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Early to RISE – A Women’s Wrestling Mini Convention comes to Berwyn, IL Friday, March 29 from 3 PM – 5:45 PM! This event will have a General Admission entry of $15. Tickets to Early to RISE go on sale later today at

Early to RISE will have a different floor plan than our prior Live Events, VIP Meet and Greets and Live Event Intermissions. Areas outside the rails surrounding our ring will be wide open (no chairs) to allow FAR more space than usual. This allows for talents to have more space for their merchandise and far, far more room for fans to navigate the area. Often at our Intermissions and Meet and Greets, the hardest parts to deal with are space and time, and we are making all efforts to give everyone far more of both!

Early to RISE will have a hard stop at 5:45 PM. We MUST clear the building of all fans in order for us to set up the remainder of the arena for the Live Event of RISE 13 – LEGENDARY. Doors open to ticket holders to RISE 13 at 7:30 PM.

We ARE hoping to add special VIP Options and Attractions, but we do not have confirmed details at this time. Should we finalize details, we will communicate any associated details, costs and ways to purchase at that time.

We hope to see many of you a bit earlier than usual March 29 at Early to RISE!

At press time, with opportunities we have left open in the RISE 13 – LEGENDARY Live Event card for The Prospective Talent Pool from the RISE 13 World Class Development Seminar with Madison Eagles and (TBA), 59 Women Wrestlers perform in our ring March. 


As we get ready to kickoff 2019 in a BIG way with our friends at Reality of Wrestling in Houston, both sides wanted to make this experience for fans even BIGGER! We are adding even more matches for those who will be attending our VIP Meet and Greet prior to RISE 12 – ROW on The RISE.

In addition to the ringside group photo op with Women of RISE, Meet and Greet attendees will also be treated to a special taping of RISE – ASCENT, the RISE Episodic Platform streaming worldwide for subscribers of, RISE Apps on iOS and Android and Attendees of the Meet and Greet will be treated to two bonus matches filmed for ASCENT!

Tickets and VIP Meet and Greet Passes are now on sale at Act fast, because Front Row is SOLD OUT and Second Row is nearly gone!

Join us for even MORE Women’s Independent Wrestling January 19, courtesy of RISE and Reality of Wrestling!

rise-final-012018 is in the books. It was one hell of a year for RISE. It was ambitious. Some, myself included, would argue it was overly ambitious. We’ve lived. We’ve learned. And we’ve moved on to fight another day.

2018 saw 5 Live Events: SENSATION, STEEL, OUTBACK, RISE of The Knockouts and INSANITY. We also saw 4 sets of ASCENT Tapings: Pittsburgh, Naperville, Orlando and Berwyn, producing 22 Episodes of original content. We also put out our first behind-the-scenes documentary IGNITION. 

When I look at that number – 28 pieces of original creative content ranging from 25 minutes to 3 hours, I am incredibly proud of what we have done as a company with virtually zero financial resources. That’s pride in every wrestler, referee, announcer, commentator, manager, camera operator, sound operator, graphic designer, video editor, producer, writer and partner promoter. 

That pride also includes two very important groups of people…

Seminar Attendees: To all who attended our World Class Development Seminars, RISE on the Road Seminars and Online Seminars – thank you! Investing in the development of upcoming generations of wrestling talent is the very backbone of why our program was founded. Though not everyone from every seminar can be selected for immediate opportunities to perform, I hope you all walked away from your time with us better for the business of professional wrestling, learning more about the craft and learning more about yourself.

Fans: Without you, none of us would have a reason to put on Live Events and to develop a worldwide pipeline of talent for all of professional wrestling. However you support, tickets, merchandise, subscriptions, Patreon… I cannot express enough gratitude that you choose to support RISE.

Many thanks to our partner promotions in 2018. Their teams helped us put on the best shows possible and reach new audiences. Thank you Dave Prazak and SHIMMER Women Athletes, Justin Plummer and IWC, Bart Kapitzke and AWS Promotions, Alex Pourteau and Pro Wrestling 2.0, Rossi Ogawa, Melissa Deadrich and Sonny Gutierrez and World Wonder Ring STARDOM and Ed Norholm, Scott D’Amore, Don Callis, Sonjay Dutt, Gail Kim, Ariel Shnerer and IMPACT Wrestling.

Thank you Jon Moody, Jesse Forney, West Ghost Designs and IMPACT Wrestling’s Digital Art team for upping our game with logos, event posters and match graphics. Without a doubt, things got kicked up a notch this year…except the ones that sucked (those were done by me, probably at like 3:45 AM…).

Thank you Mike Robles, Ivan Cespedes, Ben Coile, Eric Tompkins and James Long. Never underestimate the power of a good video crew! From Live Events to assembling ASCENT Episodes to graphic effects to video packages, these are the guys who make real magic happen in post production.

Thank you Josh Mathews, someone who has done so much for RISE this year, connecting us with needed resources, often in ways that were not public facing, but extremely helpful in advancing our brand.

Thank you Jimmy Jacobs. 20 years have passed since we first met. Our lives took different roads. I could not be happier those roads were able to intersect all these years later, bringing your creativity and passion for making wrestling a better place to all facets of RISE.

