June 29 Chicago PRIDE & JOY Seminars with Cassandro and Bryce Remsburg!

RISE is very happy to announce registration is now open for TWO World Class Development Seminars June 29 in Chicago at Freelance Wrestling Academy. Both Seminars are open to all trained and active wrestling performers, any gender and any role.

We will be hosting an in-ring Seminar with the legendary Cassandro el Exótico and a non-physical Seminar with world renown referee Bryce Remsburg!

RISE will be selecting standout talents from each Seminar to be part of RISE – PRIDE & JOY, Sunday, June 30 at Logan Square Auditorium, streaming worldwide on iPPV via FITE. To order PRIDE & JOY on iPPV, CLICK HERE.

Full information, pricing and registration form is now available at rise-wrestling.com/pjseminars!