Camera crews from the cornerstone of independent wrestling video distribution, Smart Mark Video, will be on hand November 10 as we present RISE 1 – IGNITE. However, they won’t just be filming the Live Event.

The cameras will be rolling for events prior to RISE 1 and all day November 10, including portions from the World Class Development Seminar and other behind-the-scenes shots. The footage will be used for our documentary project titled “The RISE of an Indie.”

Through this project, you will learn what goes into the creation and execution of first of its kind event. You’ll see the the emotional highs for talent. You’ll learn the struggles of the producers leading into the event. Wrestling is an industry filled with losses and rewards, and the cameras of SMV will capture all.

Many documentaries have been produced detailing events after the end of wrestling companies. We want to give the fans insight as to what happens to get a promotion off the ground.

Many thanks to the talented crew of Smart Mark Video, in particular Mike Robles for helping us make all the connections so it can all be brought to your video library.

For all your independent wrestling video needs including VOD, DVD and BluRay, please visit their website at smartmarkvideo.com.

Yesterday, the wrestling community saw the debut of our YouTube campaign, “You’ve Got Two.” The segment began with the introduction and announcement of “Derby Doll” Layne Rosario as a participant in the World Class Development Seminar facilitated by Saraya Knight and Colt Cabana on November 10. That means she is also in the potential talent pool for the card for the Live Event of RISE 1 – IGNITE.

Today, we saw our second seminar participant taking advantage of #YG2 as we introduced “The Duchess” Ayzali. Both Layne and Ayzali should be commended for being the first two right out of the gate to get out of their comfort zone and send us a promo!

In wrestling, to evolve, you have to get out of your comfort zone. It has been said, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” The ability to carry a promo or vignette is a hard thing to master, and these ladies were the first to take steps through training and feedback offered by RISE and shatter the glass ceilings of their former comfort zones!

So, what’s in it for the girls besides an opportunity to improve their microphone and camera skills? How about a GUARANTEED SPOT on the LIVE EVENT of RISE 1 – IGNITE?!?!

Introducing the subset of the #YG2 campaign, voting by the fans of RISE to determine who will be “The Internet Darling!”

Participants have until September 10 to submit their promos for #YG2. Then, September 11, voting will be made available at rise-wrestling.com. Voting will run until 12 AM October 1.

This will be the one and only guaranteed seminar participant’s spot on the card for RISE 1, and the only way to get it is to win the vote. So get those cameras rolling, ladies!!!

Stay tuned to our website, social media accounts (@RISEdtwa) and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see all #YG2 submissions. Then starting September 11, cast your votes on the website to determine the first ever RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes Internet Darling, solidifying their spot on the card at RISE 1 – IGNITE November 10 at 8 PM at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL.

Tickets available in the shop, $10 Front Row (Limited) and $5 General Admission.

Friday, August 26, RISE kicked off our social media campaign “You’ve Got Two!” The participants of the World Class Development Seminar with Saraya Knight and Colt Cabana as part of RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 have up to two minutes to introduce themselves to the viewing audience!

“You’ve Got Two” gets started with “Derby Doll” Layne Rosario!

The Live Event starts at 8 PM at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL and will be comprised primarily of the top 10-12 girls selected from the over 30 from the seminar. Get to know the ladies of RISE and let us know who YOUR favorites are!

Tickets are still available at the shop. Over half the front row tickets have already sold. $10 Front Row and $5 GA still available.

Learn the stories of the participants and hear them tell you first-hand why November 10 is their time to RISE!

Please subscribe to our channel or view the videos embedded on our website here!

Follow us on social media @RISEdtwa and please use our hashtags #RISE1 and #YG2!

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A special teaser announcement was dropped by Kevin in an interview on this week’s The Uncle Mike and Tom Show. For the RISE 1 – IGNITE Live Event, a special talent has been signed to compete with the only hint given as, “this person has already been part of the SHIMMER Roster and has been closely associated with SHIMMER titles.”

Who might it be? Is it a current roster member? Could it be a past, licensed SHIMMER competitor returning?

With what credentials are known so far, we know this: whoever it is will give one lucky opponent from the World Class Development Seminar with Colt Cabana and Saraya Knight and the fans in attendance a memorable match as she has in all previous SHIMMER outings.

To hear the interview with Kevin on The Uncle Mike and Tom Show, please follow either of the following links:



Are you excited for the RISE 1 – IGNITE Live Event yet?! Get your tickets today! At prices of $10 Front Row and $5 General Admission, a sold out event is anticipated.

Get your tickets for November 10 at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL at 8 PM now over at the Shop!


