Shim 11-17 Day 1-1825

What a weekend for Delilah Doom! After sustaining a wrist injury during the RISE 5 -RISING SUN World Class Development Seminar with Madusa and Aja Kong, Delilah became The Third Phoenix of RISE. Not even 24 hours later, Delilah would also win the SHIMMER Tag Team Championship with her Totally Tubular Tag Team partner Leva Bates!

Two landmark moments for Delilah, and truly a landmark moment for RISE.

We take tremendous pride in seeing women discovered through the RISE Program receive opportunities in SHIMMER Women Athletes. To see one of our own move from a member of The Prospective Talent Pool in RISE to titleholder in SHIMMER is a special day indeed.

Congratulations to “The Queen of Aerobics Style” Delilah Doom, Phoenix of RISE Champion AND SHIMMER Tag Team Champion!

Late in the day Monday, we hosted a Facebook Live Video and interactive chat session with fans with several news bites and announcements for this Friday’s RISE 5 – RISING SUN in Berwyn, IL and RISE 6 – BRUTALITY December 1 in South Gate, CA. Not the least of those was a major match announcement made that is sure to get some people talking.

In an Intergender Elimination Tag Team War, we will see Team Lucha Queen, captained by Taya Valkyrie vs. Team Zombie Princess, captained by Jimmy Jacobs! Teams will be either 4-on-4, or 5-on-5. The wild card will be how many people are picked from our World Class Development Seminar earlier in the day facilitated by Cheerleader Melissa, Madusa and Bull Nakano, a Seminar that will be watched very closely by Taya and Jimmy!

“I know this match announcement will rattle some cages, but it’s a necessary step in the evolution of pro wrestling in 2017. I firmly believe there is no dead-set ‘right way’ for independent wrestling to be. It’s a wonderful art that can take many amazing, entertaining forms,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

Both team captains were given one advance choice for a partner, anyone in the world, within reason. Taya was provided the first pick, and joining Team Lucha Queen will be Andrew Everett!

Who will be Jimmy Jacobs pick? We hope to find out soon!

Add this match to an already crazy card that includes Phoenix of RISE Champion Shotzi Blackheart vs. Kris Wolf, SHIMMER Champion Mercedes Martinez vs. World of Stardom and SWA Champion Toni Storm and LuFisto vs. Dust in a Barbed Wire Bat match!

Plus VIP Meet and Greet with Madusa, Bull Nakano and all the stars of RISE!

Tickets, including VIP Meet and Greet and special combo pricing on sale now at Front Row: SOLD OUT, Second Row $25 (12 left as of this writing) and General Admission $10. VIP: $50, save $5 when purchased with Live Event ticket.

RISE 5 Graphics.017

Many calls, texts and emails were exchanged today between the offices of RISE and IMPACT Wrestling. This is a story of collaboration and devoted people working together to truly do what’s right for the most important people in professional wrestling: our wonderful, loyal fans.

IMPACT officials have arranged to send TAYA VALKYRIE to RISE 5 – RISING SUN next Friday, November 10 at the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL!

Working with the team at IMPACT has been nothing but an example of true professionals, openly communicating with a sense of urgency to meet the needs of all sides. The team at RISE has nothing but sincerest thanks to the IMPACT team for their efforts in getting Taya to us on short notice.

Fans will now be treated to the Berwyn debut of Lucha Royalty! But, who will be on Taya Valkyrie’s radar as an opponent? Will she have her eyes on one of the featured talents, or are her eyes set on the many new faces in The Prospective Talent Pool of the RISE 5 World Class Development Seminar?

Find out this Friday night at RISE 5!

Tickets and VIP Meet and Greet on sale now at


Next Friday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL we begin the first of what we hope are many VIP Meet and Greets as part of RISE 5 – RISING SUN. We also have a VIP Meet and Greet on deck as part of RISE 6 – BRUTALITY in South Gate, CA December 1. Due a fair amount of fan inquiries in recent days, we wanted to share with fans what to expect and what is included with VIP Access prior to RISE events.

Both the RISE 5 and RISE 6 VIP Meet and Greets will be headlined by industry legends. RISE 5 will be Madusa and a Joshi Legend. RISE 6 will feature Madusa and Bull Nakano.

The $50 entry fee includes: 1 – 8×10 (provided by RISE) and signed by both legends. 1 – Photo op of your choice. The photo op can be with either Madusa, Joshi Legend (Bull Nakano for California) or both. Madusa will also be bringing her 1990’s WWE Women’s Championship to both RISE 5 and RISE 6, the very title from her infamous incident from WCW Monday Nitro. This title will also be able to part of the 1 included photo op.

Additional items to be signed are allowed, $10 each for up to 3 total additional signatures. Those wishing to have 1 of their own items signed in lieu of the provided 8×10 may do so.

For both our upcoming VIP Meet and Greets, many, many talents will be on hand. Guests in addition to the advertised legends have no additional fees as part of the Meet and Greet. However, talents will have their own merchandise available for purchase and prices are set by the individual talents, paid directly to the talents themselves.

