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Tonight at 9 PM EST, weekly women’s wrestling is back on Twitch! This week, it’s RISE – ASCENT, Episode 2 – Tessa Blanchard vs. Britt Baker! On deck for tonight…

Nevaeh with Jessicka Havok vs. Tasha Steelz

Ray Lyn with Karen Q vs. “Double D” Dementia D’Rose

Main Event: Non-Title Match – IWC Women’s Champion Britt Baker vs. Tessa Blanchard

Plus: Flight of The Phoenix – A Video Profile on Former Phoenix of RISE Champion, Shotzi Blackheart. Alicia Atout interviews Phoenix of RISE Delilah doom and more!

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Tonight is a very special night for Women’s Wrestling fans and all of us at RISE. Tonight is the night Women’s Wrestling has its own FREE weekly program Wednesdays at 8 PM EST on Twitch!

We kick things off with RISE – ASCENT, Episode 1 – Kimber Lee vs. Shotzi Blackheart! Episode 1 kicks off our road to RISE 8 – OUTBACK, which will stream for FREE on Twitch September 9 at 8 PM EST!

Episode 1 features Tag Team action as Paradise Lost, Heart of SHIMMER Champion Dust and Raven’s Ash with mentor, “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary take on Kate Carney and Riley Shepard

Viewers will also see the first of our stellar video packages from Associate Producer, Jimmy Long. Tonight, see Flight of The Phoenix – A Video Profile on Phoenix of RISE Champion Delilah Doom!

In singles action, RISE Original “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo faces 2018 Mae Young Classic Competitor, Xia Brookside.

And in the Main Event, “The Crown Jewel” Kimber Lee faces “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart.

Join us tonight! Help us spread the word on Social Media so we can show as many fans worldwide as possible, they do not need to wait for women to have their own weekly wrestling platform. It is already here! Let’s chat it up using hashtag #RISEASCENT!

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Beginning Wednesday, August 8 at 9 PM Eastern, 8 PM Central, RISE will stream the first five episodes of RISE – ASCENT for FREE at! These five episodes each Wednesday will build to a special event Sunday, September 9 beginning at 8 PM Eastern, 7 PM Central when we will stream RISE 8 – OUTBACK, also at!

“This is a critical time for RISE to grow our fanbase worldwide. There is more chatter than ever from fans asking for a weekly platform for women’s wrestling, and we need to let as many people as possible know we have been and are doing just that,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

In an effort to gauge global interest and viability of long-term success, we will begin with Episodes 1-5 and build up to the special presentation of RISE 8 – OUTBACK September 9. Our goal is to reach more new fans than ever while still protecting the interests of our loyal subscriber bases of and The newest episodes of RISE – ASCENT will still be available exclusively to subscribers of each platform.

Coming up next Wednesday on Episode 1 of RISE – ASCENT:

Paradise Lost, the team of Raven’s Ash and Dust with Rosemary vs. Kate Carney and Riley Shepard

Flight of The Phoenix: A Video Profile on Phoenix of RISE Champion Delilah Doom

Alicia Atout interviews Kimber Lee

“The Fallen Flower” Kikyo vs. Xia Brookside

Alicia Atout interviews Shotzi Blackheart

Main Event: Kimber Lee vs. Shotzi Blackheart

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We’ll see everyone Wednesdays starting August 8 at 9 PM Eastern!



We have spent a great deal of time today making some highly requested enhancements and improvements to our streaming platform, This site is not only home to new episodes of RISE – ASCENT every Wednesday, but also our entire video archive of past events.

We have now added chapter markers for all matches, interviews, segments and video packages. Now, for fans seeking specific wrestlers or teams, navigating the site will be easier than ever! Want to binge on Rosemary or Toni Storm matches? Simply type their names into the search field and click “chapters” and have every match at your fingertips.

Also, development is nearly complete for RISE – ASCENT Apps for both Android and iOS platforms, putting RISE on the vast majority of smartphones and tablets on the market! Once development has finished, we merely await the approval processes and RISE should be in App Stores worldwide!

A bit further down the road, we are in pre-development phases that will bring RISE – ASCENT to Apple TV and Roku devices.

Soon, RISE will be available on virtually all internet-connected devices!

Happy searching, and happy streaming, all via!


What is RISE?

What will its place be in the history books?

What value does it add to the here and now as well as the future of professional wrestling?

