The End of an Era – The Final RISE Live Event is March 27 in Berwyn, IL


Here it is.

I don’t know what’s too much to say, or what’s not enough.

But one way or another, it is coming out right now.

March 27, 2020 will be the final RISE Live Event and has been rebranded LEGENDARY – A CHARMING FINALE.

Why is this the last Live Event? The answer comes down to one thing – money.

A lot of people probably look at sold out shows stacked with some of the top names in Women’s Wrestling as well as some of the most prominent LGBTQ+ talents from around the world and wonder how they make money. The answer is simple.

They don’t. Period.

This has always been the case, this is nothing new. The business model of these global attractions was always to lose money at the door, then break even and/or profit on video sales.

But that has not even been close to the case. I want to do my best to not make this all boo hoo and whiny, and I do not want to even talk about any specific numbers. Basis for a benchmark though for the casual reader, our last iPPV LA ESCALERA made a net payment from FITE TV that only covered the cost of the video production +$16.

With the exception of the co-promoted The Summit in August 2019, all RISE Live Events have lost money. Every one of them.

RISE has never had any true sponsors, backers or anything of the like. It has always been funded by “some guy,” and support through purchased tickets, digital subscriptions and merchandise sales of our wonderful fans around the world.

And I am here to tell you, “some guy,” simply cannot take the various pressures of trying to fund this level of Live Events any more. I love our fans, I love the talent, I love the shows.

What I do not love is everything that comes with the extreme burden of what most would consider extreme debt.

Almost two years ago, the future of RISE was nearly certain doom. I shared where we were with our fans at the time simply because I have always wanted our fans to know what’s going on, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The truth is, nothing ever changed financially since the spring of 2018. I was simply too stubborn to quit.

I can look back in hindsight and see a lot of my faults. RISE grew too fast. I dreamed too big. And in the end, the combination of those two things has cost me.

No one held a gun to my head and made me do it. I took a lot of gambles, hoping there was a bigger market for what our Live Events bring to the table.

That’s the thing about gambling. Sometimes, you lose.

And the Live Events for RISE, as fun as they were, as good of things as they did for fans and our talent, were exactly that – a loss. A big one.

So, why isn’t this boo hoo?

This is NOT “THE” End of RISE!

This is the end of worsening the biggest burden financially for the company.

The best parts of this company, in my opinion, have been World Class Talent Development and working diligently to make safe spaces for marginalized talent.

And we can continue to do BOTH those things working with longtime partners and new ones along the way.

I cannot go into the full details here and now, but our relationship with Freelance Wrestling is growing and will mean much, much more as the year progresses. RISE is now hands-on full time at Freelance Wrestling Academy. And through Freelance Wrestling Academy, we will STILL be able to offer World Class Development Seminars. And we can still travel from time to time too!

And there is more in the pipeline that will ensure MORE content, NEW content is delivered to our subscribers at and our Apps on iOS and Android. We think you’ll like what we have coming up. We just do not have 100% of the pieces in place to fully inform of new programming that will develop young talent, showcase them through original, episodic content and introduce a new generation to RISE fans everywhere.

And we can do this without losing five figures of money per Live Event.

We will continue to offer online training through RISEedu.

We will continue to have RISE presence on events that will continue to showcase The Phoenix and The Guardians. And we are even working on joint efforts to bring about Pride and Joy 2 to Chicago, but not as a RISE Live Event, something much closer to The Summit with multiple partners involved.

Yes, the finances are the dark side of RISE, the bad side. But I try my best every day to not let that overshadow the immense good we have been able to do in wrestling.

And I continue to fight every day to make sure the best parts of RISE continue to do even more good, and to do so for a long time to come.

Thank you for your support of RISE, however you do so.

Now all that remains is to send RISE Live Events off into the sunset.

Join us March 27 in Berwyn, IL for LEGENDARY – A CHARMING FINALE. Tickets:

All the best,