RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes

The next outing of RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes takes place December 1, 2017 at the American Legion in South Gate, CA.

December 1: RISE 6 – BRUTALITY in South Gate, CA. THIS IS A FORMAL RECRUITING AND SCOUTING EVENT FOR STARDOM. Seminar with SHIMMER Original and STARDOM USA President Cheerleader Melissa, STARDOM Commissioner Madusa and BULL NAKANO!!!

And STARDOM President Rossy Ogawa is coming to oversee this event personally!

SHIMMER Executive Producer Dave Prazak, SHIMMER Co-Founder Allison Danger and RISE Executive Producer/SHIMMER Associate Producer Kevin Harvey all will be on hand. Also scouting talent, Bart Kapitzke of AWS Promotions. Additional invitations have been sent and we are awaiting response.

Registration for this Seminar is $150. To register, please email kevin@wrestlingpipeline.com, Subject: RISE 6.