Let’s take a look at the last seven days…

Friday, July 6 we held a World Class Development Seminar in Villa Park, IL with Saraya Knight, one of the most revered talents from the United Kingdom, matriarch of the famed Knight Dynasty. For a small, but mighty group in suburban Chicago, a full day of training was held, making one of wrestling’s brilliant minds from a world away available right here in their backyard. For those in attendance, they were schooled in the ins and outs of British Strong Style Wrestling and received an educational opportunity like no other. One attendee would go on to make her in-ring debut for RISE at the weekend’s ASCENT Tapings. Another would have her first opportunity to be part of the performance in front of live audiences at both RISE 9 and RISE – ASCENT.

Saturday, July 7, after much challenge and change in the days and hours leading into the event, we teamed with IMPACT Wrestling to present a Live Stream on Twitch, putting our brand of entertainment in front of more eyes than have ever seen our product before. All talents delivered above and beyond what were already high expectations. The First Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions were crowned in the form of Paradise Lost, Raven’s Ash and Dust with their mentor Rosemary in their corner. And the night ended with Tessa Blanchard, competing for the second time in one night, this time in a 30 Minute Iron Woman Match with Mercedes Martinez. After going the distance, Tessa, Undeniable and standing tall, was The Fourth Phoenix of RISE Champion. The VOD is already among the most-watched videos on IMPACT’s Twitch Channel. Can we set a new record?

Sunday, July 8, we taped seven episodes of RISE – ASCENT. One of our boldest moves, one that may perhaps prove to have been overly ambitious, but something we are not letting go. What this weekly platform has already meant and can possibly mean for women’s wrestling and the development of its talent is too profound, and we have all fought to keep the show alive. What fans saw at these tapings was already an amazing several weeks of content. What was shot before and after the in-ring action adds even more value, tells so much more story. We indeed saw the ascent of several key talents, twists and turns in character evolution and even said farewell to one of our own.

Thursday, July 12, four women who once took a chance on a Seminar concept called RISE landed in Tokyo, Japan, readying for their first tours with World Wonder Ring STARDOM, considered by most to be the top women’s wrestling promotion in the country.

And just minutes away from this writing, The Second Phoenix of RISE, “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart makes her worldwide television debut on IMPACT Wrestling on POP TV.

This is what our team has been able to do with one week.

Our work has to continue.

It must continue.

We continue to fight to ensure we will go on.

And we cannot do this without spreading the word of RISE, reaching as many fans out there as we can.

Help us.

Share the word of RISE.

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Tonight, we take a giant leap into the next step in our evolution.

And we continue to need your help and support.

We’ve made a lot of noise in under two years as a company.

And it’s time we made a little more…


2018 saw the beginning of The Tag Team Awakening, but were we prepared for what we have awakened? Paradise Lost, Raven’s Ash and Dust, guided by “The Demon Assassin” Rosemary are The First Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions.

RISE 8 – OUTBACK saw four tag team matches June 29 in Los Angeles with the winning four teams advancing to the Four Corners Elimination Match at RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts July 7 in Chicago. Wily Smilies defeated Nicole Matthews and Ayokah Muhara (substituted from the Seminar for the ill Madison Eagles). Team Blue Nation defeated The  Killer Baes. Britt Baker of Fire and Nice, with her partner Chelsea Green unable to appear due to personal obligations, was able to defeat Bones of Contention. And Paradise Lost took the victory over Fight for Evers.

Kylie Rae and Miranda Alize were ready.

Jessica Troy and Charli Evans were ready.

Chelsea Green and Britt Baker were ready, but for entirely different scenarios…

Raven’s Ash, Dust and Rosemary were ready.

Live on IMPACT on Twitch, all four teams made their way to the ring and fought in a contest that truly showcased some of the very best tag teams in wrestling, all vying to lay claim to being the first-ever Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions.

In an absolutely shocking turn of events, Britt Baker seemed to be on the ready to assist Chelsea Green with what would have been a second spectacular dive for the night. The dive was not to be. Instead, Chelsea was leveled with a superkick from her own tag team partner. As Baker walked away from the ring, her actions and expressions leaving more questions than answers, Team Blue Nation was able to score the double team and the pinfall, eliminating Fire and Nice.

The remaining three teams engaged in further battle. In time, Kylie Rae was able to apply a crossface submission to Jessica Troy, securing the tapout and elimination of Team Blue Nation.

In a rematch from RISE 7 – SENSATION, the match was down to Wily Smilies and Paradise Lost.Kylie and Miranda put up a valiant effort, finally able to topple the towering Raven’s Ash. However, the foul demon lurking on the outside pulled Kylie Rae out of the ring, followed by Rosemary jettisoning Kylie into the ringside guardrail.