Thank you to those who facilitated World Class Development Seminars for us this year: Mercedes Martinez, Madusa, Gail Kim, Scott D’Amore, Jimmy Jacobs, Sonjay Dutt, Nicole Matthews, Saraya Knight, Rain, Cheerleader Melissa and Lexie Fyfe.

Thank you to those who facilitated Online Seminars in 2018: Lenny Leonard, Dave Prazak, Portia Perez and Madusa.

Thank you to all those who support me darn near every day. Sometimes that’s just being a good friend who’ll listen. Sometimes that’s wrangling me back to reality when I’m off the rails. Thanks for reality checking me when I’ve turned into “Pepe.” But most of all, thank you for putting up with any of my eccentricities because you believe in what RISE is trying to do. Thank you for believing in the good it can do. In no particular order, thank you Dave Prazak, Pat Creed, Stephane Bruyere, Saraya Knight, Allison Danger, Lexie Fyfe, Cheerleader Melissa, Portia Perez, Mercedes Martinez and Courtney Rush.

Thank you to those who worked so hard for RISE and have moved on to their new careers in WWE. I love you and miss you dearly Deonna Purrazzo, Chelsea Green and James Long. Three of the best at what they do, three who deserve every global opportunity and accolade they have coming their way.

Thank you to Cierra McCauley and her entire family for letting our team be part of spreading your message through #DancerBeatingCancer. I only hope the moment Cierra got to share with the talent and fans in Berwyn in April made her feel even half as special as we all did just getting the chance to meet her and thank her for her bravery and selflessness for her cause.

Last, and by obviously no means least, thank you to every woman (and a few of the boys) who have performed in the rings of RISE. I know I lean on you quite a bit on show days. And that’s A LOT more on show days (and pretty much every day in between) for those women within any remote proximity to The Phoenix of RISE or The Guardians of RISE Championships. You all are saints and deserve the universal, “Thank you for putting up with my shit.”

In addition to these many thanks, there is one final item I would like to address here as we wrap 2018.

Many fans are concerned that RISE is no longer focused on Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes. I absolutely understand where that perception comes from and appreciate fans’ concerns. But, I assure you, we have not lost this focus. We are making some pretty big moves in RISE 12 and RISE 13 to double down, to give as many opportunities to Seminar talents as possible.

In fact, I plan to discuss some of the details I know full well lead to these concerns from 2018 in full in the very first episode of The Process which will be recorded January 6 LIVE on Twitch with full interactive fan Q&A at 7 PM Eastern Time. This episode of The Process will focus specifically on the events leading into RISE 8 – OUTBACK, RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts and the RISE – ASCENT Naperville Tapings and how the company very nearly folded. How near was it? It was so very near that Episode 13 had an alternate ending on paper only I knew. That ending would have been instituted if it were, in fact, the last RISE Event produced. The decision to roll with the original event conclusion was not made until just before intermission the day of the Naperville Tapings.

Join us for The Process: Kicked Out at 2! at January 6 at 7 PM.

By the numbers…

3 of our girls made their debuts representing RISE in Japan. 3 others would have had it not been for injuries.

4 of our girls made their debuts with IMPACT Wrestling.

In our first 2 years, 148 Women have competed inside the rings of RISE. Of those 148, 97 were Seminar Discoveries. That’s 65.5%.

Since RISE 3, we’ve stated that we hope for our events to be as close to 1/3 Featured Talent, 1/3 a core RISE Roster cultivated from our Seminars and 1/3 Seminar Discoveries. 

Those are pretty damn solid numbers, showing the future is bright. RISE has been and always will be about mixing Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest. 

And we have an even bigger focus on Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes and giving them  more opportunities to shine than ever before.

It’s not a coincidence that RISE 12 only has 4 matches announced right now. The rest of the card will be filled from The Prospective Talent Pool combined with announced talent not currently in advertised matches.

RISE 13 has our first ever RISE of The Contender match will have 30 spots. It is my goal to have “at least” 10-15 of those spots occupied by new Seminar Discoveries and past Seminar Discoveries returning from the voting polls currently open at Without going too far ahead and revealing plans…and possibly spoiling parts of RISE 12…as of this writing, there are 22 opportunities for new Seminar Discoveries and those voted to return by fans.

This is who we are.

This is what we do.

This is Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes.


This is RISE!

booker t world gym10000 emmett f. lowry 1152texas city, texas 77591-4

Part of the fun RISE Live Events is you never know who might make their RISE Debut from The Prospective Talent Pools of attendees of our World Class Development Seminars, typically held the day of the show. This Seminar for RISE 12 – ROW on The RISE  will be held one day prior in Texas City, TX. RISE 12 is an even longer day of learning compared to other Seminars with talent spending half their day with facilitators Phoenix of RISE Champion Mercedes Martinez and Saraya Knight, the other half with RISE Executive Producers Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Harvey.

Several from this Seminar will receive immediate opportunity performing at RISE 12. At least one talent will be selected to be part of RISE 13 – LEGENDARY and SHIMMER Women Athletes Volumes 109-113 March 29-31 in Chicago.

