RISE 1 Behind The Scenes Documentary IGNITION Ships Today on DVD/Blu-ray

March 29, RISE presents LEGENDARY, our first iPPV on FITE with the largest roster of Women Wrestlers ever assembled for a single event. Looking back, it’s pretty crazy to know we have come to this point. But to know how we got here, we have to remember how it all began.

And it all began November 10, 2016 with a World Class Development Seminar and Live Event known as RISE 1 – IGNITE. We could have never guessed where we would go, but we documented where we started.

No one knew what to expect November 10, 2016. Backstage cameras were rolling, but the footage has never seen the light of day.

Until now.

Order your copy of IGNITION on DVD or Blu-ray today, $15 each at pipeline.ecwid.com.