Miranda Alize, unable to overcome the numbers disadvantage, was met with Eden’s End.

Paradise Lost was met with the taste of victory, Dust pinning Alize, making Paradise Lost The First Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions.

And now, what is to come? Rosemary has guided her proteges at every pass to lead to the destruction. Want, Take, Have…and in the interest of ensuring RISE will FALL.

What happens next as Rosemary and her loyal followers Raven’s Ash and Dust have more control than ever before?

Do we have Guardians of RISE? Or, have we met the Guardians of Hell’s Gate itself?

We offer congratulations to the new champions. Admittedly, we are apprehensive about what this victory and hold over the titles will mean for the future of the RISE Tag Team Division.

See how it all went down…RIGHT HERE!


Unpredictable… Unbelievable… Undeniable!!! At the conclusion of RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts, Tessa Blanchard stood tall in Naperville, IL, proudly raising the title for all to see, having become The Fourth Phoenix of RISE Champion!

A series of unfortunate events sent shockwaves through our entire company. A broken ankle following RISE 8 – OUTBACK took then-Phoenix of RISE Champion Delilah Doom out of RISE 9 and the Main Event Iron Woman Match against number one contender, Shotzi Blackheart. Delilah willingly relinquished The Phoenix of RISE Championship for a new champion to be crowned in her absence.

Management made the decision to insert Mercedes Martinez into the Iron Woman Match following her win in the Four Way Elimination Match with Shazza McKenzie, Kris Wolf and Kimber Lee at RISE 8. However, the rematch from RISE 2 – ASCENT between Martinez and Blackheart was not to be.

Friday, July 6, Shotzi Blackheart also suffered a broken ankle, taking her out of the Main Event of RISE 9 and for the foreseeable future.

Coming into RISE 9, Mercedes was seemingly without an opponent for the vacant Phoenix of RISE. Martinez cast doubt upon the claims of injury by Doom and Blackheart and demanded referee Brandon Tolle present her with the title as no one had stepped up to face her.

Enter: Tessa Blanchard.

After already coming out victorious in the opening contest of RISE 9 against Kris Wolf, Blanchard was ready and willing to go once more. Tessa revealed that she had put her name to the contract for the Iron Woman Match to crown The Phoenix of RISE.

“You do undertsand, mamita, that this is an Iron Woman Match,” asked Martinez.

“Listen here, Mercedes. I know EXACTLY what I signed up for,” replied Blanchard…with a swift forearm to the jaw, and we were off!

After 29 of the most grueling minutes of action we have seen in RISE to date and the score tied 1-1, Martinez set Blanchard on the corner buckle, scouting a top rope Fisherman Buster as a death blow to end the match. Tessa was able to fight Mercedes off, sending her to the mat seconds before connecting with the Magnum, then was exhaustedly barely able to roll Mercedes to put Martinez’s shoulders to the mat.

The referee’s hand counted three with one second left on the clock.

After wrestling nearly 45 minutes in total for the day, Tessa Blanchard defeated Mercedes two falls to one to become The Phoenix of RISE Champion!

Congratulations, Tessa Blanchard!

“No one could have seen this coming. The situation coming into the Main Event was terrible for so many reasons. The situations with Delilah and Shotzi had so many of us down, heartbroken for our girls. In a clutch hitting situation if there ever was one, Mercedes Martinez and Tessa Blanchard put on one of the best professional wrestling matches I have ever had the honor to witness. Win, lose or draw, BOTH proved beyond a shadow of doubt they are absolutely exemplary women of the RISE mantra of presenting Today’s Best, Tomorrow’s Brightest,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

And YOU can see how it all happened right now…RIGHT HERE!!!


Many have asked, and after dealing with some pressing issues the last few days, we can finally announce both the VIP Meet and Greet and Official Afterparty for RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts this Saturday, July 7 in Naperville, IL!

At RISE 9, we will open doors for VIPs at 6 PM. VIPs will receive their wristbands at the door. VIPs will be entitled to an in-ring photo with the roster of RISE 9 and 1 free DVD or Blu-ray from the merchandise table. After moving through the VIP line, talent will be available for photos and merchandise individually. Cost for this VIP Meet and Greet is $30 per person.

Due to the live stream on Twitch, we will be unable to take an intermission during the course of RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts.