Talent will be evaluated by all facilitators, SHIMMER Women Athletes Executive Produced Dave Prazak and Reality of Wrestling staff, including WWE Hall of Famer Booker T.

Women wrestlers, including outstanding invoices, we only have 4 seats left in this seminar. If you have been waiting to register, please do so ASAP at

And now, without further delay, here is a look at The Prospective Talent Pool for RISE 12…so far!

Hawlee Cromwell (formerly Hawlee Layne)

Allie Gato

Big Mama

Jenna Lynn

Heidi Howitzer

Christi Jaynes (as of this writing, not cleared for in-ring competition due to injury)


Raychell Rose

Cassandra Golden

Killa Kate

The Shehulk


The Insidious One

Reiza Clarke

Livi Loca

Sadie Lee Moss

Ali Bama

Desi Des Lattimore

ROW Diamond Division Champion AQA (Guaranteed a spot on the card, opponent TBD by Seminar facilitators and ROW Staff)


Talent and fans alike have been buzzing since the announcement of the 30 Woman, Ordered-Entry, Over The Top Rope Battle Royal known as RISE of The Contender that will be happening March 29 in Berwyn, IL as part of RISE 13 – LEGENDARY! Earlier this weekend, we opened up fan voting to determine which of our 2018 Seminar Standouts will be invited to return to participate in RISE of The Contender. And, based on the amount of responses we have received, our fans have loved having a voice in this decision!

We have decided to open up more voting options, all currently up for your ballot to be cast at

Fans can now cast their votes for returning Seminar Standout from RISE 1, RISE 2, RISE 3, RISE 5 and RISE 6.

We have also added a Write-In Wishlist where we ask, “Who is the one person who has NEVER competed in RISE you would like to see make their debut in RISE of The Contender? Please be realistic, all currently contracted WWE/NXT/NXT UK Talent is unable to perform at RISE Events. Also, please only write in one name. If you write multiple names, only the first name listed will be counted as a vote.”

Let the voting begin at!

Please keep in mind, IP addresses are logged with each vote. We ask all fans vote only one time in each category. Multiple votes from a single IP will not be counted. 

screen shot 2018-11-18 at 9.07.49 pm

As we ready to begin 2019, it is time to make room for a new year’s worth of Live Events and ASCENT Tapings in our physical media library of DVDs and Blu-rays. Starting today, all Year One RISE DVDs and Blu-rays are $6. These are clearance prices, so once these units are sold, they will officially be out of print.

The Events included in our 2018 Year-End Clearance Sale are RISE 1 – IGNITE, RISE 2 – ASCENT, GAIN 1 – STAND WITH KNIGHTS, RISE 3 – MEDIC, RISE 4 – WARRIORS RISE, RISE 5 – RISING SUN. And even though “technically” they started our second year, we are including RISE 6 – BRUTALITY and RISE 6.5 – THROTTLE.

No coupon or discount codes are needed for these prices as they are already reflected in our catalogue at

All other RISE Live Events are priced at just $10 on either DVD or Blu-ray with the exceptions of the two-disc RISE – ASCENT Collections, priced at $20 each.

Build your RISE Library while you still can with Year One, because once our current inventories are gone, they are g-o-n-e.

Happy shopping at!


The RISE fanbase worldwide was able to meet many new talents in 2018, talents discovered in our World Class Development Seminars and given opportunities to perform on RISE Live Events and Episodes of RISE – ASCENT.

RISE will be bringing in *at least* one of the new talents discovered in 2018 Seminars to Chicago March 29 to take place in the RISE of The Contender Match as part of RISE 13 – LEGENDARY.

Regina “Honey” Badger received top voting for Seminar Discovery Debut of the Year for 2018 and will be in Berwyn, IL for RISE 13 in a match yet to be determined. We want to see more of these Seminar Discoveries return, but we want to leave that decision up to YOU, the RISE fanbase!

Voting is now open at! Make your selection using the form and let us know who YOUR favorite 2018 Seminar Discovery was and the top vote recipient will be part of RISE 13 in RISE of The Contender!

Happy Voting!


March 29, 2019 in Berwyn, IL at RISE 13 – LEGENDARY, 30 Women Athletes will enter, but only 1 can win the first ever RISE of The Contender Match!

Before the event March 29, women will draw numbers 1-30. We will begin the match with those who drew numbers 1-2. A new participant will be added to the match every 2 minutes. Participants will be eliminated by being thrown over the top rope and both feet touching the floor of the Berwyn Eagles Club. The last woman standing will not only be the winner of the match, but she will also become next in line for her shot at The Phoenix of RISE Championship!

With March 29 kicking off another HUGE RISE and SHIMMER Weekend Double Shot, you never know who might pop up in this ordered-entry Battle Royal! With possibilities from talents already announced and invitations we have sent out to others in the industry, this match could prove to be one of the more unique combinations of women wrestlers ever assembled in one place!

Don’t miss your chance to be there LIVE Friday, March 29 for RISE 13 – LEGENDARY! Tickets are available at