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In a rugby match they would expect the make-up for a supremacy bet to be within 50 of the original quote. These are not cast-iron maximums, but the volatility ratio of the market. Cantor produce them to protect themselves so that clients are less likely to exceed their credit limit, but they are useful to us as an informed yardstick to how volatile a market can be. The table is well worth referring to when you are deciding stakes on a new market you have not previously ventured into early in 2003.


Sporting Index launched probably the ultimate in safe accounts, with their BetHiLo internet venture. This allows minimum stakes down to pennies and stop-losses on the majority of markets. The account is deposit only and is designed to attract customers who previously feared spread betting was too volatile and dangerous for their pocket. When a spread bettor opens an account, the firms’ introductory offers are also worth exploring.



Several offer £250 risk-free bets, usually on supremacy on a Premiership football match. These work so that after a client has had a certain number of settled bets he is given a bet worth up to £250 on which if he wins he is paid out as normal, but if the bet is a loser, he does not have to pay.