The RISE on the Road Series Seminars officially begin Friday, October 13 in Austin, Texas presented by Sabotage Wrestling! Promoters Thunder Rosa, aka Lucha Underground’s Kobra Moon and Brian Cervantes were the first to reach out to RISE to help bring our brand of training and development to Sabotage’s next outing entitled She’s On It.

“Sabotage is laser focused on doing positive things for women’s wrestling. That has been very apparent since their first show in 2016. Having gotten to know Thunder Rosa a bit as she has come through the  Chicago Market and my chats with Brian, we all have many of the same goals. Working together to make this the first outing of the RISE on the Road Series just makes sense. Like-minded people working together is always the best environment for talent development,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

This RISE on the Road outing will be facilitated by Kevin from 12 PM to 4 PM at the event venue Grizzly Hall in Austin. Topics covered include, but are not limited to: Interview and Promo Skills, Creating and Engaging Audience Emotion and Managing Your Brand.

Registration for this Seminar is now open. For more information and to register, please email, Subject: RISE Austin. The fee for this Seminar is $40

Tickets for Sabotage’s She’s On It are also available now at

Talents in Texas and the surrounding areas, take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn and have visibility to representatives from several promotions all in one place.

This is only the first outing for RISE on the ROAD. If you would like to bring the RISE on the Road Series Seminars to your wrestling school or event, please email, Subject: RISE on the Road.

We cannot wait to see what some of the best talents in Texas bring to the table October 13!


I know the Knights and I have both faced lots of praise from those who know us, how we work and what we are trying to do. There have also been skeptics and naysayers, and I totally get where all those perspectives come from. As I said publicly on social media yesterday, “You can do what everyone else does. You can do what they told you to do. Or, you can burn the rulebook. We chose C…”

On paper as this was panning out, it likely made no sense to anyone outside of Saraya and me.  She and I have been in contact since before RISE had a name. Every turn of the RISE program, every step in its evolution, she has been there. We’ve agreed. We’ve disagreed. But we’ve done so with the greatest of respects, and we get one another. We know when the other might need help being reeled in, and we know when the other might not budge on an idea.

To me, it’s been a perfect business relationship from the start.

With RISE 1’s almost accidental success as a Seminar, we knew international growth would be key, and we knew doing so in year one would be crazy. But, if we did it right, the potential to elevate the program on a true worldwide level was there.

We agreed. Year one had to see international expansion. And there was only one place for this to begin: Epic Studios  in Norwich, England with Bellatrix.

Let’s just think about this for one second. A privately held and funded independent wrestling company based in Naperville, IL in only it’s fifth event (counting GAIN) has held Seminars and Events in the Chicago Market, the Los Angeles Market and Norwich, England. And WARRIORS RISE happens two months shy of our one year anniversary?! This wouldn’t be possible without our relationships with Dave Prazak with SHIMMER, Bart Kapitzke with AWS and the Knights with Bellatrix and WAW.

We announced WARRIORS RISE in the ring at RISE 3 July 7. But the wheels have been in motion much longer. What does this Seminar mean? What are we accomplishing with the Live Event? When I step back and try to look at this as objectively as realistically possible, the meanings of both are profound.

On the Seminar…

Let’s just start with who our facilitators are for this outing.

SHIMMER Champion, “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez joins us, imparting nearly seventeen years of wrestling experience upon wrestling talent from the UK and all over Europe. As of press time, Mercedes has advanced to the second round of WWE’s Mae Young Classic, having defeated Xia Li and now with Princesa Sugehit as her next challenge. Mercedes is the most experienced member of the field of 32 competitors chosen by WWE to put forth the best possible outing in a landmark event, named in honor of one if its most respected members of its Hall of Fame.

Let’s just think about that for a second. That’s a pretty profound statement of the respect and trust from the top of the industry. So many new fans are learning what we already know. Mercedes Martinez is one of the best active wrestlers in the world today.

And she’s coming from the United States to Norwich, England to share that knowledge.

On the topic of the WWE Hall of Fame, it is also directly represented in Mercedes co-facilitator in this Seminar, Madusa, aka Alundra Blayze.

Again, I just need to say that aloud (on digital paper…) to convince myself it is real. Madusa, one of the greatest trailblazers in wrestling history, not only is making herself available as a developer of talent for the first time ever, but she is doing so with RISE. To say I am humbled and honored is a bold understatement. The only other place a wrestling talent can say they have sat under the learning tree with Madusa is the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. And those talents were all contracted to WWE.

