Tonight at 8 PM ET we present The RISE of Visibility LIVE on Twitch! Watch along with several RISE talents as we showcase some of the amazing matches featuring LGBTQ+ athletes who’ve competed in our rings! Don’t miss the fun, streaming TOTALLY FREE at

We will also have a special debut of sorts. Since we are unable to debut new talents at Live Events in the current state of the world, we will be joined by Sydney, Australia’s “Samoan Diva” Jason Dewherst. Jason will be part of our panel and has provided a match to make a first impression on the fans of RISE!

We have a number of guests confirmed, and that list may grow. We have a few who may be down to the wire if they will be able to join. Joining Kevin in the video conference will be “The Punk Rock Kween” Jamie Senegal, “Reel Catch” Ashley Vox, “The Murder Queen” Sophie King, “Black Sexcellence” Devon Monroe and the monstrous Parrow!

Here is the rundown for tonight’s watch along content:

Effy Draws The Line – from PRIDE & JOY

“The Samoan Diva” Jason Dewherst vs. Candy Lee from IPW New Zealand

“The Murder Queen” Sophie King vs. “The Sorceress of Sin” Elayna Black from Regional Rising Stars Tournament – The Midwest Bracket

Effy has an offer for Parrow from Regional Rising Stars Tournament – The Midwest Bracket

Effy vs. “Black Sexcellence” Devon Monroe from Regional Rising Stars Tournament – The Midwest Bracket

#1 Contenders’ Match for The Guardians of RISE Tag Team Championship – Team Sea Stars, Ashley Vox and Delmi Exo vs. Team Blue Nation, Charli Evans and Jessica Troy with Zoe Lucas from LEGENDARY.

Diva’s Match – “The Punk Rock Kween” Jamie Senegal vs. Candy Lee from LA ESCALERA

Through The Door, 6 Person Doors Elimination Match – “Superstar” Jake Atlas vs. “Black Sexcellence” Devon Monroe vs. “The Sorceress of Sin” Elayna Black vs. Big Mama vs. “The Punk Rock Kween” Jamie Senegal vs. “Hell’s Favorite Harlot” Priscilla Kelly from PRIDE & JOY.

MAIN EVENT – “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez vs. Cassandro el Exótico from PRIDE & JOY.

Kylie Rae-2

Coming soon to RISE’s Channel on Twitch, a new kind of programming that’s one part historic matches of the Episode Subjects, one part shoot interview/podcast, one part fan Q&A, 100% interactive. In the very near future, we rollout The RISE of… Series!

In this Series, we will recap memories and behind the scenes, never before told tales of what went down before and after different matches, interviews, storylines of some of the most memorable moments in RISE rings.

Links to talent merchandise and other means of financial support will be made available throughout the Live Stream for those who are able to do so during these trying times when nearly all wrestlers are out of work due to global event cancellations due to COVID-19.

And our first episode is going to kick things off for sure as we look at the path from Seminar Prospective Talent to Phoenix of RISE Champion in…

The RISE of Kylie Rae!

Let us know on Social Media (@RISEdtwa) what matches you would like Kylie to break down in this episode!

Follow us and subscribe to RISE on Twitch at The live streams are always free. Subscribing will allow you to watch archival footage, including the entire RISE Library of Events. We are uploading the few missing shows this week. If you do not have Amazon Prime, subscriptions on Twitch are $4.99/per month.

And for subscribers of and our Apps on iOS and Android, The RISE of… Series will be made available within 24 hours of each episodes’ conclusion on Twitch.

As soon as we lock down the date and time, we cannot wait to bring you The RISE of Kylie Rae, with many more of the stars of RISE to come!

Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 1.03.57 PM

RISE continues to expand our partnership with Chicago’s Freelance Wrestling Academy. In 2020, the collaboration of both promotions will see more and more innovation and availability of professional wrestling development both on-location in Freelance’s Chicago Facility and through the Online RISEedu Training System.

RISEedu Online Training expands February 1, 2020.

