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This is an announcement few likely expected, even most within RISE. We can now confirm Jimmy Jacobs will be on hand for RISE 6 – BRUTALITY Friday, December 1 in South Gate, CA!

But the question remains, why is Jimmy Jacobs coming to RISE? Jimmy is among the more versatile assets that could be used in any wrestling company, but what is his business here? Will it be to lend his renown, outside-the-box mind to creating the show? Will he be there to further assist in the development of those in our Seminar? And with a history like Jimmy Jacobs has in the ring, one cannot help but wonder his motivations for joining us in an event named BRUTALITY.

“As of right now, the only two people who know what is in store are Jimmy and me. We go back a long, long way, and I’ve seen first hand just how much value Jimmy adds in any role he’s ever played in a wrestling event. Not many people know it, but Jimmy Jacobs was at RISE 1 – IGNITE, watching the entire show bell to bell. We talked a lot that night about the future. I consider it an amazing stroke of luck that Jimmy Jacobs is now formally able to be a public part of what we do, being an integral part of that future,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

As if things weren’t already wild and crazy enough, fans in Southern California can now add the intrigue of “The Zombie Princess” to RISE 6 – BRUTALITY.

Jimmy will also be part of our VIP Meet and Greet with WWE Hall of Famer Madusa, aka Alundra Blayze, Bull Nakano, Toni Storm and all the talent of RISE including our Prospective Talent Pool from the RISE 6 World Class Development Seminar.

Get your tickets and your VIP passes today at!

RISE 6 Graphics.001

Fresh off the heels of our One-Year Anniversary Event RISE 5 – RISING SUN, RISE 6 – BRUTALITY happens mere weeks later December 1 in South Gate, California. In what was already a banner year, the official start to our second year of operation may be even crazier than anything we have attempted prior. If you’ve kept up with our first year, you know just how bold that statement is. And we plan to back it up in full.

Our World Class Development Seminar, formally scouting talent for Japan’s STARDOM, will be facilitated by STARDOM Commissioner Madusa, STARDOM USA President Cheerleader Melissa and the legendary Bull Nakano. Madusa has only been available to the independents for training and development thus far through RISE. This is the first the wealth of knowledge possessed by Melissa has been made available in a Seminar. And for the first time ever in North America, Bull Nakano will be training talent, a move of unprecedented importance to the future of women’s wrestling.

In addition to these three women, many other eyes will be on this Seminar including AWS Promoter Bart Kapitzke, SHIMMER Co-Founders Dave Prazak and Allison Danger and RISE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey.

Just moments ago, Harvey stated, “With what is already openly known about this Seminar, any woman wrestler in North America invested in her professional development will not want to miss it for the world. Earlier tonight, I confirmed a final detail that puts even MORE eyes on this Seminar. Very important eyes. Very influential eyes. If you want to be seen, if you want to learn from legends of the industry, RISE 6 is where aspiring women wrestlers NEED to be.”

As always, the Seminar Participants will be in The Prospective Talent Pool for the Live Event of RISE 6 – BRUTALITY. This high-profile event is shaping up to quite possibly be the top women’s wrestling event the West Coast has ever seen. Our already announced matches have already created a fair amount of buzz. We already know of the dream match between SHIMMER Champion Mercedes Martinez and Toni Storm, the wild ride that is sure to be as Phoenix of RISE Champion “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart takes on Kris Wolf and the sheer war that will be the Barbed Wire Bat match between “The Wounded Owl” LuFisto and Dust. But, there is a lot more to come.

“With what we have on this card already, we will have more fan eyes on our product than ever before. Many of the RISE Roster and Featured Talents do not yet have matches announced, and many of those will come straight from The Prospective Talent Pool. Ladies can be seen by some of the most influential minds in women’s wrestling, seen by many new fans. The idea of RISE has always been to elevate talent. This is a situation rife with opportunity for talents bold enough to take a chance on what we do,” elaborated Harvey.

Limited seating remains for the RISE 6 World Class Development Seminar. Interested talents, please email, Subject: RISE 6 for information and registration. The Seminar will run from 9 AM – 5 PM and has a fee of $150.

Fans, Front Row is already sold out for the Live Event.  Second Row is very limted, priced at $25. General Admission is just $10 for this event.

Don’t miss out on our VIP Meet and Greet with featured guests Madusa, Bull Nakano and Toni Storm as well as all the other talents of RISE. These three featured guests will be available to Meet and Greet fans as part of VIP Experience only.

