14657353_10209778572594970_4196655778024885496_nRISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes in association with AWS Promotions is proud to announce we kick off 2017 on January 27 with RISE 2 – ASCENT in South Gate, California! AWS Promotions will then continue the wrestling madness in South Gate January 28!

Though we have made allusions to it in the past, we can now officially announce our unique brand of combination World Class Development Seminars and Live Events for the betterment of women’s professional wrestling is officially a touring company!

All of us at RISE are happy to work with promoter Bart Kapitzke and the AWS Promotions team. Southern California was one of the major markets we wanted to enter within our first 2-3 years. Thanks to AWS, this goal becomes a reality in only our second event!

Details are being finalized for this outing’s facilitators of our World Class Development Seminar. Seminar and Live Event ticket pricing is still TBD. Keep your eyes to rise-wrestling.com and follow us on Twitter and Facebook @RISEdtwa for all the latest news and updates on all upcoming RISE events.

AWS next event is happening November 26. All information is in the banner above. Check them out if you’re in the area. You can also check out previous AWS events at Smart Mark Video.

Interested parties in more information about the World Class Development Seminar as part of RISE 2 – ASCENT, please email kevin@kevinharveywpwc.com, subject: RISE 2 Interest.

Los Angeles County, get ready to RISE!


The #MOMC competition took many interesting twists and turns, but no one was quite ready for the way the voting poll closed. Not only was it a photo finish for the top two spots, but there was an exact tie for the winner! Tied at 171 votes each, the co-winners of the Match of My Career (Thus Far) Competition are Heather Monroe and Kate Carney!

Through the #MOMC voting, both definitively won their spots on the card at RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL. But, let’s face it, no wrestling fan likes a tie! Thus, it only seemed fair to let Heather Monroe and Kate Carney FIGHT IT OUT at RISE 1!

And there you have it, the first match has been set for RISE 1 – Monroe vs. Carney!

Who’ve you got?!

Get your tickets while they last over at The Shop! $10 Front Row (4 left as of press time) and $5 General Admission include early entry at 6:30 PM for our Meet and Greet!



Many fans from outside the Chicago area will descend upon the Midwest this November for the HUGE run of Women’s Wrestling kicking off with RISE 1 – IGNITE and running through three days of SHIMMER Volumes 86-90!

If you’ve never been to Chicago in the fall, know this: It’s cold here! Knowing that, how about a great way to keep warm?!

Earlier today, we placed first-run RISE logo hooded sweatshirts available for pre-order at rise-wrestling.com/shop. Check out all the pricing and sizing info there. All orders placed by October 21 will be available to fans attending RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL, so no need to pay shipping!

All other orders requiring shipment will be shipped out starting November 15. Shipping fees for domestic orders available in The Shop.

While at The Shop, remember tickets are still available. As of press time, we are down the FINAL FOUR $10 Front Row. $5 General Admission are also available. Both tickets include our Meet and Greet with all forty women from the prospective talent pool, various SHIMMER guests already announced and MORE!

If there’s a better value in independent wrestling, we are not quite sure where you’ll find it!



Following one cancelled will call order, we are down to our last seven $10 Front Row Tickets for RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL. Do not miss out on your chance to be close to the action as top competitors from our World Class Development Seminar with Saraya Knight and Colt Cabana compete in our first-ever Live Event!

$5 General Admission tickets are also available. Both tickets include entry to our Meet and Greet featuring all FORTY women from the Prospective Talent Pool as well as featured guests from SHIMMER including, but not limited to: SHIMMER Champion Mercedes Martinez, Heart of SHIMMER Champion Nicole Savoy, Shayna Baszler, Saraya Knight and LuFisto.

Is there a ticket with a better value in wrestling? We’d like to think not! Order yours today at rise-wrestling.com/shop!

Full event info for the day can be found here.

Earlier today, when approaching the RISE offices, Producer Kevin Harvey felt an object zip past his face, missing by the narrowest of margins. Kevin was SHOCKED when he looked in the nearby grass and found THIS! Someone, we are not sure who, is most definitely trying to send a message!

What are we to make of the means of delivery? And what of the writing on the tiny scroll? What does this mean, and does it have implications for RISE 1 – IGNITE? !



Thanks to our amazing and talented graphic designer Mr. Jon Moody, we have the final version of the RISE 1 – IGNITE Live Event Poster! With over 40 women between our seminar and featured guests and only so much room on a page, we just could not feature everyone in one image.

