Beginning December 12 RISE begins HORIZONS – Weekly Pro Wrestling Seminars and Original Content, streaming FREE on YouTube LIVE from The Berwyn Eagles Club in suburban Chicago every Thursday. Seminars are open to all professional wrestling roles, all experience levels.

HORIZONS Seminars will be held from 7 PM to 10:30 PM Central Time. Seminars will cover in-ring training, working in filmed/televised environments, character presentation and speaking skills and more. Specific topics and skills will vary each week. Each Seminar will be designed to be effective as a standalone session, but also with learning continuity week to week to give benefit for those who attend multiple sessions.

HORIZONS Seminars are priced at $20 each. Incentive pricing is available for those who wish to attend multiple sessions. Attend 2 HORIZONS Seminars for $30, 4 for $50. HORIZONS Registration is now open at rise-wrestling.com/horizons.

HORIZONS Content will stream LIVE on YouTube and will involve matches showcasing talent selected from our Seminars at 9:30 PM to 10 PM Central Time. Those who are unable to watch HORIZONS LIVE will be able to watch the VOD on YouTube after the conclusion of the original stream as well.

We will be able to allow very limited fans inside the training area in Berwyn, only 10-15 per week to view the matches, tickets are $5 and will be available this weekend at risedtwa.ticketleap.com.

It is important to note, HORIZONS fan-facing content is not designed to be a Live Event or a polished, produced video content. It is designed to be very raw, showcasing what your students can do in a learning environment, allowing fans insight and voice into who they would like to see featured on future RISE Live Events. By design, this is to give our students reps in the ring in front of a small live audience and in front of a camera for the audiences at home too – not to be a fully produced wrestling event.

We look forward to setting off for new HORIZONS next Thursday, December 12!

And, for what it’s worth, when it comes to Seminars and matches for HORIZONS, “you never know who might show up…”

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With Thanksgiving this week, the Holiday Shopping Season kicks off in full force. We know there are a lot of our fans out there with other wrestling fans on their shopping lists, so we’ve added some pretty big deals at rise-wrestling.com/holiday! These deals are so big, we are willing to bet more than a few of our fans take advantage of these great gifting prices for themselves too!

Possibly the greatest overall value – 1 Year Membership to riseascent.com for $40, a savings of $20 annually based on the regular price of $4.99 per month. This pricing is valid for new AND existing memberships! Membership at riseascent.com also gains access to the entire RISE Video Archive and so much more through our Apps on iOS and Android Mobile Platforms as well! Available now through December 24.

20% off Pro Wrestling Tees – All RISE Wears 20%, no coupons necessary! Available now though December 1.

20% off all RISE Wears, which includes MANY exclusives in our Teespring Store. Exclusive hoodies, tank tops, tees and even leggings and onesies are available at deeply discounted prices using promo code HOLIDAY. Valid now through December 14.

And for those on your lists who prefer or collect physical media, The Complete Anthology of our first three years, 29 discs in all, is available for only $200 on DVD or Blu-ray. Price includes US Shipping!

All these deals available now at rise-wrestling.com/holiday!


In an effort to still make content available to fans who prefer or rely on physical media to watch our events, we will now offer bare bones DVDs and Blu-rays of our most recent events. Both LA ESCALERA and Early to RISE – A Berwyn Adventure are now available on  both formats, priced at $12 and that price INCLUDES shipping within the continental United States.

These bare bones DVD and Blu-ray units will be discs shipping in paper sleeves and will not include cases or cover art. As we announced last month, we have discontinued our physical media line that includes cases and cover art. Continuing to produce physical media in this matter is no longer sustainable for RISE and also drives up shipping costs considerably for our fans.

We have also made all iPPV events from 2019 available on Blu-ray and DVD, all priced at $12 which included shipping within the continental US. This includes Regional Rising Stars Tournament – The Midwest Bracket, marking the first time this event has been made available for physical media release.

To order, please visit rise-wrestling.com/physical.

International orders, please email risedtwa@gmail.com, Subject: International Shipping for more information on estimated costs of shipping to your location.

RisePrideAndJoy-368.jpgOur set of custom Pride Logo turnbuckle pads are now available for sale and available for pickup this weekend during the course of RISE and SHIMMER Events. Shipping arrangements can also be made for those who are unable to attend this weekend.

This is a very unique set to own as they were used on not one, but three events, all with significant places in our history: PRIDE & JOY from June 29 in Chicago, IL, Regional Rising Stars Tournament – The Midwest Bracket from September 1 in Berwyn, IL and they will also be on the ring for LA ESCALERA November 1 in Berwyn, IL. The turnbuckle pads will be removed from the ring immediately following LA ESCALERA and signed by several talents who appeared on these events.

