It was important to RISE to find the right Party Host for PRIDE & JOY Sunday, June 30 in Chicago. We reached out to many potential hosts and received inquiries from even more. We believe we have found TWO ideal Party Hosts, and cannot wait to welcome both to Pro Wrestling’s Ultimate Event of Love and Inclusion.

Your Party Hosts for PRIDE & JOY will be All Elite Wrestling’s Sonny Kiss and “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose!

Everyone at RISE extends our most sincere thanks to the team at AEW for working together with us to make Sonny and Nyla’s involvement in PRIDE & JOY a reality. This event gets a little more special every day!

Tickets are moving fast, faster than any RISE Live Event to date. To get tickets, click here.

PRIDE & JOY will also stream LIVE, worldwide via iPPV on Pre-orders are now up, click here to order.

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Last weekend, Shotzi Blackheart made it known to RISE Management that June 30 at PRIDE & JOY in Chicago, she wishes to defend her Sabotage Wrestling War of Genders Championship. Blackheart has formally issued an open challenge for her title, and that challenge is open to any professional wrestler worldwide.

Shotzi has been one of intergender wrestling’s most vocal supporters, declaring intergender wrestling is about something she values more than all else in professional wrestling – equality.

With an event like PRIDE & JOY, we felt there was no better place for a defense of a title symbolic of equality for all in professional wrestling.

Now, who will answer the call of Shotzi Blackheart? Who will join us June 29 in Chicago, IL at Logan Square Auditorium at Challenge for The War of Genders Championship?

Tickets are available for PRIDE & JOY at

PRIDE & JOY will also stream LIVE on iPPV via


Since the announcement of RISE – PRIDE & JOY June 30 in Chicago, we have heard from an overwhelming amount of people. We have heard from fans from around the world wanting to support in any way possible. We have also received inquiries and demo materials from many LGBTQ wrestling talents from around the globe, each hoping to be part of RISE for this event.

We would LOVE to provide opportunities for as many talents as possible at PRIDE & JOY.

We think there is a bigger picture here, and we want to create more opportunities than just one time at one event. PRIDE & JOY is about much more than “just one pro wrestling show.”

Since our inception, RISE has been able to leave a positive mark on the Women’s Professional Wrestling scene. To date, 172 women have competed in the rings of RISE,  114 were discovered from The Prospective Talent Pools from our World Class Development Seminars. We have been able to discover new talents and give them a platform to learn, grow and showcase their talent to a new audience through an organization that has carefully cultivated a network of partner promotions in a spirit of collaboration over competition.

One goal when we began was simple. Be Better.

That goal has not changed. There is still much opportunity not just for RISE, but ALL of professional wrestling to Be Better.

The time is right to expand the scope of what we do. We will still remain true to our mission of Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes. There is still opportunity for us to do much more.

PRIDE & JOY is not intended to be a one-off event. It is intended to be the beginning of additional focus for RISE. We believe we can leave a positive mark on Professional Wrestling by creating additional opportunities for representation, training, learning and development. We believe we can do this for Pro Wrestling’s LGBTQ Talents throughout the world.

We believe we can Be Better.

We begin June 29 with our World Class Development Seminar with Cassandro el Exótico, open to any and all performers in professional wrestling, more details coming soon.

We hit our first exclamation point June 30 as Pro Wrestling Tees Presents: RISE – PRIDE  & JOY at 5 PM at Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL, streaming LIVE, worldwide via iPPV on

Effective today, 100% of all profits generated from RISE T-Shirt sales through Pro Wrestling Tees will be allocated specifically to our efforts in providing new opportunities for LGBTQ Wrestlers and LGBTQ talent in supporting performance roles. You will find our available selection at

As always, we appreciate your support of RISE.

Every day, you help us stay in business, move forward and provide opportunities.

Every day, you help us Be Better.

RISE Pride Logo.001.jpeg

Sunday, June 30, 2019 following the conclusion of The Chicago Pride Parade, Pro Wrestling Tees presents RISE – PRIDE & JOY starting at 6 PM/5 PM Central, LIVE from Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL, streaming worldwide on iPPV via FITE TV. RISE, largely known for Live Events and Episodic Programming showcasing Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest in Women’s Professional Wrestling, intends to put forth a Professional Wrestling event focused on a culture of inclusiveness. 

RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey had this to say during the company’s initial announcement of PRIDE & JOY in a Live Stream on the company’s Twitch Channel, 


That word means many powerful things to many people.

To our talent and our fans, it has meant making a better environment for Women’s Wrestling, a place to train and develop aspiring women wrestlers. It has meant giving a platform to Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest to pass on knowledge and elevate new talents, building a pipeline of all of professional wrestling.

But the word RISE means so much more to so many communities.

June 30 is one of the the most important days of the year in Chicago for the LGBTQ+ Community. It is a day to come together, to embrace what makes us all different, unique and to unite everyone in one place, with one love. June 30 is one of the largest Pride Parades worldwide, and it happens right here in Chicago. In 2018, an estimated 1 Million people attended or marched in Chicago’s Pride Parade. 

June 30 will be a day without judgment, a day all will truly feel love on the RISE.

June 30, we want to bring our talent and fans together again in Chicago. We want to open our doors, our arms and our hearts to the members of the LGBTQ+ Community in Chicago.

June 30 RISE presents PRIDE & JOY at 5 PM Central from Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL, streaming LIVE Worldwide via iPPV on FITE TV.

This event is not about professional wrestling for RISE. It is about inclusiveness, inclusiveness of all cultures. 

It is about every talent, fan and attendee of this event knowing they are welcome at RISE. 

It is about taking what we do today to make tomorrow better.

For everyone.”

Tickets for PRIDE & JOY are priced at $20-$60 and will be available starting at 1 PM/12 PM Central Friday, April 19. All tickets will be sold through

Announced talent to date appearing at PRIDE & JOY includes Mercedes Martinez, Jamie Senegal, Team Sea Stars: Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo, Jake Atlas, Shotzi Blackheart, Dementia D’Rose and Joey Ryan. Many more talents will be announced in the coming weeks leading up to the event.

To keep up with all information for PRIDE & JOY, please follow RISE on all Social Media platforms @RISEdtwa. Information will also be available on the company website,

Parties interested in advertising and sponsorship opportunities, please email, Subject: P&J Advertising

RISE – Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes, LLC was founded in Summer 2016 as a talent development concept for the globally renown SHIMMER Women Athletes. Several talents featured in RISE have moved on to other globally recognized brands such as SHIMMER, IMPACT Wrestling, All Elite Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment. Based in Naperville, IL, RISE has hosted World Class Development Seminars, Live Events and RISE – ASCENT Episodic Programming Tapings in many major domestic markets including Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, Houston, Orlando and Pittsburgh. RISE has co-promoted Live Events and Talent internationally in The United Kingdom and Japan with partners BELLATRIX Female Warriors and World Wonder Ring STARDOM. In addition, RISE hosts video streaming services of the entire archive of Live Events and Episodic Content, available for $4.99/month at, Apps on iOS and Android Platforms and via


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The Twitch channel is now fully up to date, including the most recent Episodes of RISE – ASCENT and LEGENDARY!


Two major matches have just been signed for RISE – LUMINOUS May 17 in Los Angeles! We can also confirm that LUMINOUS will be available on iPPV via!

We first saw them collide in an opening round matchup of the 2018 Mae Young Classic. May 17, LUMINOUS will see a return match between former Phoenix of RISE Champion, “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez and “The Queen Bee” Madison Rayne! These two revered veterans of the ring surely represent Today’s Best.

Mercedes has not spoken to RISE Management since her loss of The Phoenix of RISE Championship to Kylie Rae at LEGENDARY. We have only received correspondence from her agent to confirm match and travel details. We truly do not know what to make of the lack of communication, but it is most certainly unsettling.

Madison returns to RISE in her first appearance since INSANITY’s Queen vs. Queen match. Rayne lost a very competitive match to Jinny. But, if there’s one thing we know about Madison Rayne, it is that she will continue to evolve, not dwell on actions from the past to strive for relevance in 2019.

And in a showcase of Tomorrow’s Brightest, “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart will take on “SUPERSTAR” Miranda Alize.