Jon has also put out our first in a series of graphics designed for social media cover art. Any of our Seminar Participants and members of the Prospective Talent Pool missing from the Live Event poster will be making appearances here over time. We are doing our darnedest to market everyone who has chosen to be a part of RISE.

Fans and talents alike, please share these images where you see fit on the internet! If you’re looking for a nice new Facebook cover photo, check out the option below!

Those inside the women’s wrestling world are talking and buzzing about RISE. Now, let’s utilize Jon’s great work and connect our first Live Event and our brand of developing the pipeline of talent for the betterment of all women’s wrestling to as many fans as possible!



RISE 1 Seminar Participants and members of the Live Event Prospective Talent Pool have submitted their choices for our latest interactive social media campaign, #MOMC – Match of My Career (Thus Far).

View all the submissions here! The link to our poll is there too. You can vote once per day per IP address for your favorite match!

As you explore the listings, the first name listed and in all capital letters is the individual who submitted that particular match. However, should the winning match have more than one RISE 1 Participant (all participants are denoted in capital letters in descriptions), then ALL of the Participants in that match will get a guaranteed spot on the card of the Live Event of RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL!

Names in descriptions not listed in all capital letters will not be appearing on the Live Event of RISE 1 – IGNITE.

You can still secure your chance to see a Prospective Talent Pool of 40 women wrestlers as well as featured guests, not all of whom have yet been announced! Front Row tickets are only $10 and there are only FIVE left! Act fast! General Admission tickets are a steal at $5 each. Both are available at The Shop!

We hope to see you all at the Eagles Club as we present the future of women’s wrestling with the hungriest roster from around the world!


After the fun and success of the #YG2 #InternetDarling Social Media Campaign reaching its conclusion with winner Delilah Doom, we wanted to lay the groundwork for another fun, engaging contest to let the fans of RISE get to know the prospective talent pool for RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL.

Our next Social Media Campaign can be discussed using the hashtag: #MOMC, short for “Match of My Career.” All participants of RISE were made aware of the new contest earlier today. They will have one week to submit video of what they personally consider the best match of their career to date. The girls have been given no constraints. It will simply be whatever match in which the girls feel they truly put their best foot forward.

All videos will be made available on our website Sunday, October 9. We will link to a new poll for fans to vote for their favorite match from the pool. The match with the most votes in the poll at the conclusion of the allotted time will be the #MOMC winner(s).

Winner(s)? Yes, that’s what we meant! In the event the winning match has more than one participant from our World Class Development Seminar with Saraya Knight and Colt Cabana, all participants involved will move on to guaranteed spots on the card for RISE 1 – IGNITE, winning the #MOMC Contest!

This could be a great opportunity for not just one, but potentially several ladies from the prospective talent pool.

Voting starts in seven days! This is just another way for you to get to know the ladies of RISE and have real, personal influence as to who will be appearing in matches at our Live Event.

See all the action with the hungriest roster in women’s wrestling for yourself. Tickets still available now over at The Shop.


Management of RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes launched our first (and not our last…more to come) Social Media Campaign very early on in the promotion of RISE 1 – IGNITE. “You’ve Got Two” was a YouTube campaign based on video submissions from the talents of RISE, not to exceed two minutes in length. The #YG2 campaign was to select our first ever #InternetDarling.

Many of the seminar participants of RISE 1 had fantastic showings in their videos, crashing through glass ceilings of comfort zones and trying something new, scary and exciting! The winner would be the person with the highest total of verifiable YouTube view counts + votes from our online poll.

And after over 2000 votes and 10,000 YouTube views from the campaign, there could only be one overall winner. And that winner, the first ever RISE #InternetDarling is Delilah Doom!

See Delilah in action as she now has a guaranteed match on the Live Event of RISE 1 – IGNITE Thursday, November 10 at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL. Who will her opponent be? Find out November 10!

Tickets are still available for RISE 1 0 IGNITE at The Shop. Only 7 $10 Front Row tickets remain and $5 General Admission are starting to steadily move. Do NOT miss out on arguably the most valuable ticket in pro wrestling!

Congratulations, Delilah!!!


As announced on social media just minutes ago, we have added a #LastMinuteCurveBall to the #YG2 contest for #InternetDarling. As announced prior, the winner will be the woman whose combination of video play counts and votes is the highest.

With the addition of the #LastMinuteCurveBall, all video play counts between 9 PM CST and the end of voting 12 AM CST will be subject to a 5X Multiplier! Each individual play during those hours will be counted as five!

Good luck, ladies! Fans, if you haven’t yet, please enjoy the submissions and vote here!