE 10 – INSANITY thus far includes the Main Event, a 60 Minute Iron Woman Match for The Phoenix of RISE Championship as Tessa Blanchard defends against Mercedes Martinez. The Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships will be on the line as Raven’s Ash and Dust, collectively known Paradise Lost with Rosemary defend against Balls of DOOM, the team of Delilah Doom and Shotzi Blackheart. We also present Queen vs. Queen as Madison Rayne takes on Jinny!

RISE 10 – INSANITY will be available for streaming and download immediately following the event’s conclusion at and on RISE – ASCENT The App for iOS and Android. 7 Day FREE Trials for new subscribers are still active, $4.99 per month after trial. Subscriptions include full access to our archive of past events as well as new content every Wednesday with episodes of our weekly program RISE – ASCENT.


Our next Live Event, appropriately called RISE 10 – INSANITY, is coming up Friday, October 19 in Berwyn, IL near Chicago. Three HUGE matches have already been announced. Even more INSANITY is on the way! As always, in addition to matches with our featured talents, we will showcase talents from The Prospective Talent Pool. The Prospective Talent Pool is made up of attendees of our World Class Development Seminar being held earlier in the day with SHIMMER Originals Mercedes Martinez, Cheerleader Melissa, Rain and Lexie Fyfe.

Here are the names of talents confirmed so far for the RISE 10 – INSANITY World Class Development Seminar. Who might you see taking on the likes of Cheerleader Melissa, Rain and others? Let’s just take a look at the list (so far…)!

Prospective Talent Pool, RISE 10 – INSANITY: Alex Gracia, Allie Gato, Big Mama, Daysie Day, Dementia D’Rose, Desy Des Lattimore, David Arquette, Lady Frost, Layne Rosario, Myka Madrid, Rocky Radley, Sadie Lee Moss and Sophie King.

Wrestlers, very few seats remain in this Seminar. Seats are confirmed on a first paid, first reserved basis. Based on invoices due, this Seminar will be sold out by next week. Register today at

Fans, tickets are dwindling, so act fast. Front Row is sold out, Second Row well on its way. Secure your tickets today at



The RISE Team is just coming off a wild and crazy 9 day journey that was the most recent RISE – ASCENT Tapings in Orlando, Florida! Thanks to Alex Pourteau and the team at Pro Wrestling 2.0 in Winter Park, Florida, we were able to confirm the taping venue of Quinco Sports Academy. 9 days later, we taped 5 Episodes of RISE – ASCENT. It. was. INSANITY, and well ahead of RISE 10! In 9 days, all talent was booked, travel arranged, ticket sales promoted, and 5 weeks of content created, produced and delivered.

9 days. It’s still unreal to us, but thanks to our amazing crew of Women Athletes and all our supporting players who are just as crazy as us, sharing our vision, we did it!

RISE – ASCENT Episode 15-19 are now in post-production. Episode 15 drops September 26 at and RISE – ASCENT The App on iOS and Android. These Episodes most definitely enhance the stories being told at RISE 10 – INSANITY October 19 in Berwyn, IL.

We will still have new content dropping in the weeks in between. RISE 8 drops September 12, RISE 9 September 19.

These Orlando Tapings saw the debuts of 10 total talents in RISE, the majority discovered in our September 5 Seminar with Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Harvey. RISE – ASCENT has proven to be the best possible way for us to work in and develop new talent, staying true to our mission of building a worldwide pipeline of talent for all of professional wrestling, Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes.

And now, we turn to everyone in our network, friends, colleagues and fans. Based on what we were able to accomplish in Orlando and the costs associated with it, we have a new goal.

If we can somehow, some way achieve between 700-1000 additional subscribers to RISE – ASCENT, then the entire project of continuing weekly episodic women’s wrestling will become completely self-sustaining, guaranteeing our ability to continue producing RISE – ASCENT for a very long time.

