The GAIN 1 – FORGE World Class Development Seminar facilitated by Saraya Knight and Ace Steel is nearly sold out! With just over two weeks remaining, we still have seats from 10 of today’s hungriest independents who have a desire for knowledge and furthering their career!

This seminar is $100 per person with a group rate of $75 per person for traveling groups of three or more.

For more information and to sign up, please email ASAP!

Hearing the news of the passing of wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer, George “The Animal” Steele hits close to my home and heart. He was one of the first in wrestling, regardless of reputation or experience, to treat me with dignity, make an effort to teach me, to make me better and make me feel I was on the same level as him, even if I were “just a ring announcer,” 19 years of age with not a clue in the world.

When I was young, heck, even to this day, I’m the first to volunteer to make sure people have rides to and from venues, especially veterans and legends. To me, it is and always will be a golden opportunity to have organic conversations, to learn and grow that you just can’t force to happen in other situations. And I spent a LOT of car time in my formative years with “The Animal,” or as I was more fortunate to get to know in time, Jim, aka Mr. Myers.

Whether it was touring Ontario with the HWF or killing time in old stomping grounds with the PWF in Lansing, MI or random towns with the infamous “AWA Superstars,” he never took for granted that I made myself available to make sure he was treated with proper respect. And I sure as heck will never take for granted that he gave me much guidance though the filters of both George AND Jim.

What a lot of folks might not know is Jim was a fighter and a survivor. His health faced extreme issues for decades. He shared a lot of his struggles and his wins and his faith from those battles with me as we toured around indie wrestling obscurity. I always appreciated and remembered his thoughts and perspectives.

Somewhere around 2001, I had a coworker at my regular job with Midwest retailer Meijer facing hard times. A dear friend’s husband had become ill, very quickly falling into later stages of cancer. Though not much could be done to fight the evil disease, I thought they could use a friend. So I called up my friend, “The Animal.” I told him the situation and he reached out to this family who he’d never met to offer a friendly ear and ideas for things that brought comfort to him with his health struggles.

Jim called Jerry, my co-worker’s husband, every few days for what would end up being the rest of Jerry’s life. Jim went out of his way to help bring joy and perspective to people he had never met. All it took was asking the question, and he was more than happy to oblige.

It wasn’t about ticket sales or autographs. I’m not entirely sure Jerry even knew who “The Animal” was. It was simply a wonderful man trying to bring comfort to people who were facing their life’s biggest challenge.

And that is what I’ll always remember about the man behind “The Animal.” Seeing him care so intently about “some announcer kid” to spend hours on end talking shop, and giving his time and efforts to a struggling couple in Battle Creek, MI who he’d never met to help cope with illness and the inevitable outcomes.

He didn’t do it for the money. He didn’t do it for the fame. He did it to be a nice guy, and I’ll never forget that.

Rest well, Mr. Myers. You’ll always be among the elite I consider a “wrestling dad.”


Part of what makes all RISE and GAIN Live Events so special is the intrigue of the Prospective Talent Pool of talents direct from our World Class Development Seminars. Though this is far, far from a complete list, the following talents are completely through the registration process and will be learning from Saraya Knight and Ace Steel Saturday, March 25.

Joining us for new perspectives, training and new opportunities will be: Logan Lynch, Garrison Creed, “The REAL” Brock Hall, “The Bone Collector” Dominic Garrini, Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham and “The Seven Foot Savage” PB Smooth!

So far, it’s all new, male talent! Ladies, don’t forget, GAIN is open to men and to women alike!

Don’t miss GAIN 1 in Berwyn, IL March 25. Tickets are available at, $30 Front Row, $20 Second Row and $10 General Admission.



PIPELINE – Wrestling Talent Development Systems is focused on providing truly World Class Training and Development to all roles in wrestling through our in-ring and innovative VOICEos Online Seminar Programs.

Today, Sunday, February 12, PIPELINE Director of Education and Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will be providing FREE demonstrations of our VOICEos Online Seminar Programs to any and all interested. Not sure what to expect of our amazing offerings coming up? Wondering what we mean by 100% interactive? We’ll let you see first-hand what we mean!

Take us for a test drive before Standing Out in Women’s Wrestling with Portia Perez this Wednesday, February 15 and Conduct, Psychology and The Next Level with Dr. Tom Prichard.

Today’s demonstrations will be approximately 15 minutes in length are are designed to show the capabilities of online access and interaction with facilitators. We understand some may be hesitant to sign up for a paid seminar without a more tangible example of what to expect.

To sign up for our free tour of the VOICEos Program, please email Seating in each session is limited.

Times available today:

3:30 PM CST

4:00 PM CST

4:30 PM CST

5:00 PM CST

5:30 PM CST

6:00 PM CST

PIPELINE – Wrestling Talent Development Systems has made core values of our mission quite clear. Perhaps the most prominent of those is our desire to build a PIPELINE of Talent for ALL independent wrestling. And in order to do so, we also need to encourage new generations to embody The True Spirit of the Independent Wrestler.

Wrestling is a business about networking, working within your network to make the towns and gain experience and working together to share and reduce costs. Sometimes, that’s packing a car as full as it can go, getting everyone to the next booking. Other times, that’s a hotel room chock-full of wrestlers, managers, referees and other crew to keep expenses down. So many of the best memories in wrestling are from having amazing experiences and sharing them with your friends and colleagues.

To encourage The True Spirit of the Independent Wrestler, PIPELINE is now offering group discounts on all offerings from three of The Four Pillars of PIPELINE – RISE, GAIN and VOICE.

