New Interactive Episode of The Process Tomorrow on Twitch, Vote for Topic!


This Saturday, February 9 LIVE on Twitch, RISE will be hosting its next fully interactive episode of our new concept The Process: Looking Into The RISE Creative Process from Paper to Production. This behind the scenes look into RISE will offer context and nearly complete dissection of the creative process of key moments in the company. Learn how we got there…and if that’s even where we intended to go.

And, as we hope you will all learn, a lot goes into The Process, and it is a road with many, many bumps along the way.

Tomorrow, at 12 PM EST, Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will take a deep dive into whatever topic is voted by fans of RISE in our poll below. This Episode will be also be available by the end of the weekend for subscribers at and our Apps on iOS and Android.

Join us tomorrow at where you can learn more about one of these topics: