Moments ago on a live broadcast on YouTube, Kevin Harvey unveiled the plan for what had only been referred to as PIPELINE – WTDS. We now know more than just an acronym. We know there is more opportunity for higher education in independent wrestling than just RISE, all through PIPELINE – Wrestling Talent Development Systems.

PIPELINE is not a wrestling promotion. It is not a wrestling school. It is a education beyond wrestling school for virtually all levels and roles within professional wrestling. One could say there are four legs that prop the tabletop of PIPELINE:

RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes

GAIN – Developing Tomorrow’s Top Independents

VOICE – Developing Tomorrow’s Vocal Talents

ACCESS PIPELINE – Online, one-on-one training

You can view the edited form of the live stream below.

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Over the next few days, visitors of and may experience website downtime or broken links and missing images. We apologize for any confusion of inconvenience. These will be necessary bumps in the road as we retool the site in the coming weeks heading into 2017.

Tonight at 5 PM CST LIVE on YouTube, Kevin Harvey is unveiling the plans for 2017 as they pertain not just to RISE, but the new PIPELINE – WTDS concept. We are transitioning to one, central URL for all facets of PIPELINE, all of which will be known very, very soon!

Tune in LIVE or catch it as VOD shortly after broadcast on our YouTube Channel HERE.


Little is known about PIPELINE. It is known to be tied to RISE, yet no specifics have been made public. What is it? What could it mean? Only one promise is at liberty to be disclosed at this time:

“Nothing like this has ever been done, and PIPELINE is not a repackaging of RISE. RISE is merely one part of the complex, innovative concept the wrestling world will know better in the near future.”

To make a future, you must look to the past AND not repeat its mistakes. You also have to get uncomfortable, yet bold enough to try things that have never been done. We’ve been doing plenty of both.

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What would a RISE event be without a contest of some kind? We are about to begin our promo and social media contests for RISE 2, but we’ve got one last contest for the crew from RISE 1.

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Our January 27 World Class Development Seminar with Saraya Knight and Colt Cabana is rapidly filling! Women from all over California and well beyond are making their way to South Gate, CA to train with two of pro wrestling’s very best! Many names have already been announced as new AND returning members to the Prospective Talent Pool of RISE 2 – ASCENT.

Women wrestlers, these seminars do sell out. Do not find yourself left behind. Our Seminars are unlike any others out there, so much so that even more talent is reaching out by the day who already attended RISE 1 to make sure they do not miss another opportunity to gain knowledge from these revered wrestling minds.

Registration fee is $75 and features additional time compared to RISE 1 in Chicago. Before remitting payment, please email ASAP for terms and disclosures. Seats are confirmed on a first paid, first confirmed basis. Once we are sold out, the cancellation waitlist will begin.

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Last Thursday, the TNA Knockouts made history with a main event inside the Six Sides of Steel pitting Jade against Rosemary for the TNA Knockouts Title. In the end, it would be The Demon Assassin whose hand was raised.

Earlier in the day, news also broke that “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary, once known as Courtney Rush, would now be known as a featured guest of RISE 2 – ASCENT in South Gate California January 27.

What business brings Rosemary to RISE? We know this demon has a hunger for souls, but is she looking to feed at RISE 2? And if so, how will she satisfy her appetite?

Find out with us Friday, January 27. Free Meet and Greet begins at 6:30 PM, Live Event 8 PM bell time. Tickets are available at $15 Front Row, $10 Second Row Reserved and just $5 General Admission.



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The main purpose of RISE is and always will be Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes, building a pipeline of talent for all women’s wrestling. World Class Development Seminars and Live Events for women wrestlers will continue to be the backbone of our business model.

Another facet of our business model is to help develop roles for supporting talents in non-wrestling capacities, open to women and to men.

A few roles for which there is no wrestling business-centric school would be those of Ring Announcers and Commentators. So those two roles will be the subject matter of our first Supporting Role Seminar, Putting Over It All – Ring Announcing and Commentary Camp.

This training opportunity sponsored by RISE and facilitated by Kevin Harvey will have its first outing in the first quarter of 2017. The training will consist of 3-4 hours of training with a cost of $25. The first seminar will likely take place in the greater Chicago area. However, based on demand and where our prospective participants live, that is subject to change or possibly occurring in multiple geographic areas.

If you are an experienced ring announcer or commentator or you are looking to start on the path toward those positions, please email, Subject – Putting Over It All Interest.

Please include in this email:


Performing Name: (If different)

Wrestling Background: (If applicable)

Non-Wrestling Announcing/Broadcasting Background: (If Applicable)

Are you 18 Years of Age or Older: Yes or No

What do you hope to get out of a wrestling seminar centric to Ring Announcing and Commentary?

In addition to the in-person seminars, Supporting Roles will also be eligible for sessions through Access – RISE. For more information on Access – RISE, please visit The Shop.


Now on the home page of, you will find a direct link to our upcoming World Class Development Seminars and other trainings falling outside the structure of RISE Seminar and Live Event co-productions. These training offerings will become more and more regular as we march into 2017.

And for those who have not yet noticed, at RISE, we like to be a tad cryptic at times. We have been known to hide a few Easter Eggs from time to time. There just might be a few worth seeking on this new section of our website.

This week, members in Access – RISE begin training. Kevin Harvey will be facilitating “The Business of Promos” this Wednesday, November 30 in Milwaukee. And there’s a whole lot more in store!

Check out the new section of our site here: Upcoming Seminars and Trainings!


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