Wednesday, October 26 at 10 AM CST is the absolute deadline for preorders for the RISE Logo Black Pullover Hoodies. We will be sending the order to the printers at that time. Please note, if you require sizes 3 XL – 5XL, these are available by preorder only. Limited 2XL will be available at RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 in Berwyn, Illinois.

Preorder any of our new clothing lines by their cutoff date and receive at RISE 1 November 10 or SHIMMER Volumes 86-90 November 11-13 to avoid shipping costs. All other orders ship starting November 15.

RISE 1 – IGNITE Event Exclusive Baseball Ts are still available for preorder for a bit longer in both Chicago Team “Baby Bears” and “Footwear.” We hope to have final mockups tomorrow. Also note that preorders through end of day today for the “Baby Bears” version of the shirt receive a $5 discount with coupon code CUBSWIN! Also, like hoodies, sizes 3XL – 5XL will be available by preorder only.

Put your orders in now over at The Shop! And, if you haven’t secured your tickets to RISE 1 – IGNITE, General Admission still available for just $5 and includes Meet and Greet! Also available are all levels of tickets for RISE 2 – ASCENT January 27 in South Gate, CA!

screen-shot-2016-10-25-at-1-29-33-pmFriday, January 27 RISE kicks off 2017 in partnership with AWS Promotions as we present RISE 2 – ASCENT. Saraya Knight and Colt Cabana both return to facilitate our next World Class Development Seminar. Women wrestlers, if you missed your chance due to sellout for RISE 1 – IGNITE or travel from the West Coast our Southwestern US was not realistic, fear not. We are bringing the higher learning for women wrestlers to YOU!

Potential participants, please email, Subject: RISE 2 Interest for more information. RISE 2 will have a registration fee of $75, but provides different and additional training compared to RISE 1. If you are a part of RISE 1, there will still be more to learn at RISE 2!

Timeline for the day will have the World Class Development Seminar in the afternoon. Again, we will feature a FREE Meet and Greet with all the Prospective Talent pool along with featured guests who will be announced at a later date. Meet and Greet will kick off at 6:30 PM.

Then, at 8 PM we ring the bell to kick off the Live Event of RISE 2 – ASCENT. Tickets on sale now at The Shop. $15 Front Row, $10 Second Row and $5 General Admission.

Already confirmed as Seminar Participants and in the Prospective Talent Pool for RISE 2 are Buggy Nova and Ruby Raze!

Southern California, get ready to RISE!


Anyone who has any affiliation with RISE, whether you are a current or future Seminar Participant, Featured Guest, Affiliate Promotion and especially a fan of women’s wrestling, we want to hear from YOU! We need your video submission!

We are beginning a special video project and seeking video submissions from anyone and everyone who helps create or helps support our product. Video submissions should ideally be 30 seconds to 2 minutes in length and answer the questions “What does RISE mean to me,” and/or “What does RISE mean to women’s wrestling?”

Though the final video will not be produced until after RISE 1, we are accepting submissions starting today. Anticipated release of the project is estimated as January 2017 prior to RISE 2 in South Gate, CA.

For questions, clarifications or video submissions themselves, please email, Subject: Reel.


Mentioned in our early press releases, but never disclosed until now are more specifics of our Ringside and Backstage Feedback Panel. Part of the business model of RISE is indeed to develop our talents while helping them gain exposure and assisting in networking.

We are pleased to announce the promoters of Absolute Intense Wrestling of Cleveland, Ohio, John Thorne and Chandler Biggins will be joining our Ringside and Backstage Feedback Panel as part of RISE 1 – IGNITE! AIW is one of the hottest independent wrestling companies going, including multiple “Girls’ Night Out” events per year. Women wrestlers, this is your chance to show what you’ve got to SHIMMER, RISE and others in our network of friends, including AIW November 10!

Our network continues to grow, with all friends and partners with the same ultimate goal of helping RISE as we develop an ongoing pipeline of new, hungry talent to ensure the future of the sport of women’s professional wrestling!

RISE with SHIMMER in the Chicago market. RISE with AWS Promotions in the Los Angeles market. AIW visiting from the Cleveland market. Are you seeing the logic here? RISE is committed to helping develop future generations of talent AND getting them noticed! And we have more promotions and geographic areas we will add to the list in 2017!

Check out what AIW has to offer at If you’re in Ohio, we strongly encourage you to attend their Double Dare Tag Team Tournament November 4 and 5. Tickets and info on their website. Past AIW events are available from our friends at Smart Mark Video.



The World Class Development Seminar is the cornerstone of what we offer as part of RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes’ events. The pedigree of our facilitators will aways be top-notch. We are thrilled to announce January 27, 2017 in South Gate, CA, the World Class Development Seminar as part of RISE 2 – ASCENT will feature the return of guest facilitator, Colt Cabana! Women wrestlers, join us in sharing the knowledge of the world-traveled and renown Colt Cabana as we bring RISE to SoCal!

We will also have a second facilitator, however final details are not yet confirmed. We will make those details available as soon as we are able. Please know we will deliver on our promise to bring you two truly World Class Facilitators for RISE 2!

