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RISE – LEGENDARY emanates from The Berwyn Eagles Club, just outside the city limits of Chicago, IL March 29. The largest roster of Women Wrestlers ever assembled for a single show will put on a Live Event unlike any other, and not just for the fans in Chicago. LEGENDARY will be streamed LIVE, worldwide via iPPV through FITE!

LEGENDARY is available for pre-order now through, FITE Apps on Smartphones and Tablet devices, most Smart TVs, Chromecast, AppleTV, Roku, XBox One, Playstation 4, and Android TV.

You can also order via

LEGENDARY is $14.99 through all sources. Pre-order today and receive $3 Credit for the FITE App.

This is huge for all the reasons you already know, and a few that you do not know. Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest from around the world are truly here March 29 to accomplish nothing short of an event worthy of the name LEGENDARY.

For those of you who can possibly be with us in Chicago at the Live Event, act fast, because we are very near to SOLD OUT. Only a handful of $15 GA Tickets remain at

Help us spread the word. Those who’ve supported us every step of the way, thank you. Now, let us open the world’s eyes upon what we do.

March 29, what we do will be LEGENDARY!


March 29 in Chicago, LEGENDARY will present the largest roster of Women Wrestlers ever assembled for one event LIVE from Chicago. And, as is always the case for RISE World Class Development Seminars, there will be several opportunities on this card for talents selected from The Prospective Talent Pool of Seminar attendees.

LEGENDARY as well as Early to RISE – A Women’s Wrestling Mini-Convention will present many opportunities for matches, but who will those opportunities be given to from our The Pool. Who will join RISE of The Contender? Who might be picked for Kris Wolf’s Meat Friends or Su Yung’s Legion of Undead Brides? Who might be put in other matches throughout the day?

It will surely be someone from the following list:

Jenna Van Muscles

Sophie King

Riley Shepard

Bel Pierce

Danika Della Rouge

Rocky Radley 

Kara Noia


Harlow O’Hara

Avista Varlowe

Angelique Winter Poppaea

Women Wrestlers, based on invoices pending (names not listed here) for this Seminar, we are only 4 seats away from a sellout. To be part of this World Class Development Seminar with IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer Gail Kim as well as RISE Officials on hand, register today at


If there are a few things we love at RISE, providing opportunities for attendees of our World Class Development Seminars and very real, feel-good moments for our performers are pretty high on our list! This Tuesday in Winter Park, Florida at A Nice Day in Orlando, we will have both!

RISE Officials and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley will be identifying talents from our February 19 Seminar to receive opportunities to perform at our RISE – ASCENT Tapings later that night. And, for one Seminar Participant, there will be something more.

One of the performers at RISE – A Nice Day in Orlando will be picked by Mick Foley himself to be part of LEGENDARY March 29 in Chicago, our iPPV showcasing the largest roster of Women Wrestlers ever assembled for a single event! “Mick’s Pick” will be entered into RISE of The Contender, the 30 Woman Battle Royal with the winner receiving a guaranteed shot at The Phoenix of RISE at an event she will be able to name.

True to RISE form, “Mick’s Pick” will not have prior knowledge before they are informed in front of the live audience and cameras. We do not yet know how or where this will happen during the course of Tuesday’s ASCENT Tapings, but it will most certainly be a very special moment for that talent and the fans in Orlando.

“We’ve had some great, organic moments in RISE History. You simply cannot produce moments like the RISE 6 announcement of talents going to Japan or AQA being informed in Houston she was the newest member of the RISE and SHIMMER Rosters, her trainer Booker T setting the stage for the announcement. This will be one of those moments. Mick Foley is, without a doubt, one of the biggest supporters of Women’s Wrestling. An industry icon and, frankly, a hero to many of these young women, at some point in the show will be letting one of them know they are his personal pick to receive future opportunity at the largest stage in RISE history. That is going to be a very special moment indeed,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

Be with us LIVE this Tuesday, February 19 in Winter Park, FL. Only $15 GA Tickets remain at We will also have our Meet and Greet, including Photo Opportunity with the legendary Mick Foley at the conclusion of the ASCENT Tapings. Meet and Greet with Mick Foley is $40 and also available at

Get ready, Florida, because this Tuesday, it will be A Nice Day in Orlando!

