We have received many inquiries the last two weeks asking specifically if RISE 10 – INSANITY will be streamed live Friday, October 19. For reasons we cannot fully discuss, we are unable to stream this particular event live due to the unique combination of talent we have assembled for this card.


We will have the full Live Event of RISE 10 – INSANITY available for purchase through riseascent.com and our Apps on iOS and Android nearly immediately following the conclusion of the Main Event. We will be uploading a Live Edit of RISE 10 including commentary before we leaving the Berwyn Eagles Club. This Live Edit will be available for purchase for $9.99.

Within a few days, a full, post-produced edit will be available, including a more detailed edit of the Live Event and all backstage interviews and vignettes filmed throughout the day, telling the most complete story of RISE 10 – INSANITY will be available through riseascent.com and our Apps on iOS and Android. This version of RISE 10 will also be available on DVD and Blu-ray through pipeline.ecwid.com and smartmarkvideo.com.

With the matches already announced and several not yet finalized, we fully expect fans and industry insiders to consider this event “can’t-miss.” We are making every effort possible to bring this to fans worldwide in the most timely manner given live streaming or broadcast is not an option.

The Live Edit will not be included in the RISE – ASCENT monthly subscription, however, the final, complete edit will be in time.

We are looking to make a big noise and turn some heads this Friday in Berwyn, IL! If you want to see it LIVE, act fast. If you can get to Chicago, we are down to our last few tickets and VIP passes at pipeline.ecwid.com!

David Arquette is unable to appear at RISE 10 – INSANITY this Friday, October 19 in Berwyn, IL. David sends his apologies along with news for RJ City as well as fans in the video above.

A large part of the tumultuous team of Arquette City’s working arrangement centered around David’s promise to RJ of an appearance on a talk show. It would appear from this video David will make good on this promise and has booked RJ City on a talk show that will be happening in the ring at RISE 10.

RJ City will still be competing, but who will the partner be? Who will the opponents be? Many in The Lethal Lottery of Ladies have withdrawn their names with the prospect of getting their hands on David Arquette being off the table. What match will be made in the wake of these changes?

We look forward to finding out the answers to many of these questions at RISE 10!

For fans who purchased VIP Passes that included Photos Ops with David Arquette, RISE is providing the following options and accommodations.

For fans who purchased VIP Option 2: 

You may either substitute Option 1, the in-ring photo op with the stars of RISE. Or, upon request, we will be offering full refunds on Option 2 purchases only.

For fans who purchased VIP Combo:

You may substitute two free individual DVDs or Blu-rays from the merchandise table or one two-disc set. Or, upon request, we will offer a partial refund of $20 on VIP Combo purchases only as the in-ring photo with the stars of RISE will still happen as planned.

If you wish to pursue a refund, please email kevin@wrestlingpipeline.com, Subject VIP Refund.


Tickets for RISE 10 – INSANITY are quickly running out, as are passes for the RISE 10 VIP Experience starting at 6 PM. What many people are excited for are the special tapings of RISE – ASCENT that start off with matches exclusive for VIPs. We have a lot of talent confirmed, and even more we have not even announced yet!

Those scheduled to appear, in addition to some members of The Prospective Talent Pool from the RISE 10 Seminar, include:


Ray Lyn

Shazza McKenzie

Indi Hartwell


Leva Bates

Team Blue Nation

Zoe Lucas

and many more!

We also have at least one additional, international talent who will be making their RISE debut at these ASCENT Tapings. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out!

Get your Tickets and VIP Passes today at pipeline.ecwid.com.

screen shot 2018-10-10 at 6.50.01 pm

RISEascent.com and our Apps on iOS and Android are now much more than just a monthly subscription service. As many know, for $4.99 per month, fans have access to the entire archive of RISE – Live Events as well as RISE – ASCENT Weekly Episodes. We now have several additional options available.

For those interested in purchasing Digital Downloads, we have moved all online Digital Download sales to riseascent.com and iOS and Android Apps. RISE Live Events are all $9.99 each, individual episodes of RISE – ASCENT are $3.99.

And for those who may want to take RISE Live Events or individual episodes of RISE – ASCENT for more of a test drive, we also have the option of Rentals. RISE Live Events are available to rent for $2.99, RISE – ASCENT Weekly Episodes are $1.99. All Rentals allow 24 hours of access.

New RISE content is added weekly. The site and Apps also feature content from our friends at AAW Pro in Chicago, Bar Wrestling in Los Angeles, Rogue Women Warriors in Pennsylvania and Women’s Wrestling Network. Even more friends are soon to join the fun. We also have exclusive, original programming beginning soon, including The Process with Kevin Harvey and Jimmy Jacobs, a behind the scenes look at the creation and management of RISE Live Events and ASCENT Tapings and RISE of an Independent – IGNITION, a behind the scenes look at RISE 1 – IGNITE.

However you like to acquire Digital Videos of RISE, you now have all your familiar options as well as a few new ones today at riseascent.com and RISE – ASCENT The App for iOS and Android!