After selling out the original attendance cap for the RISE 1 – IGNITE World Class Development Seminar facilitated by Colt Cabana and Saraya Knight AND raising the attendance cap, we are down to ONLY TWO seats remaining!

Once these seats are gone, we will not be raising the attendance cap again. Additional inquiries will be added to a cancellation waitlist.

For further information, please email kevin@kevinharveywpwc.com. Registration and payment information also available in the Shop.

Ladies, do not delay, or you are might be leaving 43 years of invaluable knowledge on the table.


We are extremely excited that RISE 1 -IGNITE will feature music from many independent artists. We have had several provide songs already and are still seeking additional submissions.

We believe we have found a particular song with lyrics quite fitting to an event with the scope of RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes.

Please check out this link¬†to hear “Not Alone” by Seattle Singer/Songwriter David Serotkin, the official theme of RISE 1 – IGNITE!

David and Kevin’s friendship goes back many years spanning many laughs and many memories. They’ve collaborated on many projects from radio to comedy and partner again for the first time publicly in over ten years. Now, they collaborate to combine two of their biggest passions – David’s for music and Kevin’s for developing talent to ensure to the future of women’s professional wrestling remains bright as ever!

Please give a listen to “Not Alone” and other songs ¬†available at David’s website.

If you know any music artists who would like to have their songs featured at RISE 1 – IGNITE or in upcoming video projects yet to be disclosed, please have interested parties email kevin@kevinharveywpwc.com, Subject: Music.


Rougly half the tickets available for Front Row at the Live Event of RISE 1 – INGITE have already been sold! You don’t want to miss your opportunity to be close to the action for this first of its kind event!

Tickets to RISE 1 – IGNITE are very affordable, priced at just $10 for Front Row and $5 for General Admission. The first wave of ticket orders placed by 11 AM CST Wednesday, August 17 will be shipped that day.

At these prices, tickets are not expected to last long. If Seminar registrations are any indication, tickets will sell out well in advance of November 10.

Tickets are available in the SHOP. Get yours while you can!


RISE 1 – IGNITE is a first of its kind event. Seminar registration and tickets were placed on sale at 12:15 PM CST Saturday, August 6. By 11:00 AM CST Wednesday, August 10, the World Class Development Seminar facilitated by Colt Cabana and Saraya Knight was a legitimate sellout. That was such great news to see such demand for the highest caliber of next-level training available for women wrestlers!

However, with demand and inquiries still rolling in, Kevin and Saraya conferred over email. Because demand was still high, they wanted to expand the class, but not at the expense of the experience of any of the participants. They agreed that class size would be raised.

This web update is being composed at 11:32 PM CST Thursday, August 11 and yet again, RISE 1 – IGNITE’s Development Seminar has FEWER THAN 10 SEATS REMAINING!

The seminar is expected to sell out again by Saturday, August 13 at the current inquiry rate.

Once the raised attendance cap is met, it will not be raised again. Due to the structure in place for RISE 1 and the amazing SHIMMER weekend starting Friday, November 11, there will not be an additional session of the seminar. If you miss out not, you will have missed your opportunity to learn from two of the best minds in the wrestling industry.

SIGN UP TODAY, LADIES! Visit the Shop for registration information.


Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 6.42.53 PM

First run RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes T-shirts are now available at our store over at ProWrestlingTees.com.

Click the link to hit the store directly for the new RISE shirt as well as a few classics from Kevin’s days at AAWPro in Chicago.

Shirts start at $19.99 and are available in several options.

If you wish to avoid shipping costs and would like to pick up your RISE merchandise on November 10 or over the course of SHIMMER Weekend November 11-13, please email your order to kevin@kevinharveywpwc.com with specifics.

Other merchandise is likely to follow. Stay tuned…

Very important for those interested in attending the RISE 1 – IGNITE Development Seminar with Colt Cabana and Saraya Knight and those buying tickets to the Live Event:

Payments are being arranged via PayPal, Venmo and Square Cash. Please route all inquiries to kevin@kevinharveywpwc.com specifying your preferred payment vendor and I will send you invoices ASAP. The coding for proper buttons on this site is not working in my favor currently.

Pricing for RISE 1 – IGNITE Events are as follows:

Development Seminar with Colt Cabana and Saraya night – $50 per person, $2.50 processing fee for a total of $52.50.

Front Row Tickets for Live Event – $10

General Admission Tickets for Live Event – $5

Ticket Processing Fees:

< $10 = No Fee

$10-$50 = $1.00 Fee

> $50 = $2.50 Fee

Above all, thanks to all for the tremendous interest in and support of RISE. In under 24 hours since the formal announcement, I am truly humbled how many people are investing in the development of the future of women’s professional wrestling!