The Prospective Talent Pool (So Far) for LEGENDARY March 29


March 29 in Chicago, LEGENDARY will present the largest roster of Women Wrestlers ever assembled for one event LIVE from Chicago. And, as is always the case for RISE World Class Development Seminars, there will be several opportunities on this card for talents selected from The Prospective Talent Pool of Seminar attendees.

LEGENDARY as well as Early to RISE – A Women’s Wrestling Mini-Convention will present many opportunities for matches, but who will those opportunities be given to from our The Pool. Who will join RISE of The Contender? Who might be picked for Kris Wolf’s Meat Friends or Su Yung’s Legion of Undead Brides? Who might be put in other matches throughout the day?

It will surely be someone from the following list:

Jenna Van Muscles

Sophie King

Riley Shepard

Bel Pierce

Danika Della Rouge

Rocky Radley 

Kara Noia


Harlow O’Hara

Avista Varlowe

Angelique Winter Poppaea

Women Wrestlers, based on invoices pending (names not listed here) for this Seminar, we are only 4 seats away from a sellout. To be part of this World Class Development Seminar with IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Famer Gail Kim as well as RISE Officials on hand, register today at