Since these pads are a bit unique, souvenirs from three significant events instead of the usual one, we are pricing them at $150.

If you would like to purchase one of these pads, please email risedtwa@gmail.com, Subject – Turnbuckles. Payment arrangements will be made via email.


We held out for as long as we could. Many who are part of the behind the scenes at RISE are just like many fans out there – we hold the collecting of physical media, anything from VHS Tapes to DVDs to Blu-rays close to our hearts. But, the time has come to bring an end to the RISE Physical Media product line of DVDs and Blu-rays of our Live Events and Episodes of RISE – ASCENT.

In short, as the vast majority of fans view our content through digital resources, we sell very, very few DVD and Blu-ray. It is so few, in fact, that the cost to produce the units exceeds what we actually make back in sales. It simply does not make good sense for us to continue to produce the discs.

The entire RISE Library of Events will still be available at riseascent.com and our Apps on iOS and Android. $4.99 per month will let you stream our entire archive and much more. You also have the option to purchase or rent individual events for download. Our iPPV Events are still available VOD from FITE TV. Going forward, our Digital Library will also be available from our friends at Smart Mark Video.

Our most recent release, PRIDE & JOY from June 29 in Chicago wil be the end of the product line.

We have lowered prices across the board on all individual events and multi-disc sets to clearance pricing. Once our inventory on hand is gone, these units are out of print.

All events, even the newest releases are priced at $8 on DVD, $10 on Blu-ray. All 2 Disc Sets such as RISE – ASCENT Collections and Flight of The Phoenix and Elite Women on The RISE are $15 on DVD, $18 Blu-ray. The 3 Disc Set Bite The Apple is $20 on DVD, $25 Blu-ray.  These prices do not include shipping and handling.

What was once our primary company merchandise store at Ecwid will close at 11:59 PM EST October 22. Get your orders in now at pipeline.ecwid.com.

RISE 1 – IGNITE and GAIN 1 – STAND WITH KNIGHTS are both completely out of stock. RISE 2 – ASCENT we are down to 1 Blu-ray and 2 DVDs. RISE 3 – MEDIC we have 2 DVDs only. RISE 4 – WARRIORS RISE we have 2 DVDs only.

All other events and sets we have only single digits remaining. Once these are gone, they are gone.

Thank you to all who’ve supported RISE through the purchases of DVD and Blu-ray over the last three years.

Future events, we will be willing to explore very stripped down physical media, but we are talking about a DVD/Blu-ray without a menu, no cover art. Just a disc in a sleeve. These will be handled by individual requests for those who physical media may be their only option to watch our events. We encourage anyone interested in this to reach out via social media for events going forward.


November 1 in Berwyn, IL one match is guaranteed to be a defining moment for the winner, one that could possibly change the very course of RISE History – La Escalera al Campeonato. Be there, Tickets: CLICK HERE, Watch on FITE TV: CLICK HERE

La Escalera al Campeonato is a ladder match that will only be won by the competitor who ascends the ladder to retrieve the contract for a guaranteed shot at The Phoenix of RISE at LEGENDARY 2020. Elimination rules apply, wrestlers pinned or made to submit exit the match. Every play matters in this contest.

And now, introducing the field…


Returning in 2019, PRISCILLA KELLY has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt she is one of the top competitors in RISE. Two of the most talked about matches in RISE this year had PK front and center. Hell’s Favorite Harlot could well be on her path to The Phoenix of RISE.


From our January Seminar, AQA won the vote as the 2019 Seminar Discovery debut fans wanted in this match most. AQA is young, hungry and not afraid to take risks. And did we mention, there will be ladders in play? Inside 1 year, AQA could go from discovery to top contender.


The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker looks to leave no doubt in her debut before our core Chicago audience, RAZE is a contender everywhere she goes. Will RAZE ascend the ladder and become top contender to The Phoenix of RISE?


First coming to RISE Seminars in 2016, THE HYAN has truly proven she is The Renaissance Woman. Now world traveled, backing down from no challenge, no opponent, and no stranger to doing what it takes to win – Hyan could be on her ascent to The Phoenix.


Will he change the course of RISE history? In his first two outings, “Superstar” JAKE ATLAS has been part of two RISE MOTYC – both involving one of his opponents here – Priscilla Kelly. Jake has shown he is a world class competitor, breaking barriers everywhere he travels.

