100% Shirt Profit to Create Opportunities for #LGBTQ Wrestlers Worldwide


Since the announcement of RISE – PRIDE & JOY June 30 in Chicago, we have heard from an overwhelming amount of people. We have heard from fans from around the world wanting to support in any way possible. We have also received inquiries and demo materials from many LGBTQ wrestling talents from around the globe, each hoping to be part of RISE for this event.

We would LOVE to provide opportunities for as many talents as possible at PRIDE & JOY.

We think there is a bigger picture here, and we want to create more opportunities than just one time at one event. PRIDE & JOY is about much more than “just one pro wrestling show.”

Since our inception, RISE has been able to leave a positive mark on the Women’s Professional Wrestling scene. To date, 172 women have competed in the rings of RISE,  114 were discovered from The Prospective Talent Pools from our World Class Development Seminars. We have been able to discover new talents and give them a platform to learn, grow and showcase their talent to a new audience through an organization that has carefully cultivated a network of partner promotions in a spirit of collaboration over competition.

One goal when we began was simple. Be Better.

That goal has not changed. There is still much opportunity not just for RISE, but ALL of professional wrestling to Be Better.

The time is right to expand the scope of what we do. We will still remain true to our mission of Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes. There is still opportunity for us to do much more.

PRIDE & JOY is not intended to be a one-off event. It is intended to be the beginning of additional focus for RISE. We believe we can leave a positive mark on Professional Wrestling by creating additional opportunities for representation, training, learning and development. We believe we can do this for Pro Wrestling’s LGBTQ Talents throughout the world.

We believe we can Be Better.

We begin June 29 with our World Class Development Seminar with Cassandro el Exótico, open to any and all performers in professional wrestling, more details coming soon.

We hit our first exclamation point June 30 as Pro Wrestling Tees Presents: RISE – PRIDE  & JOY at 5 PM at Logan Square Auditorium in Chicago, IL, streaming LIVE, worldwide via iPPV on FITE.tv.

Effective today, 100% of all profits generated from RISE T-Shirt sales through Pro Wrestling Tees will be allocated specifically to our efforts in providing new opportunities for LGBTQ Wrestlers and LGBTQ talent in supporting performance roles. You will find our available selection at prowrestlingtees.com/kevinharvey.

As always, we appreciate your support of RISE.

Every day, you help us stay in business, move forward and provide opportunities.

Every day, you help us Be Better.