INTERESTED PARTICIPANTS: Early registration is now open! The fee for RISE 2 is $75. We also would like to note that different kinds of additional development will be included in this price of RISE 2.

If you would like to register early, trusting in our brand and our reputation, that we will deliver the best training and development available for women professional wrestlers, please send your interest to, Subject: RISE 2 Interest. Please do not remit payments until you have received a formal invoice.

We look forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting many new ones as well.

LA County and talent in the area, get ready to RISE!



Pre-orders are now available at The Shop for our EXCLUSIVE Live Event Baseball T for RISE 1 – IGNITE! The only ways to get this shirt will be either attending RISE 1- IGNITE LIVE or ordering for shipment in this initial, and only order that will ever be placed. Pre-orders can be picked up November 10 in Berwyn. All others will be shipped November 15. After that, this design will never be produced again!

Prices for the Baseball T are $30 for Sizes S – XL and $35 for 2XL – 5XL.

Also available for pre-order is the RISE Logo Hoodie. Check it out as well over at The Shop.

We also have one new design, the RISE 1 “Poster” T, soon to be available at ProWrestlingTees.


Each Live Event of RISE will showcase different talent and have different themes. We will offer event-exclusive merchandise at each outing. This should make each event special for attendees as well as make for a nice collectors’ series for our most loyal followers.

Support the future of women’s wrestling! Wear it with pride!

14657353_10209778572594970_4196655778024885496_nRISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes in association with AWS Promotions is proud to announce we kick off 2017 on January 27 with RISE 2 – ASCENT in South Gate, California! AWS Promotions will then continue the wrestling madness in South Gate January 28!

Though we have made allusions to it in the past, we can now officially announce our unique brand of combination World Class Development Seminars and Live Events for the betterment of women’s professional wrestling is officially a touring company!

All of us at RISE are happy to work with promoter Bart Kapitzke and the AWS Promotions team. Southern California was one of the major markets we wanted to enter within our first 2-3 years. Thanks to AWS, this goal becomes a reality in only our second event!

Details are being finalized for this outing’s facilitators of our World Class Development Seminar. Seminar and Live Event ticket pricing is still TBD. Keep your eyes to and follow us on Twitter and Facebook @RISEdtwa for all the latest news and updates on all upcoming RISE events.

AWS next event is happening November 26. All information is in the banner above. Check them out if you’re in the area. You can also check out previous AWS events at Smart Mark Video.

Interested parties in more information about the World Class Development Seminar as part of RISE 2 – ASCENT, please email, subject: RISE 2 Interest.

Los Angeles County, get ready to RISE!


The #MOMC competition took many interesting twists and turns, but no one was quite ready for the way the voting poll closed. Not only was it a photo finish for the top two spots, but there was an exact tie for the winner! Tied at 171 votes each, the co-winners of the Match of My Career (Thus Far) Competition are Heather Monroe and Kate Carney!

Through the #MOMC voting, both definitively won their spots on the card at RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL. But, let’s face it, no wrestling fan likes a tie! Thus, it only seemed fair to let Heather Monroe and Kate Carney FIGHT IT OUT at RISE 1!

And there you have it, the first match has been set for RISE 1 – Monroe vs. Carney!

Who’ve you got?!

Get your tickets while they last over at The Shop! $10 Front Row (4 left as of press time) and $5 General Admission include early entry at 6:30 PM for our Meet and Greet!



Many fans from outside the Chicago area will descend upon the Midwest this November for the HUGE run of Women’s Wrestling kicking off with RISE 1 – IGNITE and running through three days of SHIMMER Volumes 86-90!

If you’ve never been to Chicago in the fall, know this: It’s cold here! Knowing that, how about a great way to keep warm?!

Earlier today, we placed first-run RISE logo hooded sweatshirts available for pre-order at Check out all the pricing and sizing info there. All orders placed by October 21 will be available to fans attending RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL, so no need to pay shipping!

All other orders requiring shipment will be shipped out starting November 15. Shipping fees for domestic orders available in The Shop.

While at The Shop, remember tickets are still available. As of press time, we are down the FINAL FOUR $10 Front Row. $5 General Admission are also available. Both tickets include our Meet and Greet with all forty women from the prospective talent pool, various SHIMMER guests already announced and MORE!

If there’s a better value in independent wrestling, we are not quite sure where you’ll find it!



Following one cancelled will call order, we are down to our last seven $10 Front Row Tickets for RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL. Do not miss out on your chance to be close to the action as top competitors from our World Class Development Seminar with Saraya Knight and Colt Cabana compete in our first-ever Live Event!

$5 General Admission tickets are also available. Both tickets include entry to our Meet and Greet featuring all FORTY women from the Prospective Talent Pool as well as featured guests from SHIMMER including, but not limited to: SHIMMER Champion Mercedes Martinez, Heart of SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy, Shayna Baszler, Saraya Knight and LuFisto.

Is there a ticket with a better value in wrestling? We’d like to think not! Order yours today at!

Full event info for the day can be found here.