And to do that, we are moving 100% of our subscription based video streaming services to, RISE – ASCENT The App for iOS and Android, and eventually Apple TV and Roku. Once a user is subscribed with one account, they can use any and all of these services with one login.

This also means that effective October 1, we are discontinuing our subscription services on Twitch. Messages were sent to our Twitch fanbase September 1. Though Twitch will still allow subscriptions, we will no longer be delivering new content to Twitch after October 1 and the video archive will be removed later in the month. We will from time to time still utilize Twitch to stream past events or special events.

We see it daily in discussions on Social Media that fans want weekly, women’s wrestling. We’ve been delivering just that since May. We just need to get the product in front of more eyes.

And here’s one way we will do it.

Right now, through or RISE – ASCENT The App for iOS and Android, all new signups will receive a 7 Day FREE Trial of RISE – ASCENT!

Please help us share this with the world!

We have some of the best women’s wrestling you’ll find, showcasing Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest.

Now, let’s prove it to an even bigger fanbase.

Thank you for your ongoing support of RISE – DEVELOPING Tomorrow’s Women Athletes!



This Thursday, September 6 in Winter Park, Florida in the Orlando Market, we tape the next several episodes of our weekly program, RISE – ASCENT. Tickets are only $10-$20 and available at

For a multitude of business reasons, we want to make taping episodes of RISE – ASCENT in the Orlando area a regular event! And in order to do that, we need to have as much success straight out of the gate as possible. Florida wrestling fans, please share the word and join us for a fun-filled night of women’s wrestling!

“In the bigger picture, we need to establish a regular taping schedule for RISE – ASCENT to honor our commitment to providing subscribers new content every week. From it’s inception, we hoped to establish a regular taping rhythm, possibly in a few key markets. If we can hit a home run in Orlando, we hope to make that a primary, if not exclusive market for tapings if RISE – ASCENT.

There are a number of young, hungry talents in the southeast United States with a heavy concentration in Florida. Through ASCENT, we hope to develop new talent, establish new stars and build stories for our larger scale events such as RISE 10 – INSANITY. Jimmy Jacobs and I want to see as many new faces as possible as we hope to bring many new opportunities to Tomorrow’s Women Athletes, continuing to utilize Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

Our Seminar with Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Harvey this Wednesday, September 5 in Winter Park, FL still has a few seats left and is open to men and women in all wrestling performance roles. Several opportunities will be open for women wrestlers taking part in this Seminar during the September 6 ASCENT Tapings. To register, please visit



We’ve got a LOT packed into this week’s installment of RISE – ASCENT. This week, we present Episode 13 – The Phoenix, The Wolf’s Head and The Broken Arm via our Apps on iOS and Android as well as

This week, we bring you three main event worthy matches for sure!

IMPACT Knockouts Champion Su Yung, accompanied by one of The Undead Bridesmaids takes on Kris Wolf. Kris Wolf is desperately trying to become reunited with Tito after discovering he was involved in a bizarre ritual with The Bloody Undead Bride and her Bridesmaids two weeks ago!

Mercedes Martinez takes on Deonna Purrazzo. This is the second time these two have faced off on RISE – ASCENT, a rematch from Episode 4. We saw in Episode 11 Mercedes’ vicious attack during the in-ring celebration of the RISE Career of Deonna Purrazzo following Episode 10 – Farewell, Virtuosa. Then last week in Episode 12, we saw Deonna return the favor as Mercedes was a guest on an AMBY Interview with Backstage Hostess Alicia Atout. This week, win, lose, or draw, this will be the final RISE match for Deonna Purrazzo before she begins her career’s next steps in WWE NXT.

The Phoenix of RISE is one the line as Champion Tessa Blanchard defends against Miranda Alize with Kylie Rae in her corner. The Undeniable Phoenix has not exactly made fast friends with Wily Smilies. Tessa left Kylie laying after an assault with the Championship Title. Now, Miranda looks to get a measure of revenge, and pick up The Phoenix of RISE along the way!

