Our December 2 event in South Gate, California is shaping up to be quite the afternoon of entertainment! We start things off with the VIP Meet and Greet with Madusa and Bull Nakano. Then, Madusa kicks off the LIVE recording of her Full Throttle Podcast with guests Bull Nakano, Mercedes Martinez, Toni Storm and Kris Wolf. And on top of that, we announced the card for RISE 6.5 – THROTTLE, three amazing matches happening during the afternoon – all on one ticket!

The card for RISE 6.5 consists of Deonna Purrazzo challenging The Phoenix of RISE Champion (Champion following Delilah Doom vs. Rosemary STEEL CAGE Match from RISE 6), Shotzi Blackheart challenges Toni Storm for the SWA Championship and Mercedes Martinez will face Kris Wolf – all first time matchups!

All tickets to this Podcast and Live Event are General Admission for $25. The VIP Option is $50 standalone, $70 when purchased with GA Ticket.

Today’s Cyber Monday deal gives special savings, no promo codes necessary! Buy 2 or more GA Tickets to this event, they will be $20 each. Buy 2 or more VIP + GA and the price drops to $55! Prices are all active now at pipeline.ecwid.com.

GA Seating will be first come, first served. However, keep in mind VIPs will have first pick of seats as they will enter the arena first!

With such a wild time with Madusa hosting the show with these guests and three amazing matches, let’s have another packed house for Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE and RISE 6.5 – THROTTLE!

If you are unable to be there live for the matches, catch them on our Fan-Cam iPPV feed at rise-wrestling.com/ippv!

We have completed our tests, and many thanks to the fans who participated and offered their feedback. We can now confirm we will be offering both RISE 6 – BRUTALITY and RISE 6.5 – THROTTLE on iPPV, shot from a Fan-Cam Perspective!

“This is something we’ve wanted from day one. The time and circumstances seem right to try. Not only can our worldwide fans join us LIVE as these amazing matches are happening, but it is a bit of a nod to the days of tape-traders. Those who wanted to see some of the best wrestling in the world before the days of the internet, often times the Fan-Cam shots were the only way to acquire it. I am a big fan of bringing that idea back, and I am hoping there are fans who feel the same,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

These particular streams will be available LIVE only, Fan-Cam perspective and offered without commentary.  We will still have a multi-camera shoot that will be edited and produced by Smart Mark Video, available as DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download shortly after the weekend has concluded.

And RISE 6 and RISE 6.5 are available for purchase now at rise-wrestling.com/ippv! RISE 6 is $8 until Wednesday, November 29, then $10 after. RISE 6.5 is $6 until Wednesday, November 29, then $8 after.

RISE 6 – BRUTALITY Goes Live Friday, December 1 at 8 PM Pacific.

RISE 6.5 – THROTTLE Goes Live Saturday, December 2 at 2 PM Pacific. This feed will have intermittent interruptions to broadcast. Matches will take place between Podcast segments for Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE. Keep your eyes to our Social Media @RISEdtwa and we will inform when matches are set to begin and resume.

And we are currently working out details and pricing for our partners at AWS Promotions to bring their event Again, No Presents for Christmas as well! AWS will feature many of the top female talents from RISE and SHIMMER, some of the West Coast’s best male talent and a Women’s Battle Royal featuring many talents from our RISE 6 Seminar and beyond.

No matter where you are in the world, we cannot wait to bring you RISE and AWS LIVE on iPPV!

rise 6 graphics.019

The Live Event Experience of Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE just got even bigger as it is now also home to RISE 6.5 – THROTTLE! In addition to Madusa hosting her podcast with the live audience and guests like the Legendary Bull Nakano, Kris Wolf, Mercedes Martinez and Toni Storm, we will be hosting three BIG matches during the course of the afternoon event!

We are confirming some of those details now, hoping to give the full card by Monday. However, talent we can confirm will be part of RISE 6.5 includes:

The Phoenix of RISE will be defended by whomever holds the title at the conclusion of RISE 6!

Toni Storm defending her SWA Title!

Mercedes Martinez!

Shotzi Blackheart!

Deonna Purrazzo!

More TBD as soon as we confirm the details!

All tickets to Full Throttle LIVE and RISE 6.5 – THROTTLE are $25 General Admission, so get there early to get the best seats! We are also offering a VIP Meet and Greet with Madusa and Bull Nakano, normally $50, not $10 off at checkout with code “throttle.” The discount code works with VIP Standalone and VIP + GA Packages.

Tickets: pipeline.ecwid.com.

Get your tickets now to this one of a kind LIVE Podcast recording with three stellar matches, brought to you by Madusa’s Full Throttle and RISE!

Depending on the success of tonight’s iPPV test, we will also be offering RISE 6.5 matches (Madusa’s Full Throttle Available at a later date though madusa.com) via Fan-Cam iPPV at rise-wrestling.com/ippv!


