Regional Rising Stars Tournaments Begin Sep. 1, Midwest Bracket in Berwyn, IL!


We have received many requests in recent months for two things – 1: Some variety of Women’s Wrestling Live Event the weekend of AEW’s All Out in Chicago. 2: Some variety of tournament.

Well, Sunday, September 1, we intend to do BOTH!

In our primary Chicago home, The Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL, we introduce the first in a SERIES of Tournaments we are looking to host in the back half of 2019 – The Regional Rising Stars Tournaments, showcasing young, up-and-coming talents of their geographic areas.

Up first is The Midwest Bracket! This 8 woman, single elimination tournament will take place at 5 PM, tickets now on sale, priced $10-$30 at

The first talent confirmed for The Midwest Bracket – Big Mama!

We will also have a few of the established stars of RISE on hand. The first talent announcement we have in non-tournament competition, Dust will be in action – maintaining her position as the only member of the RISE Roster to be part of every single RISE Event.

With so many fans visiting Chicago, it is our hope to truly shine a spotlight on young, hungry Midwest talent who may be unfamiliar to fans from other areas.

We hope to see YOU at Regional Rising Stars – The Midwest Bracket September 1!