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of our tapings from Naperville, IL, streaming now worldwide via iOS, Android and!

Quinco Sports Academy-3

IMPACT Wrestling Writer and Producer as well as RISE Write and Executive Producer Jimmy Jacobs and RISE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey are on their way to Orlando, Florida! Wednesday, September 5, Jacobs and Harvey will facilitate a RISE World Class Development Seminar. Thursday, September 6, we will be taping the next several episodes of RISE – ASCENT, our weekly episodic program available at as well as RISE – ASCENT The App for Android and iOS!

The Seminar with Jacobs and Harvey will cover a wide variety of topics centered in the idea of character presentation through promos, attire, entrance and ring work. Other topics are likely to be included, including extended Q&A for participants. This Seminar is open to trained men and women in all performance roles in the business as well as those currently enrolled in a reputable wrestling school with their trainers’ permission to attend.

Jacobs and Harvey will actively be scouting what women will receive immediate opportunities with RISE Thursday, September 6 as we tape RISE – ASCENT. Several opportunities will be available, as we will be writing women from this Seminar directly into weekly episodes of RISE – ASCENT.

Registration is now open for the Seminar HERE. This Seminar’s registration fee is $50. The learning starts at 7 PM.

Tickets for RISE – ASCENT Tapings are on sale now HERE. Seating is limited, and all tickets are General Admission at $20 in advance, $25 at the door. We will also offer a Standing Room option for $10 in advance, $15 at the door.

This is all possible thanks to our friends at Pro Wrestling 2.0! Many thanks to Alex Porteau and the whole team for helping us make this happen!

The Seminar and Tapings both go down at the Pro Wrestling 2.0 Training Facility located at Quinco Sports Academy at 4304 Metric Dr. Winter Park, FL 32792.

RISE – ASCENT The App is now available in The App Store for iOS for iPhone and iPad users as well as Google Play for those with Android Smartphones and Tablets! Our new App offers new weekly episodes every Wednesday as well as access to our library of past events, al for $4.99 per month, available with in-app subscriptions.

Download today, and access our entire library worldwide! Let wrestling fans know if they seek weekly women’s wrestling, there is indeed an App for that!

iOS Users, Click HERE

Android Users, Click HERE

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 9.36.51 PM
Now available for subscribers of and also available through RISE – ASCENT The App for iOS and Android, it’s RISE – ASCENT, Episode 12 – Bones of #1 Contention! Here’s what can subscribers can now watch via our monthly streaming service, available for $4.99 per month!

Cold Open – Hear from The Killer Death Machines (Nevaeh and Jessicka Havok) as well as Allie and Saraya Knight

Britt Baker vs. Rockelle Vaughn

Alicia Backstage with Phoenix of RISE Champion Tessa Blanchard

The Killer Death Machines vs. Allie and Saraya Knight

Alicia Backstage with Mercedes Martinez

Main Event: Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships – Champion Paradise Lost (Raven’s Ash and Dust) with Rosemary vs. Bones of Contention (Karen Q and Ray Lyn)

Plus a special appearance by Deonna Purrazzo!

To download RISE – ASCENT The App for iOS, click HERE.

To download RISE – ASCENT The App for Android, click HERE.


fullsizeoutput_286eTonight at 9 PM Eastern Time on Twitch, we present a free night of Women’s Wrestling with RISE – ASCENT, Episode 3 – Phoenix of RISE Delilah Doom vs. Jessicka Havok! This marks the first time The Phoenix of RISE was defended on RISE – ASCENT and continues our road to RISE 8 – OUTBACK, streaming on Twitch Sunday, September 9!

In action tonight you will see…

Katie Arquette vs. Jinx

Regina “Honey” Badger vs. Miranda Alize

Main Event: Phoenix of RISE Championship – Delilah Doom defends against Jessicka Havok with Nevaeh

Plus an appearance from SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy!

Don’t miss the action tonight at!