For those unable to make the VIP Meet and Greet who would still like the chance to meet talent and purchase merchandise, we have landed an official afterparty taking place immediately following the conclusion of RISE 9.

Draft Picks of Naperville will be the scene, located at 523 Fairway Drive practically next door to Illinois Basketball Academy, just before the traffic light at Route 59 and North Aurora.  For information on the afterparty venue, please visit their website: RISE 9 will have a relatively early conclusion compared to past RISE events, so there should be ample time for the afterparty.

RISE – ASCENT Tapings July 8 will have a full intermission. RISE – ASCENT features all talents from RISE 9 and adds Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh to the mix as well.

To secure your VIP Wrist Bands and tickets for RISE 9 and RISE – ASCENT Tapings, please visit


Last night at RISE 8 – OUTBACK in South Gate, CA, Phoenix of RISE Champion Delilah Doom defended the title against former Champion, Shotzi Blackheart. In an all-out war that saw action spill everywhere inside and outside of the ring, the twenty-minute time limit expired. Both competitors wanted five more minutes, fans chanted for five more minutes. Five more minutes were granted, followed by an immediate onslaught by Paradise Lost and Rosemary, causing the match to be thrown out.

Delilah will once again defend The Phoenix of RISE against Shotzi Saturday, July 7 in Naperville, only this time, they have received more time as requested as these two women will compete in a 30-Minute Iron Woman Match!

Last night, things heated up once more between The Second and Third Phoenix of RISE.


A battle rich in history, The Knockouts Title shall be contested as The Creation defends against The Creator. IMPACT Knockouts Champion “The Bloody Undead Bride” Su Yung defends against The Godmother of RISE, Saraya Knight in a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH!

Those familiar with the sordid past between these two women know this match will be something to be hold…from the absolutely safest possible distance away.


RISE 8 set the stage for much to happen at RISE 9, including this Four Corners Elimination match to crown the first-ever Guardians of RISE Tag Team Champions!

Paradise Lost with Rosemary defeated Fight for Evers

Team Blue Nation defeated The Killer Baes

Wily Smilies defeated Nicole Matthews and Ayoka Muharah (Matthews selection from the Seminar to replace Madison Eagles).

Britt Baker defeated Bones of Contention, allowing Fire and Nice to advance to the final!img_1529

Tessa Blanchards is Undeniable. Kris Wolf is Born in America, Made in Japan. These two are no strangers to one another. Today of today’s brightest lock horns one more time at RISE of The Knockouts!img_1527

They have met before, but this time circumstances are much different. Allie has seen much change and great success, recently winning the Knockouts Championship. Mercedes Martinez has put herself back on the winning track at RISE 8, defeating Kris Wolf, Shazza McKenzie and Kimber Lee in a Four Way Elimination Match. With the momentum of each woman coming into this event, who will be the one who finds victory?


One of the most decorated Knockouts in IMPACT History, Madison Rayne comes to RISE. With a rich history of competition in the Chicago Area, this is a homecoming of sorts for Rayne. Her opponent at RISE 9 will be “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo. Though Kikyo has been a cornerstone of RISE events and as familiar to our audience, she is a relative unknown to IMPACT fans and possibly to Madison Rayne. But, is that to Kikyo’s advantage?


Due to illness, Madison Eagles was unable to travel to the United States. We wish her the best in a speedy recovery as nothing will ever trump the importance of the well being of our talent.

This match will now be a one on one contest between Kimber Lee and Shazza McKenzie. In the Four Way Elimination Match at RISE 8, Kimber found herself eliminated by Shazza. Kimber stayed and ringside and waited for the opportune time to attach Shazza, opening the door of opportunity for Mercedes Martinez to score the elimination. These two meet with bad blood already starting to boil between them.img_1532

Red hot at the situation and with one another (per usual) after a loss to the solo Britt Baker of Fire and Nice, the Bones of Contention are looking to get mack into immediate title contention for the Guardians of RISE. Could they do so with a victory over the Holidead and Thunder Rosa, Twizted Sisterz? The most requested Tag Team since the announcement of The Tag Team Awakening is finally together in RISE. Find out just how wild these two teams can get July 7!

And in other matches for our RISE – ASCENT Tapings (many more matches will be happening…likely a total of 24-26 in all July 8)…


Due to absence due to illness, Madison Eagles is unable to be at RISE – ASCENT, taking her place in this match will be Madison Rayne! (Graphic change pending…still on the road in Los Angeles)deonnavskyliehavokvsallietbnvssisterzbonesvstbnmercedesvsmiranda