A Look at The Field of 6 Competitors in La Escalera al Campeonato November 1!


November 1 in Berwyn, IL one match is guaranteed to be a defining moment for the winner, one that could possibly change the very course of RISE History – La Escalera al Campeonato. Be there, Tickets: CLICK HERE, Watch on FITE TV: CLICK HERE

La Escalera al Campeonato is a ladder match that will only be won by the competitor who ascends the ladder to retrieve the contract for a guaranteed shot at The Phoenix of RISE at LEGENDARY 2020. Elimination rules apply, wrestlers pinned or made to submit exit the match. Every play matters in this contest.

And now, introducing the field…


Returning in 2019, PRISCILLA KELLY has shown beyond a shadow of a doubt she is one of the top competitors in RISE. Two of the most talked about matches in RISE this year had PK front and center. Hell’s Favorite Harlot could well be on her path to The Phoenix of RISE.


From our January Seminar, AQA won the vote as the 2019 Seminar Discovery debut fans wanted in this match most. AQA is young, hungry and not afraid to take risks. And did we mention, there will be ladders in play? Inside 1 year, AQA could go from discovery to top contender.


The Equal Opportunity Ass Kicker looks to leave no doubt in her debut before our core Chicago audience, RAZE is a contender everywhere she goes. Will RAZE ascend the ladder and become top contender to The Phoenix of RISE?


First coming to RISE Seminars in 2016, THE HYAN has truly proven she is The Renaissance Woman. Now world traveled, backing down from no challenge, no opponent, and no stranger to doing what it takes to win – Hyan could be on her ascent to The Phoenix.


Will he change the course of RISE history? In his first two outings, “Superstar” JAKE ATLAS has been part of two RISE MOTYC – both involving one of his opponents here – Priscilla Kelly. Jake has shown he is a world class competitor, breaking barriers everywhere he travels.

And, yes, we did blatantly state as we transitioned to Developing Tomorrow’s Wrestling Attractions, “The Phoenix of RISE is still a Championship for Women Athletes.” The addition of Jake Atlas to this field was actually at the REQUEST of our Women Athletes. Our talents believe great wrestling knows no gender. Our talents want to wrestle the very best this industry has to offer. And everyone in our locker room believes Atlas is among the very best on the independents. And, should Jake win this contest, he will receive his definitive opportunity to prove he is the best Professional Wrestler in RISE.

And the sixth and final participant in this contest will be chosen from either our Seminar’s Prospective Talent Pool or from our ongoing training efforts with Freelance Wrestling Academy. Who walks out of La Escalera al Campeonato with the guaranteed shot at The Phoenix?!