“What we are really going for here is something special, a Meet and Greet with special guests that has a Convention feel, but not convention prices. Compared to just one upcoming convention, a VIP Experience featuring a famous Tag Team is in excess of $400! My hope is to give women’s wrestling fans chances to meet some of their favorite legends of all time and a chance to meet many of today’s top independents. I’m hoping fans will find $50 much more reasonable $350-$400,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

RISE 5’s VIP Meet and Greet features additional Joshi as well as all the advertised talent for RISE 5 – RISING SUN, many SHIMMER stars who will be in town already for SHIMMER Volumes 96-99 and the Prospective Talent Pool from our World Class Development Seminar.

RISE 6 will feature SHIMER Champion Mercedes Martinez, World of Stardom Champion Toni Storm, Kris Wolf, Jimmy Jacobs and many more TBA.

If you have any questions or clarifications on the RISE VIP Meet and Greet experience, please email, subject VIP.

We hope to see you all next week at RISE 5 and December 1 at RISE 6.

VIP Meet and Greet tickets as well as combination pricing with Live Event tickets for both events now on sale at


We’re having a Digital Download sale starting today in our store at that includes the newly released RISE 4 – WARRIORS RISE, our enormous co-production with Bellatrix from Norwich, England!

We know we have many new fans for RISE 5 – RISING SUN and many who may like to see what we’re all about leading into our Live Event Friday, November 10. We want to make sure everyone who wants to catch up on all the goings-on in RISE has the chance to watch all our events to get ready for RISING SUN!

Digital Downloads of RISE 1 – IGNITE, RISE 2 – ASCENT, GAIN 1 – STAND WITH KNIGHTS (Co-ed show, heavily featuring RISE talent and continuous stories), RISE 3 – MEDIC and RISE 4 – WARRIORS RISE are on sale at for $10 each.

Now through November 5, any combination of two Digital Downloads qualifies for savings using these codes:

Any combo of two: $5 off with code 2Pack

Any combo of three: $6 off with code 3Pack

Any combo of four: $7 off with code 4Pack

Our entire five show run: $10 with code 5Pack. That’s one free!

All of our events are also available on DVD and Blu-ray (with the exception of GAIN 1 – STAND WITH KNIGHTS – DVD only), available for shipping worldwide.

Get caught up on all the RISE events and get ready for an amazing show at RISING SUN!

Full Throttle Live.001

Coming December 2 to South Gate, CA, RISE in Association with AWS Promotions and Mauer Sports Nutrition Present: Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE from 2 PM to 4 PM!

Many guests are lining up for this LIVE Podcast recording that promises to entertain, especially given the first guest on the list is Madusa’s legendary rival Bull Nakano! Just imagine the possibilities and stories that might come from the two legends, microphones and a live audience!

With everyone in town for the HUGE RISE and AWS Double Shot and being in the Los Angeles Market, “You never know who might show up!”

Keep your eyes to our websites and social media for further guest announcements!

We are also adding a second VIP Meet and Greet with Madusa, Bull Nakano and more TBA for those who are unable to attend our Friday night event RISE 6 – BRUTALITY. The VIPs will be allowed early entry at 12:30 PM, all others just before 2 PM.

Tickets to attend Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE are $25. VIP Meet and Greet is available as a standalone purchase for $50. Purchase VIP and Podcast admission and save, $70 per combo.

Tickets are on sale now at

We hope to see many of you there. Get ready to learn. Get ready to laugh!

Get ready for Madusa’s Full Throttle LIVE!

October 13 marked our first RISE on the Road standalone Seminar, presented by the wonderful team at Sabotage Wrestling in Austin, Texas. 16 women in all joined Kevin Harvey for a unique Seminar focusing in the areas of Promos and Creating and Engaging Audience Emotion. It was clear after this first outing, we wanted to continue the RISE on the Road Seminars in addition to our World Class Development Seminars preceding RISE Live Events. With very positive reviews coming in from the first round and clear demand for further development, we immediately started planning our next outings.

These Seminars are open to all wrestling talents, not just limited to wresters and are open to both men and women.

Here’s the breakdown on the next two outings of RISE on the Road.

Thursday, January 18, 2018 from 7 PM to 11 PM, we will have RISE on the Road – Atlanta, presented by One Fall Power Factory! This Seminar with Kevin Harvey has a registration fee of $40 with special discounting available for students of One Fall Power Factory. Topics included in this Seminar include, but are not limited to the following:

• Promo 101
• Creating and Engaging Audience Emotion
• Standing Out with Character
To sign up for, please email, Subject: RISE Atlanta.
Then Friday, January 19, 2018 from 12 PM to 4 PM, RISE on the Road returns to Austin, once again presented by Sabotage! This Seminar with Kevin Harvey has a registration fee of $40 with special discounting available for all wrestlers and crew from Sabotage. Topics will be focused in the following areas:
• Standing Out with Character
• Keeping Control with In-Ring Promos
• Going Further with Creating and Engaging Audience Emotion
To sign up, please email, Subject RISE Texas.
We look forward to seeing familiar faces once again, and hopefully meeting many new ones in our Atlanta debut and our return to Texas!