Fans worldwide, we have been working round the clock for weeks to make RISE 6 – BRUTALITY available to as many people as possible. Tonight, at 8 PM CST, we needs fans to help us test some internet waters.

Tonight, we will determine if we are able to offer RISE 6 – BRUTALITY worldwide this Friday as a Fan-Cam iPPV!

We need to test our technology, including the payment processing. There will be a charge of $1 for tonight’s test, but all funds will be refunded at the conclusion of the test unless specified otherwise by fans that they would offer this as a donation for tonight’s match. As a special treat, we will test the stream with Nicole Savoy vs. Kylie from RISE 5 – RISING SUN!

If this test is successful, and we believe it will be, we will offer RISE 6 – BRUTALITY as a Fan-Cam iPPV! But we need your help to make sure it can happen. We need a minimum of 10 people, ideally many more. Our fans have been asking for iPPV, and we are doing our best to deliver.

Can you help us tonight? The feed goes live at 8 PM CST at rise-wrestling.com/ippv!

If this test is successful, we will not only offer RISE 6, but also RISE 6.5, the matches taking place now as part of Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE December 2!

Tickets in advance for RISE 6 are nearly sold out. 21 GA remain, and we are exploring if extra seating is possible. Get your tickets now to guarantee your seat at pipeline.ecwid.com.

Full information on Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE and RISE 6.5 coming later today!


In what was already set to be a live experience quite like anything else, Madusa’s Full Throttle Live will have some added bonuses for fans in attendance. We already knew Madusa would be hosting her podcast with amazing guests including Bull Nakano, Mercedes Martinez, Kris Wolf and Toni Storm. Now, there is even more in store!

Toni Storm will be having a second match in South Gate, CA next weekend. This time, she defends her SWA Undisputed Women’s Championship Saturday afternoon, December 2 as part of the LIVE Experience of Madusa’s Full Throttle!

And there may be even more in store…we’ll have details by Monday, but we may well have RISE 6.5 on our hands! Keep your eyes to this website and our Social Media for details!

For now, don’t miss another opportunity to see Toni Storm in SoCal! GA only, all tickets $25. We are also offering VIP Meet and Greet with Madusa and Bull Nakano including personalized 8×10 and photo op. VIP $50, with GA Ticket $70. And, with promo code “throttle” at checkout, all VIP Packages are $10 off at pipeline.ecwid.com!

Who will Toni’s opponent be, and who else might be on this very special event with all kinds of crazy stories, lots of laughs and now, some world class LIVE women’s wrestling!

Stay tuned!

As always, part of what makes every RISE Live Event special is the wild card nature of…well, the card itself! No RISE card is 100% determined until we have evaluated The Prospective Talent Pool, the participants in our World Class Development Seminar. This outing, facilitated by Cheerleader Melissa, Madusa and Bull Nakano has higher visibility than any Seminar we have done before.

And now, ladies and gentleman, The Prospective Talent Pool for RISE 6 – BRUTALITY

Laynie Luck, Maritza Janett, Ayoka Muhara, Paige Turner, Hyan, Samara, Penelope Ford, Savannah Evans, Aerial Monroe, Trixie Tash, ACR, Nina Monet, Dynamite DiDi, Kiki, Willow Nightingale, Aryia Alexander, Priscilla Kelly, Layne Rosario and Heather Monroe.

Who from this latest Prospective Talent Pool will find their way into the open contracts of featured talent and RISE Roster members? Who from the Seminar might find themselves on opposite sides of the ring, possibly teaming with or against Taya Valkyrie and Jimmy Jacobs?

Women wrestlers, due to injuries and cancellations this week, we have a total of five spots open for this Seminar. Registration is $150, and trust us, this is NOT the RISE Seminar to miss based on future opportunities. To secure your spot in this Seminar, email kevin@wrestlingpipeline.com, Subject RISE 6 ASAP.

Only one way to find out: be there LIVE Friday, December 1 in South Gate, CA! As of this writing, only 23 advance GA tickets remain. RISE and AWS are currently exploring options for additional seating or a standing room ticket, but there are no guarantees. Get your tickets now at pipeline.ecwid.com.

The last few weeks have been interesting as the Live Event of RISE 6 – BRUTALITY has more and more matches with higher stakes than originally thought. Just days ago, Bull Nakano, after years of laying dormant since retirement viciously attacked Manami Toyota in Japan. This attack did not go unnoticed by another of Bull’s legendary rivals, Madusa.

After some brief interactions with one another on social media, it seems this storied rivalry will once again take form, this time in South Gate, CA!