Tickets, including combo pricing with VIP are available now at

RISE 5 Graphics.011

One of Chicago’s own had a tremendous weekend as Kylie Rae went toe to toe with Delilah Doom at Sabotage Friday night in Austin, Texas. In addition to that, Kylie faced Savannah Stone Sunday at Glory Pro in Alton, IL turning out another standout performance. RISE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey happened to be on hand for both events.

Harvey had this to say, “Kylie Rae is a talent we’ve been hearing more and more about and we were excited to see her name among the first to sign up for the RISE 5 Seminar. A lot of people may not realize this,  but I am not the only one who is scouting talents well before Seminar day is upon us. All of our Featured Talents do the same. I wasn’t the only one paying attention last weekend. I received a text from “The Queen of Suplexes” Nicole Savoy with an image from the Kylie Rae vs. Delilah doom match, captioned with only one word. ‘Her!’ That was all I needed to hear, and the match is now on for November 10 in Berwyn!”

In what is sure to be her biggest challenge to date, this bright-eyed student of Booker T, Kevin Quinn and Bryce Benjamin has her work cut out for her as she takes on the first Heart of SHIMMER Champion in Nicole Savoy.

Will this prove to be Kylie Rae’s breakout match?

What are Nicole Savoy’s motivations for personally requesting Kylie as her opponent?

Time will tell, and one thing is for sure, you will NOT want to miss RISE 5 – RISING SUN Friday, November 10 in Berwyn, IL.

Front Row tickets are nearly sold out, priced at $30. General Admission just $10. And don’t forget VIP Meet and Greet with Madusa, A Joshi Legend, several Joshi guests, all the women of RISE and more! All available at

Ticket sales are picking up speed for both RISE 5 – RISING SUN November 10 in Berwyn, IL and RISE 6 – BRUTALITY in South Gate, CA! We wanted to give fans who want to be closest to the action an update on availability.

RISE 5 is down to 10 Front Row tickets. Priced at $30 each ($75 with VIP Meet and Greet with Madusa, Joshi Legend and many more), these tickets are not expected to last much longer. RISE 5 kicks off SHIMMER weekend and the prices here given the talent already announced (and not even yet announced…) and the Prospective Talent Pool are INSANE.  General Admission to RISE 5 is only $10 ($55 with VIP Meet and Greet).

RISE 6 only has 1 Front Row ticket remaining, available standalone for $30 or $75 with VIP Meet and Greet with Bull Nakano, Madusa, Toni Storm and more. Second Row seating is also very limited, and over half the tickets have already sold. Second Row $25, with VIP $70. General Admission priced at the legal robbery rate of $10, $55 with VIP.

Given the scope of talent for both shows, the ridiculously good pricing on tickets and more elements yet to be announced, getting our closest rows of seating now is highly advised.

Get yours today at!

RISE 5 Graphics.007

Something one can count on from all graduates of Storm Wrestling Academy, they all are incredibly hardworking and eager to continue to learn on their career journey, doing everything they can to develop into the best young talents on the circuit today! Someone who most certainly fits that mold is Rachael Ellering, and Rachael is coming to RISE 5 – RISING SUN November 10 in Berwyn, IL!

“Rachael is an impressive talent, already making quite a name for herself everywhere she goes. What’s more impressive to me is her attitude toward training and ongoing development. She is coming to RISE with no intention but to learn from some of the industry’s best and grow as a performer. That speaks volumes to us,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

With Rachael’s SHIMMER Debut on the horizon November 11-12 in Berwyn, IL, what impact will she make in RISE? Find out Friday, November 10!

Harvey elaborated, “Through RISE and Co-Ed concept GAIN, we’ve had the pleasure of working with several graduates of Lance Storm’s program. First we got to know Chelsea Green, then JaXon Argos and now Rachael. It’s very clear that training at SWA is truly some of the best in the world, physically and mentally. It should be very interesting to see what ways yet another SWA Graduate will stand out as one of today’s top independents!”

Tickets for RISE 5 are available at Tickets for SHIMMER are available at

rise-5-shirt 2

Part of what makes RISE Live Events unique is a degree of “you never know what you’re going to get.” Our Seminars feature talents from around the globe, each looking to develop their skills as they look to improve their performance. Each Seminar is home to The Prospective Talent Pool, the group of hopefuls from our Wold Class Development Seminars who came in with no promises or guarantees, each seeking just one opportunity on the card for the Live Event.

In addition to the RISE Core Roster, Featured Talents from SHIMMER and other major companies worldwide, roughly one third of our card is made up of women chosen directly from The Prospective Talent Pool.