This undeniable legend of professional wrestling is available to ANY AND ALL wrestling talent through this Seminar with RISE, and it’s happening at the WAW Training School in Norwich, England.

I cannot imagine a scenario where if I were a wrestling talent in Europe that I would not do whatever it takes to be part of this Seminar. This is a first of its kind opportunity. I know I would want to be in on the ground level.

And this Seminar has high stakes for the women in attendance. It is no gimmick. It is no work. Legitimately, Dave Prazak, Saraya Knight, Ricky Knight, Madusa, Mercedes Martinez and I will be conferring and making the decision: What woman from this seminar will be flown to the US at RISE’s expense to be part of RISE 5 – RISING SUN in Chicago November 10? Oh, and by the way, SHIMMER is November 11-12. There are no guarantees implied here, but I won’t be flying whoever is selected home until November 13. I would not want a potential opportunity that may open up over the course of a SHIMMER weekend to not be available to a European talent because I booked their flight home too soon.

And those are just the implications of the Seminar. Let’s talk about the Live Event. It’s RISE 4. It’s Bellatrix 26. It’s WARRIORS RISE, live from Epic Studios in Norwich, England Friday, September 15.

We have talent from WWE’s Mae Young Classic.

We have stars of GFW IMPACT Wrestling.

We have one of Ring of Honor’s featured Women of Honor.


We have Bellatrix.

We have RISE.

These are not six different events. This is ONE event! ONE ticket! ONE iPPV!

ONE SHOT! That’s what we are asking for from fans worldwide. We’re asking our existing fans. We’re asking fans who are discovering our event through recent happenings, news and events in the entire wrestling industry.

We’re asking our existing fans to take a chance on us as they always have, even when we’re very far away from our home turf.

For those just hearing about us, we’re asking for that one chance to make you our fans, fans of the future of women’s professional wrestling. Take the chance on the talent you know, but see just how many of the Bellatrix and RISE crew blow your mind after seeing what this amazingly talented group of women can do!

Saraya Knight and I are betting it all on WARRIORS RISE! You can make that gamble for significantly less. £7.50, or just under $10 lets you see this event live or with unlimited replays. And you can reserve your seat at

We promise, you will not be disappointed.

This is why we came together.

This is why RISE exists.

This is Bellatrix’s time!

This is RISE’s time!

This is what it all comes down to in two weeks!


The deadline for pre-orders is fast approaching for the limited edition RISE 4 – WARRIORS RISE Commemorative T-Shirts and Zipper Hoodies. After 11:59 PM September 4, the chance to get these items will have passed. We will be producing these items to pre-order quantities only. These shirts will not be produced again, so act fast to get yours at!

T-Shirts, all sizes $20. Zipper Hoodies, all sizes $40. UK Fans can select event pickup and items will be available in Norwich, England at Epic Studios at WARRIORS RISE and the WAW Events September 15 and 16. If you unable to attend WARRIORS RISE, we will begin worldwide shipping on all others September 18.

And don’t forget, you can also watch WARRIORS RISE LIVE on iPPV at! Just £7.50 ($9.99 USD) gets you the live show and unlimited replays!

At long last, we have received the physical tickets from our vendor for all seating and VIP Meet and Greet tickets for RISE 5 and RISE 6. RISE 5 – RISING SUN goes down November 10 in Berwyn, IL and RISE 6 – BRUTALITY happens December 1 in South Gate, CA.

Many thanks to our supportive fans as always for this first wave of ticket orders. Fans looking to receive their tickets ASAP, tonight is a great time to order and they will also ship tomorrow morning!

What Joshi Legend makes her way to Chicago in November? What other matches will ensure the name BRUTALITY is absolutely fitting? Get those tickets now, as you will not want to miss our next U.S. Events! Tickets on sale now at!

Wrestling media, fans and prospective Seminar participants have all been speculating on the mystery Joshi Legend facilitating the World Class Development Seminar November 10 in Berwyn, IL as part of RISE 5 – RISING SUN. It is known that WWE Hall of Famer Madusa, aka Alundra Blayze will be facilitating part of the development event, but to date, no clues have been given as to the identity of the second teacher.

