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First run RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes T-shirts are now available at our store over at

Click the link to hit the store directly for the new RISE shirt as well as a few classics from Kevin’s days at AAWPro in Chicago.

Shirts start at $19.99 and are available in several options.

If you wish to avoid shipping costs and would like to pick up your RISE merchandise on November 10 or over the course of SHIMMER Weekend November 11-13, please email your order to with specifics.

Other merchandise is likely to follow. Stay tuned…

Very important for those interested in attending the RISE 1 – IGNITE Development Seminar with Colt Cabana and Saraya Knight and those buying tickets to the Live Event:

Payments are being arranged via PayPal, Venmo and Square Cash. Please route all inquiries to specifying your preferred payment vendor and I will send you invoices ASAP. The coding for proper buttons on this site is not working in my favor currently.

Pricing for RISE 1 – IGNITE Events are as follows:

Development Seminar with Colt Cabana and Saraya night – $50 per person, $2.50 processing fee for a total of $52.50.

Front Row Tickets for Live Event – $10

General Admission Tickets for Live Event – $5

Ticket Processing Fees:

< $10 = No Fee

$10-$50 = $1.00 Fee

> $50 = $2.50 Fee

Above all, thanks to all for the tremendous interest in and support of RISE. In under 24 hours since the formal announcement, I am truly humbled how many people are investing in the development of the future of women’s professional wrestling!


Announcing RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes

On November 10, 2016 Kevin Harvey – WPWC in association with SHIMMER Women Athletes presents the debut concept “RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes.” This unique event offers unprecedented opportunity for women wrestlers aspiring to learn from the best in the industry and have their work evaluated by some of the most influential minds in women’s independent wrestling.

The event will occur in two parts, one for performers only and the other for performers and fans. The debut of RISE will collectively be known as “RISE 1 – IGNITE.” For updates and discussion on social media, please use the hashtag #RISE1.

Both parts of the day will occur at the world famous Berwyn Eagles Club, located at 6309 W. 26th St., Berwyn, IL 60402.

Part One – World Class Development Seminar

RISE was born from a passion for training and development of the next generation of amazing women wrestlers. The inaugural seminar pulls no punches and provides not one, but two of the best instructors you will find anywhere in the world.

Together, the instructors bring a combined 43 years experience spanning promotions around the globe. With their pedigree and high profile careers, they fit the mold of “truly needing no introduction.”

Our instructors for “RISE 1 – IGNITE” are COLT CABANA and SARAYA KNIGHT!!!

Report time to the Eagles Club is 12 PM with the seminar beginning at 1 PM.

Seats are limited for this seminar and we have already received a large number of inquiries. Based on preliminary interest, this seminar is fully expected to sell out. Early registration is strongly recommended.

Registration fee is $50.

Email for more information or visit the Shop.

Part Two – RISE 1 – IGNITE Live Event

A live event will be produced featuring the top 10-12 participants from the seminar. Bell time for the live event is 8 PM.

For fans who have been asking for additional SPARKLE matches at SHIMMER or any variant of the “tryout show” this is the event for you! This live event exclusively features fresh, new talent looking to increase their exposure in the world of professional wrestling.

For performers, this will be an amazing opportunity for visibility. Not only will you perform in front of SHIMMER fans, but we will also have a ringside panel of dignitaries of the women’s wrestling world. The panel will include promoters, producers and high profile talent of reputed brands of women’s wrestling. That panel is still being established, more to come in future releases.

Tickets for “RISE 1 – IGNITE” now on sale via the Shop or email for more information.

Front Row – $10, General Admission – $5

Merchandise Available for Pre-Order

T shirts, zip-up hooded sweatshirts and pullover hooded sweatshirts are available for preorder only. All garments feature the RISE logo on black fabric.

Mockups will be available soon at If you wish to avoid shipping cost and plan to attend RISE 1 – IGNITE or SHIMMER Volumes 86-90, preorder by emailing and pick up your item November 10-13.

T Shirts – $20, Hooded Sweatshirts – $40


As shared earlier today at

The November SHIMMER weekend will kick off with a very special event for performers and fans on Thursday, November 10th! Expect a proper press release once a few of the final details fall into place, but for now, here is what you should know.

For women wrestlers (and managers, referees, etc.):

The day kicks off with a seminar at the world famous Berwyn Eagles Club (6309 26th Street) in Berwyn, IL, with a 12pm report time. This seminar will be open to fully trained and currently working performers looking to further develop their skills and advance their career. What we can share for now is that we have confirmed two very high profile trainers with a combined 43 years of experience, spanning dozens of promotions around the globe. You will be hard pressed to find two individuals more highly regarded in the same seminar at the same time (and also in the United States).

Information with specifics on pricing, times, and expectations will be provided next week. This is a golden opportunity for women wrestlers to not only learn, but also display their abilities and make an impression on SHIMMER management, as well as scouts from several other women’s wrestling companies from around the world who will be in attendance for evaluation purposes.

For fans:

A live event will also take place at the Berwyn Eagles Club on November 10th, with an 8pm bell time. Tickets will be $10 Front Row and $5 General Admission. This event will have a unique format, and a few layers yet to be disclosed– some of interest to the fans, some of interest to the performers. The card will consist of women selected from the training seminar earlier in the day.

Female wrestlers interested in participating are encouraged to contact SHIMMER Associate Producer Kevin Harvey at for further details.

Keep your eyes to and follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @kevinharveywpwc.