And, yes, we did blatantly state as we transitioned to Developing Tomorrow’s Wrestling Attractions, “The Phoenix of RISE is still a Championship for Women Athletes.” The addition of Jake Atlas to this field was actually at the REQUEST of our Women Athletes. Our talents believe great wrestling knows no gender. Our talents want to wrestle the very best this industry has to offer. And everyone in our locker room believes Atlas is among the very best on the independents. And, should Jake win this contest, he will receive his definitive opportunity to prove he is the best Professional Wrestler in RISE.

And the sixth and final participant in this contest will be chosen from either our Seminar’s Prospective Talent Pool or from our ongoing training efforts with Freelance Wrestling Academy. Who walks out of La Escalera al Campeonato with the guaranteed shot at The Phoenix?!



With the landscape of pro wrestling ever-changing and an unprecedented whirlwinds of change in terms of broadcast and on-demand content, RISE will continue to evolve, continue to try new things. But one thing we must do above all else – we must get more eyes on RISE. And to do that, we need to make our content more available than ever before. Therefore, this Saturday, October 12 at 8 AM Eastern Time, RISE – YEAR ONE debuts on YouTube.

RISE – YEAR ONE will see, for the first time ever, entire events from our first year (and a little extra) available for FREE, no paid subscription required, no fees for digital downloads, no need to wait for or pay to ship physical media. It will all be available at the click of a mouse or tap of a screen.

The events will be broken up into their individual matches and segments and organized into playlists.


“It’s so bizarre to look back today at events like RISE 1. So much has changed and so many talents have come through our rings in just under three years. Some moments make me cringe (cough cough, RISE 3 & 5 Main Event conclusions, cough, terrible booking, cough), others make me smile to know how far many of these talents have come. All of us, talent and staff, have grown. We’ve learned. And we’ve continued to evolve and redefine what it means to us to be Developing Tomorrow’s Wrestling Attractions. It’s time more of the world had easier ways to see the important work we’ve done together,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey, who is definitely not writing this article in third person.

Fans have asked what lies in the future for our Episodic Platform RISE – ASCENT. We want to reboot ASCENT entirely. Ideas are in place, but a big part of making those ideas happen is pulling the funds together to do so.

And to do that, we need more eyes on what we have done so more watch what we are doing. And hopefully, even more people will be along for ride for what we are prepared to do.

Enjoy RISE – YEAR ONE this Saturday. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Today, CLICK HERE!

Konnan y Taya Seminar

Our next World Class Development Seminar is coming up November 1 in Chicago with Konnan and Taya Valkyrie leading the learning. As is the case with all our World Class Development Seminars, part of the fun comes from seeing who will be chosen from the Seminar Students – The Prospective Talent Pool as standouts who will receive opportunities to perform in matches at Early to RISE – A Berwyn Adventure at 3 PM and LA ESCALERA LIVE on iPPV at 8 PM.

As of this writing, this is The Prospective Talent Pool:

Mz. Hyde

Manny Cortez

August Matthews

Rahne Victoria

Lavendar Skye

Great Bambina

Davey Bang

CJ Stokes

Sophie King

Zan Phoenix

Jody Threat

Aja Perera

Angelique Winter Poppaea

This Seminar is very near sold out.  In addition to these names, a number of invoices are outstanding. Wrestlers, do not miss out on this day of learning, possibly with opportunities to follow the very same day.

Register for this Seminar ASAP at rise-wrestling.com/seminar.


LaynieRRSWhipS ott.jpg

In what is sure to be one of the most insane matches in RISE History, one that could possibly forever change RISE, November 1 at RISE – LA ESCALERA in Berwyn, IL, we present La Escalera al Campeonato. This match, The Ladder To The Championship, guarantees the victor their shot at The Phoenix of RISE Championship at LEGENDARY 2020. Six competitors enter and the ladder is in play at the opening bell. Competitors can be eliminated from the match by pinfall and submission, but the only way to win is to climb the ladder to retrieve the contract for LEGENDARY to face whoever may be Phoenix of RISE at that time.

Four of the participants have been named: “Too Turnt” Laynie Luck The Party Unicorn, “The Renaissance Woman” The Hyan, “Hell’s Favorite Harlot” Priscilla Kelly and Jake Atlas. But what of the other two spots?

One of those spots is reserved for a talent unlike any other on the card, one who will be making their RISE debut at LA ESCALERA.

The final spot we are leaving up to YOU, the fans of RISE!

Use the form below to vote for your favorite Seminar Discovery and in-ring debut from 2019 who you would like to see return and take the last opening in La Escalera al Campeonato!

VOTING CLOSED, 7 PM Eastern September 9