Hustling Bookings & Working New Places – Online Seminars This Wednesday

RISE Online Seminars-4

This Wednesday, May 8 we will have Online Seminars at 1 PM and 9 PM Eastern Time on the topic of Hustling Bookings and Working New Places facilitated by RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey. This is such a key area for aspiring wrestlers and wrestling related talents when trying to build their name and acquire wrestling experience. We know there are a lot of young wrestlers out there who, in many cases, just do not know where to begin.

There will be many topics covered, but the discussion will be centered around a few key areas for learning:

• What to put in the that first email to promoters?

• What’s on your wrestling resume?

• Have you put your best foot forward in video submissions?

• Promo pics – do you have them, and are they usable in graphic design and promotion materials?

• Are you using technology in the best ways to help you AND prospective promoters?

The fee for this Online Seminar is $20. For more information and to register, please fill out the form located at