Labor day weekend will be a GIGANTIC weekend for professional wrestling with all eyes of the wrestling world upon Chicago as AEW presents All Out August 31 at Sears Centre Arena August 31.

The next day, September 1 in Berwyn, IL, RISE presents Regional Rising Stars – The Midwest Bracket. #RRSTourney will be centered around an 8 Woman, Single Elimination Tournament featuring up-and-coming wrestling talent based in the Midwestern United States. With so many fans from other areas of the world, we want to show new fans just how talented the Women of the Midwest are!

The first round matches are as follows:

Laynie Luck vs. Hawlee Cromwell, Sierra vs. Queen Aminata, Heidi Katrina vs. Elayna Black and Big Mama vs. Valentina Loca.

In addition to the complete tournament, we have signed two very special non-tournament matches (so far…).

First, after their thrilling battle as the final two participants in Through the Door at PRIDE & JOY, fans and talent have spoken, and both will be happy to know that at #RRSTourney, “Hell’s Favorite Harlot” Priscilla Kelly goes one on one with Jake Atlas!

And in what promises to be an grudge match for the ages. Paradise Lost, the team of Raven’s Ash and Dust with “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary will challenge The Killer Death Machines, the team of Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh in a rematch for The Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships!

What a weekend it will be! Don’t miss Regional Rising Stars – The Midwest Bracket September 1 in Berwyn, IL All Out Weekend!

Tickets, just $10-$30 at risedtwa.ticketleap.com.

Hey everyone, RISE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey here. It’s no secret I write damn near everything on this site, but this is one I felt it was important to slip into first person.

Last Sunday, we accomplished something incredibly special at RISE – PRIDE & JOY. And by we, I mean RISE. And by RISE, I mean every single member of our roster, staff and crew. And by RISE, I mean our existing fanbase watching live in Chicago and on iPPV. And by RISE, I mean all our new fans, new WRESTLING fans – wrestling fans who shared they attend a pro wrestling event for the very first time because, though they have been fans for varying lengths of time, it was the first time they felt welcome to attend a Live Event.

Over 50% of tickets sold to PRIDE & JOY were to first time RISE ticket buyers. I was approached the day of the event as well as many of the talents and staff too by fans from that 50+% who had never attended a wrestling event before.

And THAT, I feel, is the most important statistic one can say about RISE to date. We reached completely NEW fans. We opened our doors and our hearts to EVERYONE (ok, everyone ages 21 and over…) and connected with more people than ever before.

I would love to say pro wrestling is a perfect world, but it is not. It has come a long way, and RISE, again, ALL of RISE came together and took a positive, tangible big step forward.

In addition to THAT stat, three very important speeches were delivered at PRIDE & JOY. Yes, I said speeches. These were not “wrestling promos.” These were three talents using a platform to speak their mind.

And some of what was said by Shotzi Blackheart, Effy and Mercedes Martinez might make some a little uncomfortable. The words might rattle some cages.


They were supposed to…

And now, if you have not yet taken a look, please view the videos below:

Wrestling Shouldn’t Segregated, Especially By Gender – Shotzi Blackheart

The Line Has Been Drawn – Effy Arrives in RISE

Mercedes Martinez Presents The New Name of RISE

“The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart is a name synonymous with RISE and synonymous with EQUALITY in professional wrestling. Her entire career, Shotzi has fought for and represented equality in wrestling everywhere she goes, always up to the challenge of any wrestler, no matter how they identify.

Hear these words from Shotzi Blackheart ahead of her Global Open Challenge for the Sabotage Wrestling War of Genders Championship at RISE – PRIDE & JOY, now available with unlimited replays on FITE.TV


Pride month is over…or is it? As they say, “Time flies by when you’re having fun.” But just because it’s July doesn’t mean pride isn’t celebrated all year round. About 3 years ago I went to my first pride parade. And to me I saw so much freedom and nothing to worry about. PRIDE & JOY really meant so much to me, so I wanted to share a little about myself and about the event itself. Here goes…

I grew up attracted to girls and never truly knew why or how to come about it. I mean who didn’t find the pink ranger hot? Right? Ha! When I was in middle school, I came out to three of my best friends at the time. One of them, just didn’t understand how a girl could be attracted to another girl— I lost someone who I thought was a friend. I was afraid to be fully open after that, especially towards both my parents. I didn’t want to lose them by being disowned. I felt like I could never be myself in front of them, I felt trapped and stuck living a double life.

About three years ago I finally had the courage to come out to my parents— it took me at the age of 26 to finally speak up. It was the scariest thing I ever had to do— and even though they both didn’t want to believe it at first, they’ve come around to accept me.

Like most super heroes, we sometimes hide who we are— because we’re afraid what the world might think. It’s 2019– gay marriage is legal in all fifty states. There is nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. Don’t let uneducated, ignorant people bring you down. Chase what makes you happy— be the happiness because that’s what this world needs, a fucking rainbow! Don’t let one miserable grumpa-lump (yes, that’s a word now) ruin your day or ruin your happiness.

Be yourself— that’s more important then stressing over judgment. Look at yourself in the mirror and be proud of who you are! There is no such thing as “normal.” We are all weird in our own ways— and that’s a good damn thing! I’ve been told many times how I’d go to hell because I was committing a “sin,” or how I needed to be “cured.” It took me years to be comfortable with myself, it’s crazy how long I’ve waited. How much I wished I could’ve just once spoken up in middle school, in high school or during my college years. I felt like I’ve wasted so much time hiding. But things take time and everything happens for a reason— eventually everything falls into place.

RISE – PRIDE & JOY was special. I’ve done a few RISE shows now, but this one to me just meant so much more. I’m just happy I was able to be apart of this show. Share that moment with my Sea Star Delmi who accepted me from the very beginning. Every match I got to watch delivered, the crowd was hot from beginning to end. There were so many flags throughout the venue— so much pride. The main event was unbelievable! That was the first time I got to watch Cassandro el Exotico perform in the ring in person and I literally popped for everything!

The heartfelt speech Mercedes gave out at the end— says a lot on how RISE is developing performers, and not just women athletes but also men. Together we’re all equal. Together we all RISE above the hate.

Thank you Kevin Harvey for putting together such an incredible and meaningful event for all. Until next time RISE, love Ashley Vox

At RISE – PRIDE & JOY, fans in Chicago and worldwide on FITE.tv witnessed a collision of epic proportions. Witness the colossal power of Joey Ryan and Double D Rose when they go SUPER SAIYAN! Catch the replay of this amazing event, Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate Event of Love and Inclusion, now available with Unlimited Replays on FITE.tv and FITE Apps across all major platforms.

After her Main Event Match with Cassandro el Exótico at PRIDE & JOY June 30 in Chicago, “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez shared very passionate words with fans in attendance and those watching at home on iPPV on FITE.tv.

Among those words, Mercedes revealed the new mission and the new name of RISE – DTWA.


We have received many requests in recent months for two things – 1: Some variety of Women’s Wrestling Live Event the weekend of AEW’s All Out in Chicago. 2: Some variety of tournament.

Well, Sunday, September 1, we intend to do BOTH!

In our primary Chicago home, The Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL, we introduce the first in a SERIES of Tournaments we are looking to host in the back half of 2019 – The Regional Rising Stars Tournaments, showcasing young, up-and-coming talents of their geographic areas.

Up first is The Midwest Bracket! This 8 woman, single elimination tournament will take place at 5 PM, tickets now on sale, priced $10-$30 at risedtwa.ticketleap.com.

The first talent confirmed for The Midwest Bracket – Big Mama!

We will also have a few of the established stars of RISE on hand. The first talent announcement we have in non-tournament competition, Dust will be in action – maintaining her position as the only member of the RISE Roster to be part of every single RISE Event.

With so many fans visiting Chicago, it is our hope to truly shine a spotlight on young, hungry Midwest talent who may be unfamiliar to fans from other areas.

We hope to see YOU at Regional Rising Stars – The Midwest Bracket September 1!

Our World Class Development Seminar facilitated by Bryce Remsburg will now take place June 30 at Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago at 1 PM immediately prior to PRIDE & JOY.

This Seminar is open to all wrestling roles and is a non-physical Seminar. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from Bryce’s perspective as a world-traveled referee in addition to many other hats he has worn at some of wrestling’s top promotions.

Register today for this Seminar with Bryce Remsburg at rise-wrestling.com/pjseminars.