June 30, LIVE from Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL, Pro Wrestling Tees presents RISE – PRIDE & JOY, Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate Event of Love and Inclusion! This is far more than a wrestling event. This is a day of celebration for many coming from far and wide for Chicago’s Pride Parade. The parade begins at 12 PM, running until approximately 3 PM, allowing plenty of time for everyone to arrive for a 5 PM Bell Time for PRIDE & JOY!

What fun do we have in store? Well…for starters…

Your Party Hosts come to us by way of our friends at All Elite Wrestling. Hot off the heels of their debut performances at Double or Nothing in Las Vegas, AEW’s “Native Beast” Nyla Rose and Sonny Kiss will bring this event to life, taking care of all in-arena hosting and formal announcing duties.


In the Main Event of the evening, a first-time matchup anywhere in the world will see the legendary Cassandro el Exótico taking on “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez. Two pioneers from different eras of wrestling, different parts of the world come together in a match many thought they may never see, and even more are now intrigued by as the Main Event of PRIDE & JOY!

What fans hope for is a one-on-one match. But, after the events of LUMINOUS, the unit known as The Latina Superstars, Mercedes and “SUPERSTAR” Miranda Alize has been inseparable behind the scenes. Is Cassandro ready for the potential of the numbers game?


In a Triple Threat Tag Team Match for The Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships, The Killer Death Machines, Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh defend their titles against Team Sea Stars, Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo and the debuting Almost Paradise, Zoey Skye and Courtney Rush.

This will be The Killer Death Machine’s first defense since winning the titles from Paradise Lost at LEGENDARY. Team Sea Stars may have come up short in their contenders’ match at LEGENDARY against Blue Nation. However, with Blue Nation being unavailable for a number of events and Sea Stars standout performance at LUMINOUS, Sea Stars have found themselves thrust back into the title picture. Almost Paradise, teaming for the first time, come to us by way of The Multiverse. Elsewhere in The Multiverse, both Skye and Rush have found successes and held championships nearly everywhere they have competed. With their individual reputations speaking volumes, this team is an immediate threat to The Guardians of RISE!


It’s #KODSvsWOAD! What will happen when two of the strongest forces in professional wrestling collide at PRIDE & JOY? “The King of Dong Style” Joey Ryan faces “The Weapon of Ass Destruction” Double D Rose. As the wrestling world waits on the edge of its seat for Joey to announce his future plans this week at Bar Wrestling, we know one way or another, Joey’s remaining time on the independents is limited. Double D Rose has been sidelined recently and cannot wait to come back to the independents. Double D knows this is her chance to make a huge mark in the wrestling world upon her return.

One thing is certain, both competitors promise to make PRIDE & JOY a memorable moment for all.


One of the talents most synonymous with RISE, “The Ballsy Badass” herself, Shotzi Blackheart has issued a Global Open Challenge. The reigning SABOTAGE Wrestling War of Genders Champion fights and stands for many things. Above all else, Shotzi fights and stands for equality in professional wrestling. PRIDE & JOY seemed the perfect stage for Blackheart’s Global Open Challenge. Open to anyone, and gender from anyone in the world, who will answer the call?

And who will leave Chicago as The War of Genders Champion?


June 30, we set the table…The Table for 6! In a 6 Person Tables Elimination Match, fans in Chicago will see the RISE debut of Jake Atlas as well as the RISE returns of “Hell’s Favorite Harlot” Priscilla Kelly and “The Punk Rock Kween” Jamie Senegal. Also joining the fray, looking to build her momentum from her victory at LUMINOUS over RAZE is Big Mama!

There are two Wild Card Spots held for standouts from our June 29 Seminars with Cassandro el Exótico and Bryce Remsburg. What two wrestlers will wow the facilitators and staff to find their ways into this contest?

Wrestlers, there are sill a few spots left in both Seminars, register today at rise-wrestling.com/pjseminars.

