RISE Live Events offer a unique combination of talents. We bring roughly 1/3 featured talent – the best available on the independents, 1/3 from the growing RISE Roster and 1/3 selected direct from our World Class Development Seminars.

As of this writing, the Prospective Talent Pool already features returning names and names we will be seeing for the first time. 100% confirmed in full for the Prospective Talent Pool are: Angie Skye, Stefany Sinclair, Hawlee Layne, Willow Nightingale, Stacy Shadows, Charli Evans, Jessica Troy, Brittany Blake, Valentina Loca, Sierra, Jewells Malone, Skylar Slice and Savannah Evans. And there are many other names on their way in awaiting invoice processing!

Also announced this week, Hudson Envy will be appearing, taking on one of the participants from our Seminar. We also have a few other names in the works, maybe even a surprise or two!

Also signed for RISE 3 – MEDIC is the return of Delilah Doom! She makes her first PIPELINE – WTDS appearance since the brutal attack from Angel Dust and Rosemary in Los Angeles. In Berwyn, IL, it will be Delilah Doom taking on “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary one-on-one!

And the Main Event for the evening will bring an end to a feud that started in Cleveland, OH and has crossed several states over The Phoenix of RISE Championship. Live Event Liaison to the Office MsChif made the match at GAIN 1 – July 7 will be The Last Dance for Angel Dust and Shotzi Blackheart. And should Shotzi still be The Phoenix of RISE in July following her spring and early summer defenses, the title will be on the line!

This match will have an additional stipulation to be announced at a later time.

The entire RISE Roster will also be on hand. “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo and Fire and Nice, the team of Britt Baker and Chelsea Green all return to Berwyn July 7!

Tickets are starting to move as we get closer to July. Approximately half the front row is sold out as of this writing. Get yours today at!

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 10.36.14 PM

As our brand of wrestling education continues to build a reputation for excellence, so too build our inquiries for different kinds of development for different roles within the wrestling world. As a result, today we announce July 7 will also feature RISE 3.1 – Second Helping. This seminar is specifically designed for and open to already trained and active performers in secondary and supporting roles in wrestling.

Primarily designed for referees, managers and valets, this session will also be open to announcers, commentators and anyone in a supporting role looking for more perspective in how their role can support any event of which they are part. This seminar will feature a heavy focus on supporting roles in the scope of a video production environment and connecting with video and live audiences.

“We’ve seen success in our VOICE Online Seminars for announcers and commentators. Weekly, we get multiple inquiries from folks in secondary roles asking if they can be part of our seminars or what offerings we have for non-wrestling roles. It was only logical we would add something like this to the mix in time,” stated PIPELINE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

This Seminar will be conducted by Kevin Harvey with a cost of $50. Those seeking more information or wanting to sign up, please email, Subject: RISE 3.1.

In addition to the Seminar, “at least one person” from RISE 3.1 – Second Helping will be chosen to perform their role during the Live Event of RISE 3 – MEDIC later that night. This will be a unique opportunity for learning with possibility to apply newly acquired knowledge and pointers the very same day.

July 7 is shaping up to be quite the day of learning in Berwyn, IL. It is also shaping up to be one entertaining night. Tickets are now on sale for RISE 3 – MEDIC Live Event in our store at

Harvey added, “July 7 is just the tip of the iceberg for what is shaping up to be one heck of a back half to our first year in business. PIPELINE – Wrestling Talent Development Systems is continually evolving, and we are not even close to full rollout…yet! A lot of people are talking about what we are doing so far. I cannot wait to show everyone what else we’ve got cooking.”


This Sunday, April 16 at 1 PM CST will be the next offering from our VOICE Online Seminar Training Program. This outing, based on demand from recent polls, will be “The Business of Promos” and facilitated by PIPELINE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey. Registration for this Seminar is $10.

Our VOICE Online Seminars are 100% interactive and offer a unique way to engage students around the globe. They are not just lectures. This offering will involve skills practice, public speaking education and exercises in addition to teaching what we believe in for PIPELINE Productions such as RISE and GAIN in terms of fundamentals and guidelines for effectively engaging live audiences and those watching on television or home video.

