In the last few weeks, we have received a few questions about t-shirts from RISE as well as several RISE Talents. We decided instead of trying to remember every single link, we would just make one big section of our website RISE fans can visit to buy shirts, and in some cases other merchandise, directly from RISE Talents themselves.


We know it’s not the prettiest web design ever, but it’ll do the trick! We have linked directly to talent stores on Pro Wrestling Tees, Big Cartel and Ecwid among others, all in one spot. Every known t-shirt and merchandise store from any talent who has performed in the rings of RISE is here. Should we discover more, we will add more in time.

After the RISE Company Shirts at the top of the page, all talent t-shirt stores are listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Check out some of your favorites today at!

Process Elevator.001

Sunday, February 3 at 3 PM EST, 2 PM Central, we will debut our new concept show The Process, a behind the scenes look at the creative process of what went into the creative process of RISE before, during and after key events in company history.

We want to make this concept as interactive as possible, so we will be testing the debut Episode as a LIVE, interactive Fan Q&A at This LIVE Episode will be recorded and available for later viewing both on Twitch subscribers and for subscribers to RISE – ASCENT through and our Apps on iOS and Android.

The first Episode of The Process will delve into a topic that has very rarely, if ever, been discussed in a fan-facing way. Episode 1 will be The Process: The Elevator Matches. RISE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will go into detail about the concept of The Elevator Match, and how it has, in fact, been part of what we do going back to RISE 1 – IGNITE. Kevin will also be open for fan Q&A before and after each match streamed as part of this Episode.

Each Elevator Match has been a crucial part of what we do, specifically tailored to put Seminar Standouts from our Prospective Talent Pools into higher profile situations. And, as you will see during the course of this Episode, The Elevator Match is a concept with a very high success rate, cementing Seminar Talents’ places on our Roster, elevating them to vital positions within RISE.

Don’t miss your chance to have some of your questions answered about the creative process and key goals of matches from RISE’s first year such as (not necessarily in streaming order for the show):

Britt Baker vs. Nicole Matthews from RISE 1 – IGNITE

Kennadi Brink vs. Saraya Knight from RISE 1 – IGNITE

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Mercedes Martinez from RISE 2 – ASCENT

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Cheerleader Melissa from RISE 3 – MEDIC

Delilah Doom vs. Rosemary from RISE 3 – MEDIC

Zoe Lucas vs. Cheerleader Melissa from RISE 5 – RISING SUN

Ray Lyn vs. Karen Q vs. Miranda Alize vs. Saraya Knight from RISE 5 – RISING SUN

Kylie Rae vs. Deonna Purrazzo from RISE 6 – BRUTALITY

Aerial Monroe vs. Nicole Savoy from RISE 6 – BRUTALITY

Dust vs. Toni Storm from RISE 6.5 – THROTTLE

Have your questions ready, and be prepared to see some of the key matches from RISE History possibly through a different lens, the lens of The Process: The Elevator Matches!



Earlier this week, a video preview of RISE – ASCENT Episode 27, courtesy of, was released via Social Media. The video showed the immediate aftermath of our Main Event of ROW on The RISE January 19 in Houston.

We now know the Main Event of LEGENDARY March 29 in Chicago will be a NO ROPES SUBMISSION MATCH between Phoenix of RISE Mercedes Martinez and “Smiley” Kylie Rae with The Phoenix of RISE Championship on the line!

Check out the video above to see what happened.

But what happened leading into this? Find out soon as we are priming to release RISE – ASCENT Episodes 23-27 at, our Apps on iOS and Android and Subscribe on any platform for $4.99 for full access to the complete RISE Video Archive!

You do not want to miss RISE – LEGENDARY March 29 LIVE from The Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL in Chicago, tickets available at If you cannot join us LIVE, watch LEGENDARY via iPPV at

Screen Shot 2019-01-31 at 11.16.37 PM

February 19 is going to be a very memorable day for RISE as we present RISE – A Nice Day in Orlando. Since we ventured to Orlando the first time last year and we saw just how many women talents there were in Orlando and surrounding areas, I have wanted to go back. I want to go back and see more of the talents we just started to know, talents like Avery Taylor, Janai Kai and Sofia Castillo just to name a few. I also know there are many more talents who were not able to attend our last learning outing.

And this time, we’re coming back with one hell of a learning opportunity for women wrestlers. We have one of the most vocal supporters of women’s wrestling facilitating our World Class Development Seminar. We have another Hall of Fame career’s worth of knowledge joining our mission in Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes.

We have the legendary Mick Foley joining RISE February 19!

This is exciting to me in so many ways, professionally and personally.

