The RISE of… Coming Soon to Twitch! And What A First Episode on Deck with @iamkylierae!

Kylie Rae-2

Coming soon to RISE’s Channel on Twitch, a new kind of programming that’s one part historic matches of the Episode Subjects, one part shoot interview/podcast, one part fan Q&A, 100% interactive. In the very near future, we rollout The RISE of… Series!

In this Series, we will recap memories and behind the scenes, never before told tales of what went down before and after different matches, interviews, storylines of some of the most memorable moments in RISE rings.

Links to talent merchandise and other means of financial support will be made available throughout the Live Stream for those who are able to do so during these trying times when nearly all wrestlers are out of work due to global event cancellations due to COVID-19.

And our first episode is going to kick things off for sure as we look at the path from Seminar Prospective Talent to Phoenix of RISE Champion in…

The RISE of Kylie Rae!

Let us know on Social Media (@RISEdtwa) what matches you would like Kylie to break down in this episode!

Follow us and subscribe to RISE on Twitch at The live streams are always free. Subscribing will allow you to watch archival footage, including the entire RISE Library of Events. We are uploading the few missing shows this week. If you do not have Amazon Prime, subscriptions on Twitch are $4.99/per month.

And for subscribers of and our Apps on iOS and Android, The RISE of… Series will be made available within 24 hours of each episodes’ conclusion on Twitch.

As soon as we lock down the date and time, we cannot wait to bring you The RISE of Kylie Rae, with many more of the stars of RISE to come!