Shotzi Blackheart, “The Ballsy Badass” and former Phoenix of RISE Champion will be managed by 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Madusa, aka Alundra Blayze. Shotzi’s opponent, STARDOM’s Kris Wolf, brings all of her energy, charisma and ring prowess with her, along with manager Bull Nakano!

With Bull straight-up attacking her former rivals with weapons and Madusa using phrases like, “still some gas left in the tank,” will the two legends be able to remain in their respective corners, or are some brutal rivalries just to intense to be contained any longer?

One thing is for sure, one of the most anticipated matches on the RISE 6 – BRUTALITY card just became even more can’t-miss!

Shotzi Blackheart with Madusa vs. Kris Wolf with Bull Nakano. Let’s just let that sink in for a moment. What a way to top off 2017!

We are well on our way to sold out for RISE 6! With General Admission priced at $10, get your tickets now as this event is expected to sell out with one week to go and fewer than 50 advance tickets remaining!

Also, until 12 AM PST November 25, we have our $10 promotion with code “turkey” for our VIP Events December 1-2. Order now and get the VIP Experience with Madusa and Bull Nakano AND General Admission to RISE 6 for just $45!

Tickets and VIP on sale now at pipeline.ecwid.com.


We at RISE are not the biggest fans of overly crowded stores, long lines and fights for limited quantities of discounted products. What we would rather do this holiday season is offer a number of great savings on RISE Merchandise. And we would like to start that today with our “Don’t Call It Black Friday” Sale!

Special Prices, Promos and New Items Available NOW at pipeline.ecwid.com:

RISE 5 – RISING SUN now available on DVD $15, Blu-ray $20 and Digital Download $12!

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RISE 4 – WARRIORS RISE (UK themes) and RISE 5 – RISING SUN (Japanese themed) Zip-up hoodies starting at $35.

Original RISE Logo Pullover Hoodies Clearance Priced at just $20 – Sizes L, XL and 2XL only.

RISE 1-3 and GAIN 1 Individual Digital Downloads – $8

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RISE Complete Anthology DVD (Includes GAIN 1 DVD): $72,Blu-ray (RISE 1-5 Blu-ray + GAIN 1 DVD) $97.

RISE Complete Anthology Digital Download (RISE 1-5 and GAIN 1): $50. This deal will require the promo code “ANTHOLOGY” with all six videos in your cart.

5 Pack of Posters $5 – Includes RISE 1, 2, 3, 5 and GAIN 1 (No US Posters of RISE 4 were produced).

Happy shopping, and happy savings from all of us at RISE!




Speaking with the legendary Bull Nakano’s representatives late Thursday, we learned that our already amazing VIP Meet and Greet with Bull and Madusa has just become an even more amazing opportunity! Bull Nakano will be appearing “FULL BULL,” where she will be donning signature robes, makeup and hairstyles from her illustrious career. Bull has made it very clear to us how excited she is to help us in Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes. Bull has also made it clear how much she wants to make these VIP events truly memorable experiences for her fans in North America!

Bull will be bringing two uniquely different styles to our December 1 VIP Meet and Greet prior to RISE 6 – BRUTALITY and our December 2 VIP Meet and Greet leading into Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE!

VIP for RISE 6 doors open at 6:30 PM.

VIP for Full Throttle LIVE doors open at 12:30 PM.

Tickets and VIP on sale now at pipeline.ecwid.com.

VIP Entry includes one signed 8×10 provided by RISE and one photo op. Additional signatures are pictures are available for purchase for $10 each, up to three additional per person.

Other talents on hand for the VIP Meet and Greet, merchandise provided by individual talents at prices they have established:

Phoenix of RISE Champion Delilah Doom

“The Demon Assassin” Rosemary

World of STARDOM Champion and SWA Champion Toni Storm

SHIMMER Champion “The Queen of Suplexes” Nicole Savoy

“The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez

“Lucha Queen” Taya Valkyrie

“Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs

Chelsea Green, aka IMPACT Wrestling’s Laurel Van Ness

Deonna Purrazzo

“The Wounded Owl” LuFisto



Andrew Everett

Ruby Raze


And many more from our Seminar!

Coming out of the RISE 5 – RISING SUN and SHIMMER 96-99 Weekend, we have made additions to the RISE Roster:

Sydney, Australia’s Charli Evans!

Sydney, Australia’s Jessica Troy!

Portsmouth, England’s Zoe Lucas!

Chicago, Illinois’ Kylie!

Our Roster continues to grow and evolve as we begin to explore even more of the world. We look forward to adding even more amazing talents very soon!

These amazing, talented women now join our core team along with Phoenix of RISE and SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Delilah Doom, Shotzi Blackheart, Dust, Kikyo, Britt Baker, Chelsea Green, Deonna Purrazzo and Jewells Malone.

Congratulations, ladies, and welcome to the RISE Roster!