Professionally, knowing that someone with the experience and expertise of Mick Foley not only believes in what we do, but is also willing to be part of Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes, that is incredibly validating that we are doing the right thing. It’s just amazing to me the learning opportunity available for those in this Seminar!

Personally, I still remember it like it was yesterday, sitting on the living room floor in glorious Climax, Michigan, watching Monday Night Raw. I remember seeing the sit down interviews with Mankind and Jim Ross, the interviews where the world was introduced to Dude Love. Those very interviews made me believe that maybe, just maybe there was a place in the wrestling world for someone like me.

I cannot wait to see what inspiration Mick brings to the up and coming generation of women wrestlers.

Mrs. Harvey’s Man Child is indeed very excited to be teaming with Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy!

Women Wrestlers, seating is very limited in this seminar and we are allowing entry by invitation only. We may have a very select few open seats, and to be added into consideration for any remaining seats, please email, Subject: Foley Seminar.

Fans, join us for RISE – A Nice Day in Orlando! We will be taping several episodes of RISE – ASCENT featuring such talents as Phoenix of RISE Champion Mercedes Martinez, 1/2 of The Guardians of RISE Tag Tam Champions Dust with Rosemary in her corner, “BIG Swole” Aerial Monroe, Samantha Heights, Leva Bates and more!

Mick will also be available for a Meet and Greet with fans.

This is a very small, intimate venue, so tickets in advance are strongly encouraged. Only a few Front Row remain at $30, all other tickets $15 at

Meet and Greet with Mick Foley is $40 and includes 1 Photo with Mick (taken with your camera) and 1 Autographed Photo (or 1 substituted item you provide you wish to have signed). Additional autographs are available at $30 per item. Meet and Greet is also now on sale at

Get ready, Orlando! We’re coming, and it’s going to be a very Nice Day in Orlando!


Tonight on Twitch, we will be replaying IRON WOMEN – The Tessa Blanchard vs. Mercedes Martinez Story at 10 PM Eastern, 9 PM Central. This stream will feature both the 30 Minute Iron Woman Match from RISE 9 and the 75 Minute Iron Woman Match from RISE 10.

In addition to that, we will be premiering a few videos shot in Houston that set the stage for LEGENDARY, specifically building the stories of Delilah Doom with Rosemary vs. Shotzi Blackheart and the Main Event Stipulation for The Phoenix of RISE Championship as Mercedes Martinez faces Kylie Rae in a match type that neither competitor has ever faced.

Tuned in at 10 PM/9 PM at!


Since our first event, RISE 1 – IGNITE was held November 10, 2016, 157 Women Athletes have competed in our rings. Our events have spanned 5 States in major metropolitan markets such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Orlando and Houston. We co-promoted one international event in Norwich, England in the fall of 2017 with Bellatrix, and we sent several talents to Japan who were featured on many events with STARDOM in the summer of 2018.

Of those 159 Women Athletes, 107 were selected from The Prospective Talent Pool of their respective World Class Development Seminars. Talents were selected by RISE Staff and In-Ring and On-Camera Seminar Facilitators including:


First Seminar Facilitated

Ace Steel


Aja Kong


Aoi Kuzuki


Bull Nakano


Cheerleader Melissa


Colt Cabana


Dr. Tom Prichard


Gail Kim


Hiroyo Matsumoto


Jimmy Jacobs

RISE – ASCENT Pittsburgh

Kevin Harvey


Kris Wolf


Madusa, aka Alundra Blayze


Mercedes Martinez RISE 4


Michael Elgin


Mick Foley

A Nice Day in Orlando

Nicole Matthews




Saraya Knight


Scott D’Amore

RISE – ASCENT Pittsburgh

Sonjay Dutt

RISE – ASCENT Pittsburgh

And now, here is your complete RISE Talent List, noting who was discovered from Seminars and the first seminar from which they were picked to perform on a RISE Live Event.


