At RISE 2  – ASCENT in South Gate, CA, we had a surprise for the live audience. We had an even bigger surprise for six of the women who were part of our World Class Development Seminar and Live Event. We named the first six members of the RISE Roster, a core group of talents, discovered in our Seminars, upon whom we felt we could build our brand.

Now that we have RISE 3 – MEDIC behind us, the original vision of our Live Events has now come to fruition: Live Events showcasing top-shelf, featured talent, our core roster and our newest discoveries from our Seminars.

The Roster began with Phoenix of RISE Champion Shotzi Blackheart, The First Phoenix of RISE Dust, “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo, Britt Baker, Chelsea Green and Delilah Doom. What began as six has now grown to eight.

Welcome to the RISE Roster…

“The Hardcore Princess” Jewells Malone! Jewells made an impression in our Seminar at RISE 2 and fought a brutal contest with Kikyo at RISE 3, solidifying her place on the RISE Roster in the process. After this showing and also her performances in preliminary matches prior to SHIMMER Volumes 92-95, Jewells has found a home in RISE!

Deonna Purrazzo! Deonna wanted to come in and make an impression, and boy, did she ever! Deonna kicked off RISE 3 – MEDIC by not just boldly challenging SHIMMER Original Cheerleader Melissa, but pinning Melissa’s shoulders to the mat for the victory! She followed this up with several impressive matches in SHIMMER, more than earning her place on the RISE Roster as well!

As with any wrestling company, not every roster member can be on every show. But as you can see with the roster we are developing, any combination of these amazing talents will be well worth the price of admission.

Congratulations, Jewells Malone and Deonna Purrazzo. Welcome home. Welcome to RISE!

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The Godmother of RISE, Saraya Knight is in Chicago! She will be appearing at RISE 3 – MEDIC this Friday in Berwyn, IL as well as SHIMMER 92-95. Tickets for RISE available at, SHIMMER at

Saraya will also be facilitating our special, standalone GAIN Seminar Monday July 10 from 7 PM to 11 PM, open to men and women wrestlers. This Seminar will be taking place at the Underground/Freelance Wrestling Academy in Villa Park, IL. Cost for this Seminar is $50.

Wrestlers, take advantage of this amazing opportunity to learn from one of the the world’s best! Some of the best training in the United Kingdom will be available to you in Villa Park! To register, please email, Subject GAIN ASAP!


Monday, July 10 will be a special, standalone seminar as part of our program GAIN – Developing Tomorrow’s Top Independents, open to both men and women wrestlers. For contractual reasons, we will not be able to disclose full details until Wednesday, July 5. Cost for this standalone World Class Development Seminar will be $50 and it will have extremely limited seating.

We are making this happen in conjunction with the UnderGround/Freelance Wrestling Academy in Villa Park, IL. For one day, trainers Bryce Benjamin and Kevin Quinn are handing the reins over to a guest trainer provided by PIPELINE – Wrestling Talents Development Systems. This will be a unique opportunity with a very limited window, so wrestlers in the Chicago area or within reach of it are encouraged to act quickly.

To register for the seminar or to be put on our mailing list for immediate information as soon as final details are confirmed, please email, Subject: GAIN July 10.

As we get nearer and nearer to July 7, a lot of the Live Event for RISE 3 – MEDIC is starting to take shape. We now know the Main Event for The Phoenix of RISE Championship between Champion Shotzi Blackheart and Angel Dust will be a Dog Collar Match! Rosemary takes on Delilah Doom! Deonna Purrazzo’s challenge of a former SHIMMER Champion has been granted! And we have open contracts yet to fill for Hudson Envy, Fire and Nice and “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo.

How will we fill those contracts? Naturally, we will fill those spots from The Prospective Talent Pool, the women in attendance of our World Class Development Seminar with Dr. Tom Prichard!

To get to know those in the RISE 3 Talent Pool, we have asked its members to send us matches and introductory videos. To make things easy for fans to view, we’ve made a one-stop site where we will embed all matches and introductory videos as well as videos from featured guests and RISE Roster members, available at!

Tickets for RISE 3 – MEDIC are starting to move. Front Row is nearing sellout. Get yours today at The Shop!


March 11, Angel Dust locked horns with Shotzi Blackheart for the first time at AIW’s Girls Night Out in Cleveland, OH. In her third defense of The Phoenix of RISE Championship and with an increasing mean streak since pledging her allegiance to Rosemary, Angel Dust found herself pinned to the mat. Shotzi Blackheart found herself the new Phoenix of RISE Champion.

In a feud that would spawn several states and promotions, “The Ballsy Badass” was able to come out on top each time, still The Phoenix of RISE.

At GAIN 1 March 25, Live Event Liaison to the Office MsChif decreed that Angel Dust would receive one final shot at Shotzi Blackheart and her title at RISE 3 – MEDIC July 7 in Berwyn, IL. MsChif also plainly stated neither could lay a finger on the other until that contest took place.

The same night, Rosemary and Angel Dust brought an untimely end to Shotzi’s title defense against Shayna Baszler, Rosemary spewing mist in the face of Baszler. Then, in an unexpected turn of events, Angel Dust slipped further into Decay, using poison mist of her own, blinding Blackheart, yet still honoring the guidelines set forth by MsChif.

