Introducing, Your One-Stop Shop for All Talent Tees!


In the last few weeks, we have received a few questions about t-shirts from RISE as well as several RISE Talents. We decided instead of trying to remember every single link, we would just make one big section of our website RISE fans can visit to buy shirts, and in some cases other merchandise, directly from RISE Talents themselves.


We know it’s not the prettiest web design ever, but it’ll do the trick! We have linked directly to talent stores on Pro Wrestling Tees, Big Cartel and Ecwid among others, all in one spot. Every known t-shirt and merchandise store from any talent who has performed in the rings of RISE is here. Should we discover more, we will add more in time.

After the RISE Company Shirts at the top of the page, all talent t-shirt stores are listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Check out some of your favorites today at!