“Wrestling is a business about emotion and connecting audiences to that emotion. Nearly 100% of wrestling seminars and training conducting in wrestling schools if very centric to the moves and holds of the ring. We want to offer something unique, something important. We want to encourage talents to get out of their comfort zones and work on those all-important verbal skills that are often among the less-practiced facets of wrestling performance,” said Harvey on his feelings for this particular offering from VOICE.

Our online seminars are available worldwide via internet connection to your computer, smartphone or tablet devices across all major Operating System Platforms. No travel, no fuss. You do not even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

To register, please email, Subject: VOICE Promos.

In order to make room for new merchandise for RISE and GAIN, we need to make way with some existing inventory. Our special one-time run Baseball Tees from RISE 1 – IGNITE are now priced at clearance at just $15 for all available sizes.

While you’re there, check out promo pricing on the DVD 2-Pack of RISE 1 and RISE 2 – ASCENT, RISE Hoodies at $30, signed event posters and more!

Your one-stop for all merchandise, tickets and more as always:!

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 3.06.49 PM

The biggest weekend in professional wrestling has reached its conclusion, and what a thrill-ride it was for anyone with an emotional connection to this wonderful industry. There is a lot of news coming out of all the events of the last several days, not the least of which is WWE’s formal announcement of a 32-Competitor Women’s Tournament to be aired exclusively on WWE Network.

Let us be clear, we have no direct involvement or affiliation to this announcement or to WWE. However, the confirmation of this tournament’s existence is the very reason RISE was founded in August 2016.

“It’s exciting to see the growing list opportunities for women wrestlers on wrestling’s biggest stage,” said PIPELINE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey. “With the recent increase in volume of independent talent signings, those who are being formally courted and scouted and the final confirmation of WWE Women’s Tournament, the world can now see all the reasons we exist.”

“This is the double-edged sword for independent companies such as SHIMMER Women Athletes,” Harvey continued. “Utilizing the absolute best worldwide talent available to the independents makes for some of the best women’s shows you will ever see. However, with that comes one bittersweet fact: we fully expect the best talent in the world will not be available to us forever. At any point, we have to be prepared to say, ‘Farewell,’ to our friends and colleagues.”

And that is where RISE comes into play. We are here to cultivate the next generations of talent for SHIMMER, other independents and beyond. As the best of the best wrestling talents move on to the top levels of the industry, we need to build our bench, invest in our talent and elevate their skills, abilities and status. A pipeline of developing talent is crucial to success in any business.

July 7 may prove to be our most crucial seminar to date. And who better to help us in our mission of Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes than a man with one of the best track records for talent development anywhere in the world? That is why on July 7, we are bringing Dr. Tom Prichard to Berwyn, IL to facilitate the World Class Development Seminar as part of RISE 3 – MEDIC!

Dr. Tom has a history as a revered coach in several incarnations of WWE’s Developmental Systems since 1996. Top industry stars such as The Rock, Edge, Christian, Randy Orton and scores of others credit huge portions of their development to the training and guidance of Dr. Tom.

“Dr. Tom’s involvement in RISE is so very important. Never before has such a high caliber developer of talent been made available to a seminar open exclusively to women wrestlers. This will be unlike anything else out there, and this a huge next step in the evolution of all women’s wrestling,” said Harvey.

Seating is limited and has already been filling up since the initial announcement of the RISE 3 World Class Development Seminar. Women wrestlers, it is advised to act quickly, despite being over three months away. We already have talents coming from as far away as Australia to be part of this opportunity. With RISE 3 preceding the tapings of SHIMMER Women Athletes Volumes 92-95 July 8-9, who knows what opportunities could come for the right person in the right place at the right time.

For more information and to begin the registration process, women wrestlers need to email, Subject: RISE 3. The registration fee for this seminar is $100.

It’s an exciting time to be part of women’s wrestling. Who’s ready to elevate their skills? Who is ready to RISE?