July 7, Angel Dust receives her last opportunity at The Phoenix of RISE Championship while held by Shotzi Blackheart, and a normal match just does not seem fitting to bring an end to this intensifying feud.

The Office of RISE has submitted a stipulation for agreement to both parties. Will “The Ballsy Badass” accept the terms of possibly her toughest match to date? Will Rosemary’s newest Hound of Hell be satisfied with the degree of pain involved if an agreement is reached?

Fans, you will not want to miss The Last Dance of Angel Dust vs. Shotzi Blackheart for The Phoenix of RISE Championship. It promises to be many things, but will most definitely not be for the faint of heart.

Get your tickets now at!

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Since the announcement of the sellout of our World Class Development Seminar for Women Wrestlers at RISE 3 – MEDIC with Dr. Tom Prichard, inquiries have continued to roll in from aspiring women wrestlers wishing to take part. Due to the amount of inquiries, many including variants of, “I wish I could come and just watch and listen to this seminar,” we see the need to evolve our business model. But, to do this, we must first protect our commitments to the 25 women who reached out to us and put their hard-earned money down for this seminar. In the interest of best serving all, we have come up with this.

Introducing RISE 3 – MEDIC Seminar Observation Pass, now available to women wrestlers, open to both trained women wrestlers and women wrestlers who have not yet completed their training. The fee for the RISE 3 – MEDIC Observation Pass is $50 with a $2.50 processing fee.

Terms for the Observation Pass include, but are not limited to:

• Observation pass holders will not be allowed to participate in the in-ring activities – no exceptions.

• Observation pass holders will not be in consideration for performance in the Live Event of RISE 3 – MEDIC.

• Observation pass holders will be prioritized on the cancellation waitlist for the in-ring portion of the seminar in the event any talent withdraws from the Prospective Talent Pool or is otherwise unable to make the seminar. This applies only to already currently trained and active wrestlers holding an Observation Pass.

If you wish to be a part of RISE 3 – MEDIC through an Observation Pass, please fill out the form below.

Our unique hybrid of World Class Development Seminars and Live Events provides immediate opportunity to some lucky Seminar Participants. The concept of The Prospective Talent Pool is our potential talent roster for a given event, those who might be selected for opportunities in RISE and beyond.

With the RISE 3 – MEDIC World Class Development Seminar with Dr. Tom Prichard now officially sold out, The Prospective Talent Pool for the Live Event is now set. And here it is:

Angie Skye

Stefany Sinclair

Hawlee Layne

Willow Nightingale

Stacy Shadows

Charli Evans

Jessica Troy

Brittany Blake

Valentina Loca


Jewells Malone

Skylar Slice

Savannah Evans

Moxie Molly

Joseline Navarro

Daysie Day

Laynie Luck

Nikki Adams

Aja Perara

Paloma Starr

Faye Jackson

The Duchess Ayzali



Dementia D’Rose

Get your tickets now to see the future of women’s wrestling July 7 in Berwyn, IL at!

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In addition to our RISE Roster, feature talents and the Prospective Talent Pool from our RISE 3 Seminar with Dr. Tom Prichard, we are excited to announce one of the most sought-after talents available on the independents will make her Chicago area debut Friday, July 7 in Berwyn, IL, and she does so at RISE 3 – MEDIC. Welcome to RISE, Deonna Purrazzo!

“Anyone even remotely paying attention to the landscape of women’s wrestling at the moment cannot help but take notice of a talent like Deonna,” said PIPELINE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey. “With what she has accomplished in just the last year makes her stand out. I personally reached out to extend an invitation to RISE 3 to Deonna, and she accepted…with conditions.”

At this time, the details of those conditions have not been made public other than Deonna has asked for interview time where she has promised to let her intentions and her personal mission in RISE be known.

Wrestling fans will not want to miss what we have in store for the Live Event of RISE 3 – MEDIC! (If still champion) The Phoenix of RISE “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart defends against The First Phoenix of RISE, Angel Dust for the final time. A special stipulation is yet to be determined for this match. Also, IMPACT Knockouts Champion “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary will take on the returning Delilah Doom! Fire and Nice (Britt Baker and Chelsea Green) will be in tag team action and “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo returns as well! Also, one member of the Prospective Talent Pool will be chosen to take on Hudson Envy!

There is a whole lot more in store, plus some fun surprises too. Get your tickets now at

We’re kicking off SHIMMER weekend in a big way. Come join us for all the fun!

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 8.35.53 AM

We are excited to announce the addition of world renown wrestler and former SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles to our growing network of trainers as part of PIPELINE – Wrestling Talent Development Systems! Madison will begin her new role with us Friday, July 7 in Berwyn, IL as part of RISE 3.1 – SECOND HELPING.

RISE 3.1 is a special seminar designed to train and develop both men and women in the roles of manager,  valet, referee, announcer and other non-wrestling performance roles. Madison joins PIPELINE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey to facilitate this unique offering. The two have been talking about this concept for some time as both have a passion for development of all who contribute to the overall success of a wrestling event.  This is not something new, completely out of left field. This is something special a long time in the making.

In addition to this World Class Development Seminar unique to secondary roles, at least one person from this Seminar will be chosen by Madison and Kevin to perform their role at the Live Event of RISE 3 – MEDIC happening later that day.

For more information and to register for RISE 3.1 – SECOND HELPING, please visit

For tickets to RISE 3 – MEDICs Live Event, please visit