And, in case the name of the match doesn’t say it clearly enough, the only way competitors can be eliminated is to be put through a table! The last person standing will be the victor!


Kimber Lee returns to RISE. After her brief stint in The Legion of Undead Brides, Kimber is back in singles action. On this occasion, she faces one of the top 2019 Seminar Discoveries, AQA. One of the top students from Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling in Houston, AQA is a star on the verge of a breakout. But will this be that breakout moment? A victory over “The Crown Jewel” will certainly not be an easy task.


“SUPERSTAR” Miranda Alize has let her true colors show. We’ve seen pure viciousness from Alize at LEGENDARY with her attack on former Wily Smilies tag team partner Kylie Rae, leading to Rae’s loss of The Phoenix of RISE Championship. At LUMINOUS, we saw the formation of The Latina Superstars, beginning with an assault of Madison Rayne.

But Alize faces the debuting Candy Lee. Candy has been a standout in her native New Zealand, already accumulating titles very early in her career. Candy looks to do nothing short of rocking the house in her American debut.

Is Candy Lee prepared for Miranda? And is she also prepare for the influence and presence of Mercedes Martinez who is certain to not be far behind.

Tickets are now on sale for PRIDE & JOY, get yours today by clicking HERE.

If you cannot be with us in Chicago, watch LIVE Worldwide on iPPV via FITE for $9.99. Order today by clicking HERE.

PRIDE & JOY is an event unlike anything we have ever done. And as such, we want to do a match or two that’s just not like anything we’ve ever done. And we want to do something…just a little bit CRAZY!

June 30 at Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL, we have added TABLE for 6 – A Tables Elimination Match! This contest will have six total participants. The only way participants are eliminated is to be PUT THROUGH A TABLE! The last person standing wins the match.

Four of the six participants are now set. Jake Atlas, Big Mama, “The Punk Rock Kween” Jamie Senegal and “Hell’s Favorite Harlot” Priscilla Kelly will be part of the madness. The final two participants will be chosen from our World Class Development Seminar June 29 in Chicago with Cassandro el Exótico.

Fans, don’t miss this landmark event for RISE – Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate Event of Love and Inclusion! Get your tickets HERE! Or, if you cannot be with us in Chicago, watch LIVE on FITE HERE!

Wrestlers, there is limited room remaining in our World Class Development Seminar with Cassandro. Sign up today HERE.

RISE is very happy to announce registration is now open for TWO World Class Development Seminars June 29 in Chicago at Freelance Wrestling Academy. Both Seminars are open to all trained and active wrestling performers, any gender and any role.

We will be hosting an in-ring Seminar with the legendary Cassandro el Exótico and a non-physical Seminar with world renown referee Bryce Remsburg!

RISE will be selecting standout talents from each Seminar to be part of RISE – PRIDE & JOY, Sunday, June 30 at Logan Square Auditorium, streaming worldwide on iPPV via FITE. To order PRIDE & JOY on iPPV, CLICK HERE.

Full information, pricing and registration form is now available at rise-wrestling.com/pjseminars!

RISE Online Seminars-4

This Wednesday, May 8 we will have Online Seminars at 1 PM and 9 PM Eastern Time on the topic of Hustling Bookings and Working New Places facilitated by RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey. This is such a key area for aspiring wrestlers and wrestling related talents when trying to build their name and acquire wrestling experience. We know there are a lot of young wrestlers out there who, in many cases, just do not know where to begin.

There will be many topics covered, but the discussion will be centered around a few key areas for learning:

• What to put in the that first email to promoters?

• What’s on your wrestling resume?

• Have you put your best foot forward in video submissions?

• Promo pics – do you have them, and are they usable in graphic design and promotion materials?

• Are you using technology in the best ways to help you AND prospective promoters?

The fee for this Online Seminar is $20. For more information and to register, please fill out the form located at rise-wrestling.com/online.