Discovered from Seminar

First Picked from Prospective Talent Pool

1 ACR ✔️ RISE 5
2 Aerial Monroe ✔️ RISE 6
3 Aja Kong
4 Aja Perara ✔️ RISE 3
5 Alex Gracia ✔️ RISE 10
6 Alex Windsor
7 Ali Bama ✔️ RISE 12
8 Allie
9 Allie Kat ✔️ RISE 2
10 Allysin Kay
11 Amarah
12 Amber Nova ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Orlando
13 Angie Skye ✔️ RISE 1
14 Antoinette Marie ✔️ RISE 1
15 AQA ✔️ RISE 12
16 Aria Blake ✔️ RISE 1
17 Arianna ✔️ RISE 1
18 Ashley Vox ✔️ RISE 1
19 Ava Storie
20 Avery Taylor ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Orlando
21 Ayoka Muhara ✔️ RISE 6
22 Big Mama ✔️ RISE 12
23 Britt Baker ✔️ RISE 1
24 Brittany Blake ✔️ RISE 5
25 C-Bunny ✔️ RISE 1
26 Charli Evans ✔️ RISE 3
27 Cheerleader Melissa
28 Chelsea Green ✔️ RISE 2
29 Delilah Doom ✔️ RISE 1
30 Delmi Exo ✔️ RISE 1
31 Dementia D’Rose ✔️ RISE 3
32 Deonna Purrazzo ✔️ RISE 3
33 Desi Derata ✔️ RISE 2
34 Dominita
35 Drew Renee ✔️ RISE 5
36 Dust ✔️ RISE 1
37 Dynamite DiDi ✔️ RISE 3
38 El Laluna
39 Emily ✔️ RISE 2
40 Erin Angel
41 Facebrooke ✔️ RISE 7
42 Faye Jackson ✔️ RISE 1
43 Gabby Gilbert ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Pittsburgh
44 Gemma Cross ✔️ RISE 1
45 Hawlee Layne ✔️ RISE 2
46 Heather Monroe ✔️ RISE 1
47 Hellen Vale ✔️ RISE 1
48 Hiroyo Matsumoto
49 Holidead
50 Hudson Envy
51 Hyan ✔️ RISE 5
52 Indi Hartwell ✔️ RISE 5
53 Innocence
54 Janai Kai ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Orlando
55 Jawsolyn ✔️ RISE 1
56 Jenna Van Muscles ✔️ RISE 7
57 Jessica Troy ✔️ RISE 3
58 Jessicka Havok
59 Jetta
60 Jewells Malone ✔️ RISE 2
61 Jinny
62 Jinx ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Pittsburgh
62 Karen Q ✔️ RISE 5
64 Kate Carney ✔️ RISE 1
65 Katie Arquette ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Pittsburgh
66 Kay Lee Ray
67 Kennadi Brink (Jessicka Carr) ✔️ RISE 1
68 Kiera Hogan ✔️ RISE 1
69 Kikyo ✔️ RISE 1
70 Killa Kate ✔️ RISE 12
71 Kimber Lee
72 Kris Wolf
73 Kylie Rae ✔️ RISE 5
74 Lady Frost ✔️ RISE 10
75 Lady Lory
76 Laura James
77 Layne Rosario ✔️ RISE 1
78 Laynie Luck ✔️ RISE 3
79 Leia Elise
80 Leva Bates
81 Liiza Hall ✔️ RISE 1
82 Lindsay Snow
83 Londyn Ali ✔️ RISE 5
84 LuFisto
85 Lynette Lazo ✔️ RISE 12
86 Madison Rayne
87 Maritza Janett ✔️ RISE 6
88 Mercedes Martinez
89 Mia Yim
90 Miranda Alize ✔️ RISE 5
91 MJ Jenkins ✔️ RISE 1
92 Myka ✔️ RISE 10
93 Nevaeh
94 Nicole Matthews
95 Nicole Savoy
96 Nikki Knight
97 Nikki Victory ✔️ RISE 10
98 Paige Turner ✔️ RISE 1
99 Paloma Starr ✔️ RISE 1
100 Penelope Ford ✔️ RISE 6
101 Phoebe ✔️ RISE 1
102 Priscilla Kelly ✔️ RISE 6
103 Queen Maya
104 Rachael Ellering
105 Raegan Fire ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Orlando
106 Rain
107 Ray Lyn ✔️ RISE 1
108 Raychell Rose ✔️ RISE 12
109 Rebel
110 Regina Badger ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Pittsburgh
111 Renee Michelle ✔️ RISE 5
112 Riley Shepard ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Pittsburgh
113 Robin Reid ✔️ RISE 7
114 Rockelle Vaughn ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Naperville
115 Rocky Radley ✔️ RISE 7
116 Rok-C ✔️ RISE 12
117 Roni Nicole ✔️ RISE 1
118 Rookie Jen Jenna Lynn ✔️ RISE 12
119 Rosemary
120 Ruby Raze ✔️ RISE 2
121 Sage Sin ✔️ RISE 2
122 Samantha Heights ✔️ RISE 1
123 Samara ✔️ RISE 2
124 Saraya Knight
125 Savannah Evans ✔️ RISE 1
126 Savannah Stone ✔️ RISE 5
127 Shax
128 Shayna Baszler
129 Shazza McKenzie
130 Shotzi Blackheart ✔️ RISE 1
131 Sierra ✔️ RISE 1
132 Skarlett
133 Skilled Death Artist #6 ✔️ RISE 7
134 Skyler Slice ✔️ RISE 1
135 Sofia Castillo ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Orlando
136 Sonya Strong ✔️ RISE 1
137 Stacy Shadows ✔️ RISE 1
138 Stephanie Sinclair ✔️ RISE 3
139 Stormie Lee ✔️ RISE – ASCENT Orlando
140 Su Yung
141 Sunsette Riviera ✔️ RISE 1
142 Tasha Steelz ✔️ RISE 5
143 Taya Valkyrie
144 Tesha Price ✔️ RISE 7
145 Tess Valentine ✔️ RISE 1
146 Tessa Blanchard
147 The Black Widow Eve ✔️ RISE 1
148 The Duchess Ayzali ✔️ RISE 1
149 The Insidious One ✔️ RISE 12
150 Thunder Rosa
151 Thunderkitty
152 Toni Storm
153 Trixie Tash ✔️ RISE 5
154 Valentina Loca ✔️ RISE 3
155 Violet O’Hara
156 Viper
157 Willow Nightingale ✔️ RISE 6
158 Xia Brookside
159 Zoe Lucas ✔️ RISE 4