Digital Downloads will no longer be available in our company store pipeline.ecwid.com effective October 14.


We have decided to continue our DVD and Blu-ray sale through the end of RISE 10 and SHIMMER 105-108 Weekend. All individual DVDs and Blu-rays are $10 each, 2-Disc Sets $20. This sale includes our newest releases RISE 8 – OUTBACK, RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts and the soon-to-be-released RISE – ASCENT: The Naperville Collection, Episodes 7-14.

“A number of fans inquired about being able to buy DVDs and Blu-rays at this pricing during the upcoming weekend of the events, and it just did not seem fair to not provide our best pricing on DVDs and Blu-rays to fans attending our upcoming Live Events,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

All DVD and Blu-ray pricing is reflected now at pipeline.ecwid.com. Our fans worldwide can take advantage of this pricing too. Our discs are not region specific and we ship everywhere! All shipping will be calculated automatically in your cart before placing the order.

Ordering in advance and selecting pickup is also an option for fans attending the upcoming Chicago RISE and SHIMMER events. For fans wanting events before RISE 6, ordering in advance is advised as limited copies of RISE 1-5 will be available at the Live Event. Also, RISE 1 – IGNITE and RISE 2 – ASCENT will be out of print when current supplies run out. As of this writing, we only have 3 Blu-ray copies of RISE 2 remaining.

We hope our collectors of physical media enjoy the savings!


Now available for pre-order at pipeline.ecwid.com, RISE – ASCENT: The Naperville Collection, Episodes 7-14. This collection is available as a two disc DVD or Blu-ray set. Episodes 7-13 were the aftermath of RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts and saw many pivotal moments for RISE.

We hear from The Fourth Phoenix of RISE Tessa Blanchard for the very first time after her victory of Mercedes Martinez in the epic 30 Minute Iron Woman Match at RISE 9. We also see the first few defenses of The Phoenix by Tessa against the likes of Madison Rayne and Miranda Alize.

We see the historic first defense of The Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships as Paradise Lost with Rosemary faced Twizted Sisterz.

This collection also sees us bid farewell to one of the most prominent members of our team, Deonna Purrazzo.

And much, MUCH more, including the Bonus Episode 14 featuring Dust, Kylie Rae and Britt Baker in Japan!

We have also decided to extend our DVD and Blu-ray sale until the end of RISE 10 and SHIMMER 105-108 Weekend. This will INCLUDE RISE – ASCENT: The Naperville Collection! $20 for either DVD or Blu-ray sets!

Pre-order today and attendees of RISE 10 and SHIMMER 105-108 can pick up at the Live Events. All other orders ship no later than October 23.

Order today at pipeline.ecwid.com.

Episode 7 – New Phoenix, New Guardians

Highlight Photos from the Iron Woman Match at RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts between Tessa Blanchard and Mercedes Martinez
Hear for the first time from The Fourth Phoenix of RISE Tessa Blanchard, and her words are likely to stir some fires in the RISE locker room!
Saraya Knight vs. “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo
“Why, Britt, Why?” A Special Paredyse Productions video package taking at look at the shocking turn of events at RISE 9 with Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.


The First-Ever Defense of The Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships: Paradise Lost

with Rosemary face Twizted Sisterz!

Episode 8 – Fire vs. Nice

Jessicka Havok with Nevaeh vs. Allie
Valentina Loca vs. Mercedes Martinez
Britt Baker vs. Chelsea Green
Plus we hear from Madison Rayne on her upcoming Phoenix of RISE Title Match against Tessa Blanchard


Episode 9 – A Diamond’s First Defense

Miranda Alize vs. Shazza McKenzie
Alicia Backstage with Allie
Bones of Contention vs. Team Blue Nation
Alicia Backstage with Phoenix of RISE Champion Tessa Blanchard
Phoenix of RISE Championship: Tessa Blanchard defends against Madison Rayne


Episode 10 – Farewell, Virtuosa

Twizted Sisterz vs. Team Blue Nation
Alicia Backstage with Bones of Contention
Nevaeh with Jessicka Havok vs. Kris Wolf
Allie Finds the Perfect Partner
Kylie Rae vs. Deonna Purrazzo


Episode 11 – The Search for Tito

Alicia In-Ring Interview with Kylie Rae
Backstage with Guardians of RISE Paradise Lost with Rosemary
Kikyo vs. Chelsea Green
Aftermath from Last Week’s Farewell to Deonna Purrazzo
Backstage with Allie and Kris Wolf
Kimber Lee vs. Shazza McKenzie


Episode 11 – Bones of #1 Contention

Cold Open – Killer Death Machines and Allie and Saraya Knight
Britt Baker vs. Rockelle Vaughn
Alicia Backstage with Phoenix of RISE Champion Tessa Blanchard
The Killer Death Machines vs. Allie and Saraya Knight
Alicia Backstage with Mercedes Martinez
Main Event: Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championships – Champion Paradise Lost (Raven’s Ash and Dust) with Rosemary vs. Bones of Contention (Karen Q and Ray Lyn)
Plus Deonna Purrazzo!