Sundays from 3 PM EST to 7 PM EST as well as Wednesdays and Thursdays from 12 PM EST to 6 PM EST we are offering RISEedu One-on-One Critiques and Performance Feedback – 60 Minutes per session of One-on-One time spent with wrestling performers of any role, any experience level. Time can be spent reviewing match footage of the participant, reviewing footage of other matches for the purpose of education and understanding, interviews and promos, marketing oneself…or virtually any topic of the participant’s choosing.

Mondays from 3 PM EST to 5 PM EST we are offering RISEedu Promos and Interviews – An online pro wrestling development session (with multiple attendees) pertaining to promos, interviews and other forms of public speaking taking place place during the course of live events and tv tapings.

Beginning February 18, we will also offer RISEedu Promos and Interviews Tuesdays from 8 PM EST to 10 PM EST.

If you are unable to attend any of the sessions below, but would like to take part in the offerings of RISEedu, we have reasonable flexibility to work with your schedule with advance notice. If you require days or times different from what is in our calendar, please inquire possibility in the form below.

Below, you will find our current calendar of available RISEedu Sessions. Please fill out the form below the calendar to register. Please allow up to 2 days for reply with terms and payment requests.

Any 1 Session of any kind is $20, 2 – $30 and 4 – $50. Discounts will be applied to students of Freelance Wrestling Academy.

RISEedu Attendance does require a 3 mbps internet connection or better and users must have functional microphone and cameras as sessions are fully interactive. Headphones are not required, but are strongly encouraged. RISEedu sessions can be recorded at the participant’s request and sent to them for future review.


Copy of Horizons Dec 19-2

Beginning this Thursday, our Weekly HORIZONS Seminars will be available LIVE online via streaming video with interactive chat for Q&A and other interactivity. We will also make HORIZONS available online for those in different parts of the world, different time zones or otherwise unable to be with us LIVE in person or online.

Perhaps the biggest goal of HORIZONS is to make the RISE brand of training and development as accessible as possible for all wrestling talent around the world.

Pricing for 1 LIVE Online Session of HORIZONS is $15 per week.

Pricing for 1 Online Session  of HORIZONS after the LIVE Seminar’s conclusion is $10 per week.

For anyone interested in volume pricing for multiple Seminars, we are working on what bulk pricing or a possible subscription model might look like. Please contact us for more information if desired.

We have updated the signup form at to incorporate online access. Click the link to sign up today.

And this isn’t even touching on cool stuff on deck for February yet…

Be part of the fun of learning with RISE as we continue our mission in Developing Tomorrow’s Wrestling Attractions, building a worldwide pipeline of talent for ALL of professional wrestling!

IMG_1262 2

Fans have voted, and they have selected LEGENDARY as the 2019 RISE Live Event of The Year. Looking back at our history and listening to how many fans felt since seeing LEGENDARY, it may well be the best RISE Live Event of all time.

LEGENDARY has it’s place in the history and record books. It was our first iPPV on FITE TV. It set a new, all-time record for the largest amount of Women Wrestlers ever featured on a single event.

What a roller coaster LEGENDARY truly was. Zoe Lucas wins the first-ever RISE of The Contender Match. Big Swole went the distance from Number 1 to the very end. New Tag Team Champions as The Killer Death Machines, Nevaeh and Jessicka Havok won The Guardians of RISE. The formation of New Nation. A heartfelt farewell to Kris Wolf. All capped off by a whirlwind of emotions seeing Kylie Rae defeating Mercedes Martinez to become Phoenix of RISE, only to be betrayed by her close friend Miranda Alize (like the drank), leading into Zoe Lucas seizing the moment to become Phoenix of RISE, defeating the already fallen Kylie Rae.

If you have not seen LEGENDARY yet, please check it out now at!


The fans of RISE have voted for their favorite match from each RISE Live Event of 2019. Now, the winners from each event have moved onto The Final Round! Fans can vote now for RISE Match of The Year – 2019!

We have also opened voting for RISE Wrestler of The Year, Tag Team of The Year and Live Event of The Year.

Vote for your favorites now at! Voting is open until next Monday, then we will announce the winners right here at!

