LIVE on Twitch 12 PM EST Saturday, Feb. 9 – The Process: RISE 9 and ASCENT – We Almost Scrapped Everything


We invite fans to join us LIVE on Twitch tomorrow, Saturday, February 9 at 12 PM EST for our latest full interactive episode of The Process entitled RISE 9 and ASCENT – We Almost Scrapped Everything. This topic won our poll earlier today right here at

Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will take fans on a journey through a three to four week period of RISE that, without hyperbole, shook RISE to its core, completely changing nearly all major creative directions, causing us to, well… “We Almost Scrapped Everything!”

To tell this story fully, we will begin about 1-2 weeks prior to RISE 8 – OUTBACK in Los Angeles, RISE 8 itself and the many layers of challenge and change between RISE 8, RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts and the subsequent ASCENT Tapings and the RISE Tour of Japan with STARDOM the following week.

Injuries. Signings. Tryouts. Local government nearly shutting down the shows. Japanese Visa issues. Financial troubles.

And, most of all REWRITES!

Sound like chaos? It’s all part of The Process! And we look forward to sharing it with you LIVE at Saturday at 12 PM EST.

Also joining part of the fun will be 1/2…er 75%…er…one of the marvelous members of Bones of Contention, and one talent whose creative direction was changed several times during The Process, LIVE from JAPAN – Ray Lyn!

Questions will be taken during the LIVE Chat on Twitch. We will also start a question thread in our Fan Group on Facebook.

And for subscribers to and our Apps on iOS and Android, this video will be uploaded by the end of the weekend.

Hope to see as many of you as possible tomorrow for The Process: RISE 9 and ASCENT – We Almost Scrapped Everything!