Episode 13 – The Phoenix, The Wolf’s Head and The Broken Arm

IMPACT Knockouts Champion Su Yung vs. Kris Wolf

Alicia Backstage with Deonna Purrazzo
Mercedes Martinez vs. Deonna Purrazzo
Alicia Backstage with Miranda Alize and Kylie Rae
Phoenix of RISE Champion Tessa Blanchard defends against Miranda Alize with Kylie Rae


Episode 14 – 上昇

Dust vs. AZM

Kylie Rae vs. Shiki Shibusawa vs. Tam Nakano
Britt Baker vs. Natsuko Tora

screen shot 2018-05-22 at 8.47.52 pm

The last few weeks, we have seen more new content on riseacent.com as well as our Apps on iOS and Android. RISE 8 – OUTBACK and RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts quickly became the top streaming videos on the site. We have also seen new content made available by our friends at Rogue Women Warriors and Bar Wrestling this week. We have even seen the newest Episodes of RISE – ASCENT resume with Episode 15 – Feels Like Home.

Today, we announce a new, original program: The Process. In this video series, exclusive to our streaming service, Writers and Executive Producers Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Harvey take you along their journey in all facets of what goes into the creation of a weekly, episodic platform and how those episodes build to larger scale RISE Live Events. Some installments will be retrospective, others will be filmed during the actual creative process of RISE – ASCENT Episodes and RISE Live Events. This will be an unprecedented behind the scenes look into the tireless work that goes into RISE weeks before fans enter the venue.

In the first installment, we will take a retrospective look at the intense struggles at all levels of RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts and subsequent tapings of RISE – ASCENT Episodes 7 – 13. Find out how crunch time decisions were made. Find out what might have happened had injuries not plagued the roster. Find out just how close the company came to closing its doors the week leading into RISE 9 and why.

Later this fall, we look forward to bringing you The Process, Part One – Kicked Out at Two.


As all fans and Seminar attendees of RISE 10 – INSANITY know, SHIMMER Original Rain will be on hand to lend her perspective in Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes. It is also well known Rain will be competing at the Live Event of RISE 10 against an opponent of her choosing from The Prospective Talent Pool. But, there is one small detail that has not been announced until today.

Rain is now part owner of Unify Championship Entertainment, a professional wrestling promotion in Honolulu, Hawaii. And she is coming to RISE 10 to begin scouting female talents to possibly receive future opportunities with UCE!

“Part of what has always made RISE Special for Prospective Talents are not just the immediate opportunities from our Seminars and Live Events, but also those opportunities that may come with networking and time. Rain and I have been in close contact for the last few months, knowing there could be eventual opportunities for women wrestlers in Hawaii. That time will be coming soon, after she scouts talents at RISE 10,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

Women wrestlers, due to cancellations, we have three seats open in our October 19 Seminar with SHIMMER Originals Rain, Mercedes Martinez, Lexie Fyfe and Cheerleader Melissa. Register today at rise-wrestling.com/seminar.

For more information on UCE, please visit ucewrestling.com.

Ecwid DVD Collection.002

Starting today through Sunday, all individual RISE DVD and Blu-Ray releases are $10 each, two-disc sets have been reduced to $20 as well! For those who plan on attending RISE 10 – INSANITY October 19 in Berwyn, IL, buy now to take advantage of the sale and pick up at the show to save even more shipping!

This sale includes all releases available on physical media to date, including newest releases RISE – ASCENT: The Pittsburgh Collection (two-disc set), RISE 8 – OUTBACK and RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts.

Order today and save at the company store: pipeline.ecwid.com!


Due to production delays on this week’s RISE – ASCENT, Episode 15, we are adding new, supplemental content tonight to riseascent.com as well as our Apps on iOS and Android. We are calling this installment RISE – ASCENT, Supplemental – Prelims and The Second Phoenix. This release includes a very important match from our history, never before seen through RISE Channels – Shotzi Blackheart defeating (at the time Angel) Dust to become The Second Phoenix of RISE at AIW Girls’ Night Out 19, filmed March 11, 2017.

What was considered by some at the time to be an upset proved to be the beginning of the longest reign with The Phoenix of RISE Championship to date!

In this installment are the Preliminary Matches from RISE 3, 5 and 7. Matches include…

From RISE 3: Sierra vs. Laynie Luck, Stefany Sinclair vs. Aja Perara and Dementia D’Rose vs. Dynamite DiDi.

From RISE 5: Drew Renee, Londyn Ali and Savannah Stone vs. Paloma Starr, Samara and Trixie Tash, Indi Hartwell vs. Hyan and Layne Rosario vs. LuFisto.

From RISE 7: Jenna Van Muscles vs. Laynie Luck and Robyn Reid vs. Tesha Price.

And, in the Main Event of this outing, The First Phoenix of RISE Angel Dust defends against Shotzi Blackheart in a match never before seen by the majority of RISE fans!

Try riseascent.com or our iOS and Android Apps FREE for 7 Days, $4.99 monthly subscription after trial.