Membership in Access – RISE Terms and Conditions:

• Remote video training conducted via Skype or FaceTime.

• Members will be allowed to book “at least” one one-hour session every two weeks, subject to scheduling availability. Some weeks may allow more often than one one-hour every two weeks if sessions are unbooked by other members. This is strictly subject to availability if and when requested by members.

• This is a membership based on time, not sessions. If a member does not book sessions, they do not rollover. Once the membership term has expired, members will need to renew before booking their next session.

• Once membership is paid in full ($100), the one year membership term begins the date of the first video chat session.

• One-time, no-commitment trial of Access PIPELINE, online one-on-one training services is available.. This $10 fee will allow you one, one hour session of Access PIPELINE as outlined below. If you elect to join the program for a one-year membership, this $10 fee will be deducted from the $100 annual membership fee.

• Topics covered can vary by members’ choice, but this facet of PIPELNE is primarily designed to work on promos and public speaking, character development and constructive critiques and match reviews.

• Members may submit matches for evaluation and feedback, but matches must be submitted via email to at least three days prior to evaluation session.

• Due to the remote access nature of this training, no in-ring or physical training is available as part of Access – RISE.

• Membership in Access – RISE is non-refundable after the first one-hour session has been completed. 

• $10 discount on all RISE World Class Development Seminars attended during active membership period.

• Trainings will primarily be conducted by Kevin Harvey.

Access – PIPELINE is available for sale at