It was important to RISE to find the right Party Host for PRIDE & JOY Sunday, June 30 in Chicago. We reached out to many potential hosts and received inquiries from even more. We believe we have found TWO ideal Party Hosts, and cannot wait to welcome both to Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate Event of Love and Inclusion.

Your Party Hosts for PRIDE & JOY will be All Elite Wrestling’s Sonny Kiss and “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose!

Everyone at RISE extends our most sincere thanks to the team at AEW for working together with us to make Sonny and Nyla’s involvement in PRIDE & JOY a reality. This event gets a little more special every day!

Tickets are moving fast, faster than any RISE Live Event to date. To get tickets, click here.

PRIDE & JOY will also stream LIVE, worldwide via iPPV on FITE.tv. Pre-orders are now up, click here to order.

RISE DVD Year Sets.002

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Get the RISE – Year 2 Set for $60, includes RISE 7 – SENSATION, RISE – ASCENT: The Pittsburgh Collection (2 Disc Set), RISE 7.5 – STEEL, RISE 8 – OUTBACK, RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts, RISE – ASCENT: The Naperville Collection (2 Disc Set), RISE – ASCENT: The Orlando and More Collection (2 Disc Set) and RISE 10 – INSANITY

Get our RISE 1 Behind the Scenes Documentary – IGNITION, RISE – ASCENT: The ROW on The RISE Collection and our newest release, the landmark event LEGENDARY, all for just $10 on DVD or Blu-ray!

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Last weekend, Shotzi Blackheart made it known to RISE Management that June 30 at PRIDE & JOY in Chicago, she wishes to defend her Sabotage Wrestling War of Genders Championship. Blackheart has formally issued an open challenge for her title, and that challenge is open to any professional wrestler worldwide.

Shotzi has been one of intergender wrestling’s most vocal supporters, declaring intergender wrestling is about something she values more than all else in professional wrestling – equality.

With an event like PRIDE & JOY, we felt there was no better place for a defense of a title symbolic of equality for all in professional wrestling.

Now, who will answer the call of Shotzi Blackheart? Who will join us June 29 in Chicago, IL at Logan Square Auditorium at Challenge for The War of Genders Championship?

Tickets are available for PRIDE & JOY at risedtwa.ticketleap.com.

PRIDE & JOY will also stream LIVE on iPPV via FITE.tv.


Since the announcement of RISE – PRIDE & JOY June 30 in Chicago, we have heard from an overwhelming amount of people. We have heard from fans from around the world wanting to support in any way possible. We have also received inquiries and demo materials from many LGBTQ wrestling talents from around the globe, each hoping to be part of RISE for this event.

We would LOVE to provide opportunities for as many talents as possible at PRIDE & JOY.

We think there is a bigger picture here, and we want to create more opportunities than just one time at one event. PRIDE & JOY is about much more than “just one pro wrestling show.”

Since our inception, RISE has been able to leave a positive mark on the Women’s Professional Wrestling scene. To date, 172 women have competed in the rings of RISE,  114 were discovered from The Prospective Talent Pools from our World Class Development Seminars. We have been able to discover new talents and give them a platform to learn, grow and showcase their talent to a new audience through an organization that has carefully cultivated a network of partner promotions in a spirit of collaboration over competition.

One goal when we began was simple. Be Better.

That goal has not changed. There is still much opportunity not just for RISE, but ALL of professional wrestling to Be Better.

The time is right to expand the scope of what we do. We will still remain true to our mission of Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes. There is still opportunity for us to do much more.

PRIDE & JOY is not intended to be a one-off event. It is intended to be the beginning of additional focus for RISE. We believe we can leave a positive mark on Professional Wrestling by creating additional opportunities for representation, training, learning and development. We believe we can do this for Pro Wrestling’s LGBTQ Talents throughout the world.

We believe we can Be Better.

We begin June 29 with our World Class Development Seminar with Cassandro el Exótico, open to any and all performers in professional wrestling, more details coming soon.