When asked if any hint will be given as to what wrestling legend will be appearing November 10, RISE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey only said this:

“The news today is all about the total solar eclipse. Eclipses bring up many questions. But maybe those who seek answers today can look to The Shadow of the RISING SUN.”

That message was sent via email with the following image attached:

RISE 5 Teaser.001

Women wrestlers interested in taking part in the RISE 5 – RISING SUN World Class Development Seminar with Madusa and “Joshi Legend,” registration is now open at

Fans, tickets to the Live Event of RISE 5 in Berwyn, IL are now on sale, including VIP Meet and Greet passes. Get yours today at

Wrestlers and fans alike are encouraged to secure their spots as soon as possible and both Seminar and Event are expected to be complete sellouts.

We have worked with our merchandise suppliers and have been able to reduce the costs for the Commemorative Live Event Shirts for both RISE 4 – WARRIORS RISE and RISE 5 – RISING SUN. As a result, we are lowering the prices for fans as well!

All sizes for both shirts are available for pre-order for $20.00. This price is for pre-orders only. At the Live Events, costs will be $25 for Sizes S-2XL. Ladies Sizes and Sizes 3XL-5XL will be produced to pre-ordered quantities only.

The deadline for pre-orders for RISE 4 Shirts is August 30. For RISE 5 shirts, the deadline will be October 28. Pre-orders are also available to ship for fans worldwide who are unable to attend either event, shipment dates are outlined in the items’ descriptions in the store.

Again, these prices only available directly through the our store, only by pre-order. Secure yours today at


It was brought to our attention the evening of August 10 that several prospective talents for upcoming World Class Development Seminars as part of RISE 4 through RISE 6 were unable to submit our registration form or had never heard back from us after submitting the form. We have determined there is a technical error with the form, effecting primarily those using it via smartphone. As a result, we are scrapping the form entirely and going back to our original registration model.

We have sent terms letters to 100% of the form applicants we did successfully receive. If you submitted the form or attempted to and have not yet received your terms letter, please email ASAP.

For those who are looking to express your interest for the first time, please also email, Subject: RISE 4, RISE 5 or RISE 6 (Depending on which Seminar(s) you wish to attend). Seminar details are posted at

We apologize to all who were effected by this technical error. We typically reply to all inquiries with one day, so failure in communication is something we wish to remedy immediately. We have effectively ended our relationship with our form vendor as we pride ourselves in getting back to all Seminar talents as soon as possible.

There are still plenty of opportunities to learn with RISE. Send us an email to take your first steps with us today!


After receiving inquiries from several male talents in the U. K. and conferring with trainers Mercedes Martinez and Madusa, we have elected to open the World Class Development Seminar as part of RISE 4 – WARRIORS RISE to male wrestlers and supporting roles as well!

“Being there is already interest from all in RISE 4, it just makes sense to open this Seminar to any and all wrestling talents willing to invest in themselves, to become better at their craft. Having truly World Class talents like SHIMMER Champion and WWE Mae Young Classic Competitor Mercedes Martinez and WWE Hall of Famer Madusa in the United Kingdom for a limited time frame, it does not make sense to leave doors closed to open minds,” said PIPELINE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey. Harvey continued, “Through RISE, there are connections to many wrestling promotions featuring the best talent possible. We want to develop all talent, everywhere, truly building a PIPELINE of talent for ALL of professional wrestling, worldwide. This UK outing is our first international excursion, and it will not be our last.”

Ladies AND Gentlemen, registration is open to you now at! Seating is limited, so fast action is recommended.

Higher wrestling learning strikes next in the heart of Norwich, England. We’ll see you there!


September 15 and 16 will be a historic weekend as RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes joins forces with two of the top brands in British Wrestling, Bellatrix and WAW! Three HUGE live events in all take place at Epic Studios in Norwich, England! As one can see from the announced talents, all three companies are ready to wow fans worldwide!

For fans in the UK or who will be in the Norwich area September 15-16, get your tickets today by CLICKING HERE.

And for fans worldwide, you won’t have to miss a second of the action. All three events will be LIVE on iPPV and available on-demand priced at $9.99 each.

You can find all three iPPV events, purchase and view right here on our website at

This weekend is of unprecedented importance to RISE, Bellatrix and WAW. We appreciate your support in what will be a weekend of significance for all three companies.

Truly, a September to Remember!