Our upcoming Chicago Market in-ring seminars GAIN 1 – FORGE with Saraya Knight and Ace Steel and RISE 3 – MEDIC with Dr. Tom Prichard both have a registration fee of $100 per person. However, those embodying The True Spirit of the Independent Wrestling and traveling in groups of three or more will see their fees reduced to $75 per person. Reduce your travel costs by sharing the ride, reduce your World Class Seminar pricing and share in the amazing experience.

Our Online Seminar Series available through VOICE will also qualify for group pricing.

Standing Out in Women’s Wrestling with Portia Perez group rates are available for those who wish to share connections and devices with friends in their area – 1 Person: $25, 2 People: $40, 3 People: $50. Larger groups can be accommodated, please email for specifics.

Conduct, Psychology and The Next Level with Dr. Tom Prichard group rates are available as well – 1 Person: $60, 2 People: $110, 3 People: $150. Also, larger groups can be accommodated, please email for specifics.

For more information and to sign up for any of our in-ring or online offers, please email


The matriarch of wrestling’s Knight Dynasty, the subject of The Rock’s new film Fighting With My Family returns to training in Chicago 3/25.

SARAYA KNIGHT is the cornerstone of PIPELINE – Wrestling Talent Development Systems training. GAIN 1 – FORGE interest has SPIKED and will sell out. Email ASAP. $100 per person/$75 for groups of three or more.

Co-facilitating this seminar will be the return to training in Chicago for ACE STEEL. Ace’s reputation as a developer of talent is highly regarded by many currently at the top of the industry. Current WWE Performance Center Developmental Coaches and television producers sing praises of the quality and impact of training they personally received and witnessed from Ace Steel.

This seminar is first paid, first confirmed and open to all genders and roles. Lots of emails have poured in, but once we are full, the cancellation waitlist begins.

Start the process today:!


Different from anything offered in our upcoming, in-ring seminars with RISE and GAIN, Dr. Tom Prichard makes his debut as a PIPELINE – Wrestling Talent Development Systems Trainer through VOICE.

Have you ever found yourself wishing you had access to a trainer the level of Dr. Tom Prichard, but travel and other logistics got in the way? Let US bring Dr. Tom Prichard to YOU via your computer, smart phone or tablet!

It all happens from the comfort of your own home Wednesday, March 8 at 8 PM CST!

Topics covered by Dr. Tom include:

• Psychology

• Getting noticed and getting to the next level (WWE, ROH, etc.)

• What the main companies are looking for.

• Backstage etiquette

• Overview of the recruiting process and how to be prepared.

• How to conduct yourself once you make it to NXT, WWE, ROH, etc.

$60 Fee, email, Subject: VOICE Dr. Tom.


Many women aspire to reach success in independent wrestling and beyond. Portia Perez made many waves in women’s wrestling during her career. Now, after retiring from active performance in the ring, Portia Perez has made herself available to women talents for education and perspective through this online seminar, made available exclusively by VOICE.

Learn from one of SHIMMER’s most decorated competitors as well as a key, influential mind behind the scenes without even leaving the comfort of your own home!

$25 Fee, email, Subject: VOICE Portia.


As if the value of our World Class Development Seminar March 25 with Ace Steel and Saraya Knight wasn’t quite enough, we have added even more opportunity for learning, perspective and visibility for GAIN 1 – FORGE. Watching, observing and critiquing the seminar participants as well as scouting talent for his own promotion, Glory Pro will be none other than globally recognized star “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin.

Also being scouted during Michael Elgin’s time observing the seminar: HIS OPPONENT! That’s right, one member of our Prospective Talent Pool from the Seminar will be hand-picked to wrestle Michael Elgin one-on-one!

The card for GAIN 1 – FORGE is starting to take shape with LOTS of surprises along the way!

MAIN EVENT – BERWYN STREET FIGHT – Eddie Kingston vs. Saraya Knight

FIRST TIME EVER – Ace Steel vs. “The Anarchist” Arik Cannon

ELGIN’S HAND-PICKED OPPONENT – “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs. ???

Also appearing: Phoenix of RISE Champion Angel Dust, Shotzi Blackheart, Britt Baker, Thunderkitty, Darin Corbin and many, many more.

Those interested in partaking in our World Class Development Seminar, email, Subject: GAIN 1 ASAP. Seminar call time is 9 AM to the Berwyn Eagles Club. Fee is $100, discounted to $75 for groups of three or more traveling together.

Tickets are on sale now $30 Front Row, $20 Second Row and $10 General Admission.


Wednesday, February 8, VOICE – Developing Tomorrow’s Vocal Talents will have its next Online Seminar, this time for Commentary. This first session focusing on narrating the stories told in the squared circle will be facilitated by PIPELINE’s Kevin Harvey, SHIMMER’s Dave Prazak and WWN’s Lenny Leonard!

VOICE Online Seminar: Commentary will go online February 8 starting at 9 PM CST and run through 12 AM CST. With this Seminar being online, it can be attended by literally anyone worldwide with a high-speed internet connection!

For more information or to sign up for this Seminar, please email, Subject: VOICE – Commentary. Cost for this online Seminar is $60.

Three facilitators with three unique perspectives from their experiences in most of independent professional wrestling’s most reputable companies, all available to aspiring commentators at one time. Start your journey in commentary or expand your knowledge in this unique, first of its kind seminar.

Sign up today!