Online Traing Course-4.png

Beginning January 7, Tuesdays from 8 PM to 11 PM Eastern Time, RISEedu Online Development presents a 6 Week Course called Making The Most of The Microphone, a course designed to train pro wrestling announcers, commentators and interviewers both from the ground up for those looking to break into the industry as well as refresh and sharpen the skills of those currently in these roles looking to become better overall performers.

The curriculum for the 6 Weeks is as follows:

Week 1: Facilitator and Student Introductions; Outlining The Three Primary Announcer Roles – Interviewer, Ring Announcer and Commentator; Match Structure – Understanding Stories Told in the Ring

Week 2: Card Structure – How to Build Emotion in the Audience from Match One to Match Done; Interviewer 101 – Be More Than a Glorified Mic Stand

Week 3: Ring Announcer 101 – The Conductor of the Live Event Emotional Roller Coaster; Commentary 101 – Calling It Like You See It

Week 4: Interviewer 201 – Filling in the Blanks; Ring Announcer 201 – Special Situations and Pacing the Show

Week 5: Commentary 201 – More Than What You See – Special Attractions and Main Events; All Roles – The Art of Smoke and Mirrors When Things Go Wrong

Week 6: Putting It All Together; Group Feedback and Ideas

Registration fee for this 6 Week Course is $500. Registration is now open at



Beginning December 12 RISE begins HORIZONS – Weekly Pro Wrestling Seminars and Original Content, streaming FREE on YouTube LIVE from The Berwyn Eagles Club in suburban Chicago every Thursday. Seminars are open to all professional wrestling roles, all experience levels.

HORIZONS Seminars will be held from 7 PM to 10:30 PM Central Time. Seminars will cover in-ring training, working in filmed/televised environments, character presentation and speaking skills and more. Specific topics and skills will vary each week. Each Seminar will be designed to be effective as a standalone session, but also with learning continuity week to week to give benefit for those who attend multiple sessions.

HORIZONS Seminars are priced at $20 each. Incentive pricing is available for those who wish to attend multiple sessions. Attend 2 HORIZONS Seminars for $30, 4 for $50. HORIZONS Registration is now open at

HORIZONS Content will stream LIVE on YouTube and will involve matches showcasing talent selected from our Seminars at 9:30 PM to 10 PM Central Time. Those who are unable to watch HORIZONS LIVE will be able to watch the VOD on YouTube after the conclusion of the original stream as well.

We will be able to allow very limited fans inside the training area in Berwyn, only 10-15 per week to view the matches, tickets are $5 and will be available this weekend at

It is important to note, HORIZONS fan-facing content is not designed to be a Live Event or a polished, produced video content. It is designed to be very raw, showcasing what your students can do in a learning environment, allowing fans insight and voice into who they would like to see featured on future RISE Live Events. By design, this is to give our students reps in the ring in front of a small live audience and in front of a camera for the audiences at home too – not to be a fully produced wrestling event.

We look forward to setting off for new HORIZONS next Thursday, December 12!

And, for what it’s worth, when it comes to Seminars and matches for HORIZONS, “you never know who might show up…”

Untitled design-9

With Thanksgiving this week, the Holiday Shopping Season kicks off in full force. We know there are a lot of our fans out there with other wrestling fans on their shopping lists, so we’ve added some pretty big deals at! These deals are so big, we are willing to bet more than a few of our fans take advantage of these great gifting prices for themselves too!

Possibly the greatest overall value – 1 Year Membership to for $40, a savings of $20 annually based on the regular price of $4.99 per month. This pricing is valid for new AND existing memberships! Membership at also gains access to the entire RISE Video Archive and so much more through our Apps on iOS and Android Mobile Platforms as well! Available now through December 24.

20% off Pro Wrestling Tees – All RISE Wears 20%, no coupons necessary! Available now though December 1.

20% off all RISE Wears, which includes MANY exclusives in our Teespring Store. Exclusive hoodies, tank tops, tees and even leggings and onesies are available at deeply discounted prices using promo code HOLIDAY. Valid now through December 14.

And for those on your lists who prefer or collect physical media, The Complete Anthology of our first three years, 29 discs in all, is available for only $200 on DVD or Blu-ray. Price includes US Shipping!

All these deals available now at!