Aussie Punters Would Choose to Gamble on Pokies Over Pro-Wrestling Matches

In many countries, wrestling as a sports betting option is still not as favored as other games or events like baseball, football, basketball, tennis or boxing. In Australia, while watching professional wrestling matches is also a popular entertainment, the majority of Australian punters prefer to place wagers on the more traditional sports, next to their favorite pokie games.

After all, part of the excitement of placing wagers on a sports event is the anticipation toward the outcomes of the game, which is not the same kind of experience one gets from betting on a professional wrestling match. Mainly because, the harsh and seemingly extreme brutality of fight actions in pro wrestling matches are just for show, since the outcome of a match has already been predetermined.

That being the case, the betting option is limited to the predetermined decision. Unlike with boxing, Australian punters can have other betting options based on the performance of the boxers, including the specific round in which a boxer wins. Besides, Australian betting agencies that offer betting on professional wrestling matches do so just for the sake of novelty, as they impose limits on how much a punter can bet, usually for a couple of hundred dollars max.

Why Winners in Professional Wrestling Events are Predetermined

Professional wrestling matches are exciting to watch because they are action-packed and seemingly brutal. The performances though are actually choreographed as a means to increase an event’s entertainment value as a presentation. While there is a system by which decisions are made on who of the contenders is the better wrestler, it would be boring to watch for an hour or so, a true-to-life wrestling match, devoid of dramatic actions.

All the pummeling, kicking, body slamming, locking, wringing and throwing stances are all for show to ensure that the performing wrestlers will not suffer from real injuries. To make their performances extra convincing, professional wrestlers likewise exaggerate their hurt responses.

Pokies Still Reign In Australia’s Gambling Arena but Many Have Shifted to Online Pokies

Actually, when it comes to betting, pokie machines are still the best gambling options for many Australians. Although they are also fascinated with sports betting, pokie machines have the advantage of always being around and never out of season. That is why Australian states except Western Australia, allow bars and clubs to install a selection of pokie machines in their respective venue.

However, bar and club operators were forced to shut down for about three months due to the lockdown and quarantine procedures, mandated as measures to prevent the pandemic from spreading further. Still, the temporary unavailability of real pokie machines was not a problem for avid pokie gamblers. Online pokies are available alternative since there are online casinos operators that offer virtual betting games to Australian gamblers.

After state governments lifted their lockdown orders, many lost no time to flock back to their usual watering holes and play with their favorite pokies. Yet many have shifted to playing pokies online, being the safer option while the pandemic remains as a health threat. Even Club NSW noted that not all pokie players have come back.