We hit our first exclamation point June 30 as Pro Wrestling Tees Presents: RISE – PRIDE  & JOY at 5 PM at Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL, streaming LIVE, worldwide via iPPV on FITE.tv.

Effective today, 100% of all profits generated from RISE T-Shirt sales through Pro Wrestling Tees will be allocated specifically to our efforts in providing new opportunities for LGBTQ Wrestlers and LGBTQ talent in supporting performance roles. You will find our available selection at prowrestlingtees.com/kevinharvey.

As always, we appreciate your support of RISE.

Every day, you help us stay in business, move forward and provide opportunities.

Every day, you help us Be Better.

RISE Pride Logo.001.jpeg

Sunday, June 30, 2019 following the conclusion of The Chicago Pride Parade, Pro Wrestling Tees presents RISE – PRIDE & JOY starting at 6 PM/5 PM Central, LIVE from Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL, streaming worldwide on iPPV via FITE TV. RISE, largely known for Live Events and Episodic Programming showcasing Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest in Women’s Professional Wrestling, intends to put forth a Professional Wrestling event focused on a culture of inclusiveness. 

RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey had this to say during the company’s initial announcement of PRIDE & JOY in a Live Stream on the company’s Twitch Channel, twitch.tv/risedtwa: 


That word means many powerful things to many people.

To our talent and our fans, it has meant making a better environment for Women’s Wrestling, a place to train and develop aspiring women wrestlers. It has meant giving a platform to Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest to pass on knowledge and elevate new talents, building a pipeline of all of professional wrestling.

But the word RISE means so much more to so many communities.

June 30 is one of the the most important days of the year in Chicago for the LGBTQ+ Community. It is a day to come together, to embrace what makes us all different, unique and to unite everyone in one place, with one love. June 30 is one of the largest Pride Parades worldwide, and it happens right here in Chicago. In 2018, an estimated 1 Million people attended or marched in Chicago’s Pride Parade. 

June 30 will be a day without judgment, a day all will truly feel love on the RISE.

June 30, we want to bring our talent and fans together again in Chicago. We want to open our doors, our arms and our hearts to the members of the LGBTQ+ Community in Chicago.

June 30 RISE presents PRIDE & JOY at 5 PM Central from Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL, streaming LIVE Worldwide via iPPV on FITE TV.

This event is not about professional wrestling for RISE. It is about inclusiveness, inclusiveness of all cultures. 

It is about every talent, fan and attendee of this event knowing they are welcome at RISE. 

It is about taking what we do today to make tomorrow better.

For everyone.”

Tickets for PRIDE & JOY are priced at $20-$60 and will be available starting at 1 PM/12 PM Central Friday, April 19. All tickets will be sold through risedtwa.ticketleap.com.

Announced talent to date appearing at PRIDE & JOY includes Mercedes Martinez, Jamie Senegal, Team Sea Stars: Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo, Jake Atlas, Shotzi Blackheart, Dementia D’Rose and Joey Ryan. Many more talents will be announced in the coming weeks leading up to the event.

To keep up with all information for PRIDE & JOY, please follow RISE on all Social Media platforms @RISEdtwa. Information will also be available on the company website, rise-wrestling.com.

Parties interested in advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please email kevin@wrestlingpipeline.com, Subject: P&J Advertising

RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes, LLC was founded in Summer 2016 as a talent development concept for the globally renown SHIMMER Women Athletes. Several talents featured in RISE have moved on to other globally recognized brands such as SHIMMER, IMPACT Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. Based in Naperville, IL, RISE has hosted World Class Development Seminars, Live Events and RISE – ASCENT Episodic Programming Tapings in many major domestic markets including Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, Orlando and Pittsburgh. RISE has co-promoted Live Events and Talent internationally in The United Kingdom and Japan with partners BELLATRIX Female Warriors and World Wonder Ring STARDOM. In addition, RISE hosts video streaming services of the entire archive of Live Events and Episodic Content, available for $4.99/month at riseascent.com, Apps on iOS and Android Platforms and via twitch.tv/risedtwa.