At LEGENDARY, did we finally see the emotional breaking point of Shotzi? Shotzi launched a full on attack on Delilah Doom with a chair, then blocked a poison mist attack and ran off “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary with the weapon. Blackheart has been through a great deal at the hands of Rosemary and her friend turned foe in Delilah. With Shotzi effectively throwing that match in a deliberate disqualification, what could that mean for her opponent May 17?

The self-professed “SUPERSTAR” Miranda Alize showed her true colors at the conclusion of LEGENDARY. After her best friend and Wily Smilies tag team partner Kylie Rae defeated Mercedes Martinez in a grueling No Ropes, Submission Only match for The Phoenix of RISE, Miranda entered the ring, seemingly to celebrate. Then, with one cutter, became the most hated woman in Chicago. With Miranda snapping to a point of having to be pulled off by Mercedes Martinez, the recent behaviors of both her and Shotzi have this match has quite high tensions already!

Los Angeles fans, tickets are still available for LUMINOUS and can be ordered at

And for those who cannot be with us in person, we hope to have pre-order information up very soon on!

#Representation Matters

In the past couple days, it has been evident that Kofi winning THE title raised a sense of pride in people’s hearts. This was not just a win for all, but this hit differently for people of color, especially the Black community. As monumental as it was, this caused a ripple effect in taking a closer look at the independent scene of wrestling. There are tons of promotions scattered across the world but the reoccurring theme within most is the lack of representation regarding ethnicity.

This has been shown throughout the history of wrestling, with which the trend seems to continue. Imagine walking into a locker room and being the only one who spoke your language or resembled your features. No one to understand your trials or your culture. This is current life of women wrestlers of color.

The responsibility of addressing this unseen bias does not fall upon women of color but on the promoters themselves. Who among them are willing to step back and take a good look at their roster and make change? Being truthful with not only themselves but with wrestling as a whole and say “we need to do better.”

In 2016 a similar conversation led a company to take ahold of this charge. They challenged the archetype and the comfortability that is held so dear by taking this issue to the forefront, thus the start of RISE Wrestling. Since its inception, diversity has been their top priority. Their seminars have produced a variety of talented wrestlers and they’re consistently establishing new talent.

Recently, they conducted a battle royal named RISE of The Contender. Thirty women entered this bout with hopes of victory however, the true importance goes far deeper than that. The makeup of this match was just as diverse as the background of each contestant. These women, picked predominantly from seminars, hailing from different ethnic backgrounds presented an array of shapes and sizes. Each one given an opportunity to individually stand strong as the women they are.

This emphasis on creating strong roles for women of color is just as imperative as building the space for them. RISE has shown and proved this in numerous ways by taking a stand saying diversity matters, representation matters. As a whole the wrestling community holds the power to yield change by banding together to shatter the glass ceiling, allowing talent to shine through. A chance is all it takes, be the change, close the gap for it truly does matter.

ROTC MAster.005

A new addition to our events March 29 will be Early to RISE – A Women’s Wrestling Mini Convention. Beginning at 3 PM Central Time, fans will enter the Berwyn Eagles Club for a full afternoon of access to talent appearing at LEGENDARY as well as SHIMMER’s weekend tapings.

In addition to being a Meet and Greet without the time and space crunch typical of RISE and SHIMMER Intermissions, we will also have several exclusive behind the scenes moments, interviews and more. On top of all that, we will have several matches showcasing talent from the day’s LEGENDARY Seminar with Gail Kim as well as Seminar Standouts from prior outings!

Matches we can share for now include Allysin Kay taking on AQA and “The Lone Bone” Ray Lyn squaring off with “The Baddest Blackbelt” Janai Kai. Other matches are currently in the works and we are hoping to share ASAP!

For those who cannot make it to Chicago, you may be in luck! We will be streaming many of the events from Early to RISE LIVE on Twitch for FREE! Hosts Alicia Atout and Joshua Shibata will take over our Twitch Channel which you can find at

In addition to hosting Early to RISE, Alicia Atout will be taking over all RISE Social Media, so be sure to follow us on all platforms @RISEdtwa.

Get ready for some fun!

Those who want to be with us in Chicago, tickets are still available for Early to RISE at