Last Saturday night in Houston, RISE partnered with Reality of Wrestling to present RISE 12 – ROW on The RISE. Fans on hand saw a stellar Live Event, headlined by two title matches. The Guardians of RISE were on the line as Paradise Lost with Rosemary defended against The Killer Death Machines. The Phoenix of RISE was defended as Mercedes Martinez put the title on the line against Kylie Rae.

What many fans do not know is we had producers and crew from our friends at IMPACT Wrestling on hand behind the scenes, filming many interviews, promos, vignettes and video package elements that will tell the tale not just of events filmed at ROW on The RISE, but also pave the road to our biggest project yet: RISE 13 – LEGENDARY, LIVE on iPPV via FITE TV March 29 from the Berwyn Eagles Club in suburban Chicago.

All elements filmed at ROW on The RISE are being compiled into Episodes 23-27 of RISE – ASCENT and will be available as soon as possible for subscribers at, our Apps on iOS and Android and

With our primary in-ring content editor currently occupied on another project and of video package team currently working on very special elements for these episodes, it will take a bit longer than a standard in-ring only product release. But, if you have followed RISE – ASCENT, hopefully you agree that the video package elements add a great deal to our overall stories and are totally worth the wait. As an example, we are attaching our first video packages setting the stage for RISE 8’s Phoenix of RISE Championship Match between then-Phoenix of RISE Champion Delilah Doom and challenger Shotzi Blackheart at the end of this article.

And for those of you who collect RISE as physical media on DVD and Blu-ray, do not worry. The entire tapings will eventually be available as well, as was the case with RISE – ASCENT Collections from Pittsburgh, Naperville and Orlando.

We hope to have the first of these episodes out for subscribers of all streaming platforms in early February.

We can hardly wait to show you just how much fun we had in Houston.

We can hardly wait for you to begin the journey with us on the road to LEGENDARY!


RISE 13 – LEGENDARY will be a historic event not just for RISE, but for all of professional wrestling. This will be the first RISE iPPV, streaming worldwide via FITE. It will also be the largest roster of women professional wrestlers ever assembled for a single event!

With RISE 12 – ROW on The RISE in the books, the card for RISE 13 is starting to take form. Matches already announced include:

Phoenix of RISE Championship – “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez defends against “Smiley” Kylie Rae

Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championship – Paradise Lost, Raven’s Ash and Dust with Rosemary defend against The Killer Death Machines, Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh.

RISE of The Contender – A 30 Woman over-the-top-rope, ordered-entry Battle Royal, with the winner receiving the ability to name what RISE event she will challenge whoever the reigning champion may be for The Phoenix of RISE.

“The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart vs. Delilah Doom with Rosemary

Kris Wolf and Meat Friends vs. Su Yung and The Legion of Undead Brides

Team Sea Stars, Delmi Exo and Ashley Vox vs. Team Blue Nation, Charli Evans and Jessica Troy

Thunderkitty vs. Regina “Honey” Badger

And much more more!

Front Row is now sold out, but fans in Chicago can still attend live! Tickets are available at

And soon, you will be able to order RISE 13 – LEGENDARY via all websites and Apps from our friends at FITE!

Join us, worldwide as we present this massive scale event, truly showcasing Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest. The future of women’s professional wrestling is here.

The future is LEGENDARY!


After meeting 22 women in yesterday’s World Class Development Seminar at the Reality of Wrestling training school in Houston, we have made our decisions on the Prospective Talent Pool and who will be featured making their RISE debuts and returns.

Today’s RISE – ASCENT Tapings will showcase…

The Insidious One



Big Mama

Killa Kate

Raychell Rose

Ali Bama

Hawlee Cromwell

“Rookie Jen” Jenna Lynn


and more!