This weekend is without a doubt the biggest weekend of the year in professional wrestling. Though RISE will not be hosting a Live Event (and, let’s face it, the LAST thing Orlando needs is another wrestling event…) we will be represented at SHIMMER Vol 91 as part of the WWNLive Experience. SHIMMER 91 kicks off at 12 PM EST!

PIPELINE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will host the SHIMMER event and be on hand with RISE merchandise. For many of our fans, this will be a great way to save money on prices and avoid the hassle and costs of shipping!

Merchandise Available and Live Event Pricing and Promotions are as follows:



RISE 2 – ASCENT Blu-ray – $20

RISE 1 Baseball Tees – M, L and XL – $20

RISE 1 Baseball Tees – Ladies Sizes and 2XL – $10 Clearance Sale – Extremely Limited!

RISE Logo Hoodies – Sizes L, XL and 2XL Only – $30

RISE 1, RISE 2 and GAIN 1 Live Event Posters 11 x 17 on Glossy Card Stock – $5

RISE 2 and GAIN 1 Live Event Posters 11 x 17 on Glossy Card Stock, Roster Signed – $20

SHIMMER 91 goes down at Orlando Live Events 6405 S US Hwy 17-92 Fern Park, FL 32730. Bell time is 12 PM EST. For tickets, click here.  To watch it all LIVE on iPPV, click here.

SHIMMER 91 features the SHIMMER return of The Phoenix of RISE Champion “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart and the SHIMMER debut of RISE Roster member Britt Baker! Also returning to SHIMMER will be RISE 1 standout Samantha Heights!

And of course, all the amazingly talented women of SHIMMER Women Athletes will be there too! We hope to see many of you there and even more at home on iPPV!


Saraya Knight will be unable to be with us this Saturday in Berwyn, IL in the originally Advertised Main Event of GAIN 1 – FORGE. This is all we will publicly say on the matter and appreciate fans understanding and respect of this fact.

“Saraya Knight means so much all of us who’ve been part of RISE and GAIN. Quite frankly, without her, we simply would not exist. I’ve had some crazy ideas that I’ve been incredibly fortunate to see bear fruit. None of that would have happened without her, period. I love her so very much and wish her and the entire Knight Family nothing but the best. They’re an incredibly special family, and I have been honored to be even a tiny part of the lives of a few of the bunch. I look forward to the day I finally get to meet the rest of the whole rowdy crew,” said PIPELINE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey. He elaborated, “This is not a matter of if we will continue working with the Knights, it is when.”

The Live Event of GAIN 1, originally branded GAIN 1 – FORGE still moves forward this Saturday, March 25 in Berwyn, IL. However, as a sign of respect and solidarity to the Knights, March 25 is now officially named GAIN 1 – #StandWithKnights.

Joining us for the Main Event will be SHIMMER Champion, “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez taking on Eddie Kingston in what promises to be a one-of-a-kind, strong-style contest like no other! We promised a crazy  Main Event, and we intend to deliver!

Tickets are still available for this event and all advance tickets are priced $5 less than the advertised prices. Full prices will be charged at the door. Get your tickets today at

Kevin Harvey added, “On the subject of ticket sales, this event is no longer about business and profit. This is about doing the right thing for fans and an amazing thing for our dear friends, the Knights. Just to get ahead of any negative publicity or accusations, I’d like to throw this out there: all tickets sold today forward will not have the money go into pockets of PIPELINE – WTDS, myself or anyone else affiliated. I will donate 100% of the ticket sales today forward to a charity of the Knight’s choice in their name.”

“I want to see as many people as possible pack this Berwyn Eagles Club this Saturday, March 25. This isn’t about a wrestling show. This is about standing up for what’s right. This is about standing up for your friends and your family. This is about making the biggest noise you possibly can to let your loved ones know you care. I will personally start GAIN 1 – #StandWithKnights with a tribute to the family we will share with the world on Facebook Live from the @RISEdtwa account,” said Harvey.

“And I personally invite anyone in the industry who’s life has been made better having known the Knights to Berwyn, IL this Saturday. Let’s all come together and make this a special day for these amazing, special people.”