March 29, RISE presents LEGENDARY, our first iPPV on FITE with the largest roster of Women Wrestlers ever assembled for a single event. Looking back, it’s pretty crazy to know we have come to this point. But to know how we got here, we have to remember how it all began.

And it all began November 10, 2016 with a World Class Development Seminar and Live Event known as RISE 1 – IGNITE. We could have never guessed where we would go, but we documented where we started.

No one knew what to expect November 10, 2016. Backstage cameras were rolling, but the footage has never seen the light of day.

Until now.

Order your copy of IGNITION on DVD or Blu-ray today, $15 each at


Dust, The First.

The First to sign up for a RISE Seminar. The First one-on-one match on a RISE Live Event (not counting preliminaries from RISE 1). The First RISE Main Event. The First match on ASCENT. The First Phoenix of RISE. The First Guardians of RISE with Paradise Lost.

The only member of the RISE Roster to be part of every event we have held to date.

This Thursday, February 14 at 7 PM EST, Dust becomes The First member of the RISE Roster to have an entire episode of The Process devoted to discussing her time in RISE in full.

LIVE at, we present the latest fully interactive content for our fans, The Process: Fall of an Angel – The RISE of Dust.

Dust and RISE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will recap and recount her journey to date in RISE. Fans will be able to submit questions throughout in the Twitch Chatroom and we will also create a post in our Facebook Fan Group where those who cannot join LIVE will have an opportunity to leave questions in the comments.

And for those who cannot watch LIVE on Twitch, we upload all Episodes of The Process to and the RISE Apps on iOS and Android. We expect this Episode will be available no later than Friday, February 15.

Only two people have been behind the scenes of every RISE Live Event and Tapings, and a lot of ground will be covered here.

Join us LIVE at 7 PM Thursday for The Process: Fall of an Angel – The RISE of Dust at!


We invite fans to join us LIVE on Twitch tomorrow, Saturday, February 9 at 12 PM EST for our latest full interactive episode of The Process entitled RISE 9 and ASCENT – We Almost Scrapped Everything. This topic won our poll earlier today right here at

Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will take fans on a journey through a three to four week period of RISE that, without hyperbole, shook RISE to its core, completely changing nearly all major creative directions, causing us to, well… “We Almost Scrapped Everything!”

To tell this story fully, we will begin about 1-2 weeks prior to RISE 8 – OUTBACK in Los Angeles, RISE 8 itself and the many layers of challenge and change between RISE 8, RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts and the subsequent ASCENT Tapings and the RISE Tour of Japan with STARDOM the following week.

Injuries. Signings. Tryouts. Local government nearly shutting down the shows. Japanese Visa issues. Financial troubles.

And, most of all REWRITES!

Sound like chaos? It’s all part of The Process! And we look forward to sharing it with you LIVE at Saturday at 12 PM EST.

Also joining part of the fun will be 1/2…er 75%…er…one of the marvelous members of Bones of Contention, and one talent whose creative direction was changed several times during The Process, LIVE from JAPAN – Ray Lyn!

Questions will be taken during the LIVE Chat on Twitch. We will also start a question thread in our Fan Group on Facebook.

And for subscribers to and our Apps on iOS and Android, this video will be uploaded by the end of the weekend.

Hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow for The Process: RISE 9 and ASCENT – We Almost Scrapped Everything!


This Saturday, February 9 LIVE on Twitch, RISE will be hosting its next fully interactive episode of our new concept The Process: Looking Into The RISE Creative Process from Paper to Production. This behind the scenes look into RISE will offer context and nearly complete dissection of the creative process of key moments in the company. Learn how we got there…and if that’s even where we intended to go.

And, as we hope you will all learn, a lot goes into The Process, and it is a road with many, many bumps along the way.

Tomorrow, at 12 PM EST, Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will take a deep dive into whatever topic is voted by fans of RISE in our poll below. This Episode will be also be available by the end of the weekend for subscribers at and our Apps on iOS and Android.

Join us tomorrow at where you can learn more about one of these topics: