Timeline for March 29 Events, Additional Standing Room Tickets for LEGENDARY

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March 29, 2019 is the most important date yet for RISE. It will be day jam-packed with activity from the beginning of our World Class Development Seminar to the conclusion of LEGENDARY and everything in-between!

The day for fans in Chicago will begin as doors open for Early to RISE – A Women’s Wrestling Mini Convention at 3 PM. This extended Meet and Greet will include a few bonus matches (likely 2-3) that will be taped for future episodes of RISE – ASCENT. We will begin to make announcements of the Mini Convention’s conclusion starting at 5:30 PM. 5:45 PM will be a hard stop as we must clear the building to finish setting up the venue and final preparations for LEGENDARY.

There are very few tickets remaining for Early to RISE. Get yours while you still can at risedtwa.ticketleap.com. $15 General Admission. Prices for all photos, merchandise, etc. will be set by individual talents.

Outside the building, fans who attended Early to RISE will be allowed re-entry first when doors open at 7:30 PM. We will have two lines outside so those who attended Early to RISE and have General Admission tickets will have first pick of GA Seating for LEGENDARY. After we have brought the Early to RISE Line inside, we will bring in all other fans.

It will be very important for everyone to find their seats as quickly as possible.

Bell time and Go-Live for our iPPV on FITE is 8 PM. Current plans will have one Dark Match at approximately 7:45 PM, subject to change.

While we are LIVE on FITE, there will not be an intermission during the course of the show. We will, however, have talent many talents available after the conclusion of LEGENDARY when the iPPV has ended.

Now, onto the topic of tickets…

Quite literally every single chair the Berwyn Eagles Club has that we can use for seating has a corresponding ticket sale. As such, we will be removing the merchandise tables after Early to RISE to make additional room for Standing Room Only Tickets. We are working with the Eagles Club to determine what we can realistically fit for Standing Room Only without making things wildly uncomfortable. Once we have determined what the number is, we will be making 1/2 of those tickets available Monday night at risedtwa.ticketleap.com, the other 1/2 we will be holding for walk-up only sales March 29. Standing Room Only Tickets will also be $15.

One last item to note: In the interest in making the overall bell to bell time of LEGENDARY from running entirely too long, especially with no intermission, in RISE of The Contender, our 30 Woman Ordered- Entry Battle Royal, we have decided to reduce the time intervals between entrants to 90 seconds.

There’s a LOT going on March 29, and we want to make the experience as transparent, manageable and FUN as possible for all involved. We are shaped up to break a few records, have our best card to date and have some surprises we’re pretty sure you guys are really going to like.

This is going to be BIG.

This is going to be FUN!

And this…is going to be LEGENDARY!