We hope to see everyone this weekend show their support in a sign of solidarity for the Knight Family. Let’s do this in an environment very fitting for the cause, a red-hot, pumped up crowd of fans ready to see incredibly talented wrestlers kick some serious ass!

MAIN EVENT – Stipulation TBD: SHIMMER Champion “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. Eddie Kingston!

Phoenix of RISE Champion “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart vs. “The Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin takes on a student of his choice from our World Class Development Seminar!

Paradise Lost (IMPACT Knockouts Champion Rosemary and Angel Dust) vs. Fire and Nice (Britt Baker and Chelsea Green aka IMPACT Wrestling’s Laurel Van Ness)

Also appearing: Thunderkitty, Darin Corbin, Arik Cannon and members of The Prospective Talent Pool from our World Class Development Seminar!

PLUS: The return of one of the most influential wrestlers in Berwyn Eagles Club history returns home as the official Live Event Liaison to the Office, effectively in charge of our Live Events!


Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 3.22.17 PM

Changes have been made to the GAIN 1 World Class Development Seminar. Saraya Knight is unable to be with us in Berwyn, and that is all we will say publicly on the matter. We ask that fans and potential seminar attendees please respect this. We wish nothing but the best for the entire Knight Family and keep them in our thoughts, always.

The World Class Development Seminar is still moving forward, modified from its original format. Legendary Chicago trainer Ace Steel returns to his home and to training, and now he will be joined in the in-ring instruction by “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin! Fresh off his latest tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling, Elgin is fired up like never before. Elgin’s passion for training burns hotter than ever at the moment, and he is elated to have the opportunity to not only hand-pick his opponent for the GAIN 1 Live Event, but personally have a hand in the in-ring development of everyone involved as well!

And added as a bonus, IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion Rosemary and PIPELINE – WTDS Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will be conducting a seminar in establishing oneself as a character and how to connect with audiences both live and through the camera. This portion of the Seminar is actually being added at the request of those who were already signed up and promises to be unlike anything out there in wrestling development! Rosemary and Harvey go back many years, a creative hive mind of sorts. The two of them teaming up formally in wrestling is a very long time in the making!

We will miss Saraya’s infinite knowledge greatly, and we’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure this Seminar truly meets our branding of World Class.

Seats still remain. Registration is $100 per person, $75 per person for traveling groups of three or more. The Seminar is THIS SATURDAY, March 25 in Berwyn, IL. Sign up today by emailing!


After the success of #FORGEFriday, we have elected to continue our ticket sale right up until Saturday, March 25. All advertised ticket prices will be $5 off for fans buying tickets in advance in our online store at!

This sale makes Front Row $25, Second Row $15 and General Admission just $5. When you look at the level of talent already advertised plus the wild card of who we might find in our World Class Development Seminar, these prices are quite a deal!

Just within the last week, Saraya Knight was wrestling in the United Kingdom. Shayna Baszler was wrapping up a tour of Japan with STARDOM. Britt Baker, Angel Dust and NEW Phoenix of RISE Champion Shotzi Blackheart were tearing it up in AIW in Cleveland. Chelsea Green was winning the SHINE Tag Team Title. Arik Cannon was seen worldwide on WWE 205 LIVE. Michael Elgin is currently on a tour with New Japan Pro Wrestling.

All these talents and even more will be in the Berwyn Eagles Club in under two weeks! Get those tickets now before prices raise at the door! Fans who already ordered tickets in advance you will be refunded the difference. We want to make sure our early supporters get the savings advantage too!

Just what will you see March 25?

MAIN EVENT – BERWYN STREET FIGHT with Eddie Kingston vs. Saraya Knight

Paradise Lost (IMPACT Knockouts Champion Rosemary and Angel Dust) vs. Fire and Nice (Britt Baker and Chelsea Green AKA IMPACT Knockout Laurel Van Ness)

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon will hand-pick opponents from our Seminar!

New Phoenix of RISE Champion “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart, “The Queen of Spades” Shayna Baszler, Thunderkitty, Darin Corbin and more!

Plus, a major return to the Berwyn Eagles Club who will be the Live Event Liaison to the Office for RISE and GAIN Events!