The updated list of names includes:

Miranda Salinas, “Derby Doll” Layne Rosario, Dynamite Didi, Robin Maddox, Karen Q, Indi Hartwell, Stefany Sinclair, Tasha Steelz, Brittany Blake, Dominique Fabiano, Renee Michelle, Hyan, Hawlee Layne, Heather Monroe, “Sriracha Muchacha” Paloma Star, Ray Lyn, Kylie Rae, Londyn Ali, “Tenacious” Trixie Tash, Amanda Carolina Rodriguez, “The Duchess” Ayzali, Samara and the returning Team Blue Nation of Jessica Troy and Charli Evans.

As we have done with past Seminars, we try to give fans samplings of new talents from The Prospective Talent Pool through different match and video postings. In our first YouTube Campaign for RISE 5 – RISING SUN we present “Standing Out.”

Talents were given very few guidelines for what this was to mean other than a two minute time limit. And in that time, we asked them…well, we asked them to stand out, to show us, and more importantly all the fans what just might separate them from the pack Friday, November 10 at RISE 5!

And these video start dropping on our YouTube Channel TONIGHT! Subscribe to our channel HERE.

Tickets are still available for RISE 5. Very limited Front Row $30, GA $10. Also available are VIP Combos including our Meet and Greet with Madusa and a Joshi Legend, also with photo ops with Madusa’s 1990s WWE Women’s Championship.

Meet and Greet will also have all members of The Prospective Talent Pool and RISE Roster and Featured Talents as well!

VIP + Ticket Combos: Front Row $75, GA $55.

Standalone VIP Meet and Greet Only is $50.

We hope to see all of you there. Get your tickets today at!

RISE 6 Graphics.001

In what was already set to be a crazy, fun fan experience, we have added Toni Storm to the VIP Meet and Greet prior to RISE 6 – BRUTALITY December 1 in South Gate, CA! Toni joins wrestling legends WWE Hall of Famer Madusa, aka Alundra Blayze and the incomparable Bull Nakano in this exclusive, interactive event provided by RISE.

The VIP Meet and Greet will have plenty of photo ops, including Madusa’s 1990s WWE Women’s Championship, the very title Alundra Blayze and Bull Nakano feuded for, the very title from the infamous WCW Monday Nitro incident from 1995!

Meet and Greet passes are $50 per person, also available at combo pricing when purchased with tickets. Get yours while you still can at

Front Row tickets couldn’t be closer to a sellout! Literally JUST ONE VIP Front Row Package left as of press time before Front Row is SOLD OUT!

Tickets: $30 Front Row, $25 Second Row and $10 GA. All tickets +$5 at the door, so ordering in advance is advised.

VIP Packages Including Ticket + VIP: $75 Front Row, $70 Second Row and $55 GA.

We cannot wait to give fans an experience like no other, an ultimate outing for Women’s Wrestling fans!

The Main Event of RISE 5 – RISING SUN has been set, and the rules have been disclosed. In a first of its kind matchup, The Phoenix of RISE “The Ballsy Badass” Shotzi Blackheart faces her greatest challenge to date in The Incursion of The Phoenix! Shotzi Blackheart will defend against the entire original RISE Roster in one match at one time. Dust, Delilah Doom, Britt Baker, Chelsea Green and “The Fallen Flower” Kikyo are all surely be gunning to become The Third Phoenix of RISE!

But what does this match entail? Click the video below for the full rundown from RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.


Tickets for our landmark One Year Anniversary Event are available at Very limited Front Row Remain. Front Row $30, GA $10. And don’t forget our VIP Meet and Greet with Madusa (and her infamous title for photo ops) and A Japanese Adversary, one of Madusa’s most notable opponents. VIP Meet and Greet entry is $50, special savings available  with purchasing VIP + Ticket Combos.

RISE 5 Graphics.004


RISE 5 – RISING SUN will see the Berwyn debut of world-traveled competitor and international star Thunder Rosa! Thunder Rosa has been making waves all over the world in the last year across North American, Europe and Japan as well as on television screens on El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground as Kobra Moon.

Thunder Rosa will be appearing Friday, November 10 in Berwyn with her specific mission in mind. What is that mission? Join us at the Berwyn Eagles Club to find out!

Limited Front Row tickets still available, also available with VIP Meet and Greet combo pricing. Thunder Rosa will be appearing Friday only, so be sure to catch this star on the RISE while she is in Chicago.

Tickets on sale now at Front Row $30, GA just $10!

VIP Meet and Greet with WWE Hall of Famer Madusa and A Japanese Adversary (Kindy Offering New Generations advice in our Seminar) from Madusa’s career featuring photo ops with the 1990’s WWE Women’s Championship…yes…the title from the famous incident on WCW Monday Nitro! VIP Meet and Greet Only is $50, when purchased with Live Event Ticket, save $5.