LIVE on Twitch Feb 3, 3 PM EST – Debut of The Process: The Elevator Matches

Process Elevator.001

Sunday, February 3 at 3 PM EST, 2 PM Central, we will debut our new concept show The Process, a behind the scenes look at the creative process of what went into the creative process of RISE before, during and after key events in company history.

We want to make this concept as interactive as possible, so we will be testing the debut Episode as a LIVE, interactive Fan Q&A at This LIVE Episode will be recorded and available for later viewing both on Twitch subscribers and for subscribers to RISE – ASCENT through and our Apps on iOS and Android.

The first Episode of The Process will delve into a topic that has very rarely, if ever, been discussed in a fan-facing way. Episode 1 will be The Process: The Elevator Matches. RISE Executive Producer Kevin Harvey will go into detail about the concept of The Elevator Match, and how it has, in fact, been part of what we do going back to RISE 1 – IGNITE. Kevin will also be open for fan Q&A before and after each match streamed as part of this Episode.

Each Elevator Match has been a crucial part of what we do, specifically tailored to put Seminar Standouts from our Prospective Talent Pools into higher profile situations. And, as you will see during the course of this Episode, The Elevator Match is a concept with a very high success rate, cementing Seminar Talents’ places on our Roster, elevating them to vital positions within RISE.

Don’t miss your chance to have some of your questions answered about the creative process and key goals of matches from RISE’s first year such as (not necessarily in streaming order for the show):

Britt Baker vs. Nicole Matthews from RISE 1 – IGNITE

Kennadi Brink vs. Saraya Knight from RISE 1 – IGNITE

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Mercedes Martinez from RISE 2 – ASCENT

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Cheerleader Melissa from RISE 3 – MEDIC

Delilah Doom vs. Rosemary from RISE 3 – MEDIC

Zoe Lucas vs. Cheerleader Melissa from RISE 5 – RISING SUN

Ray Lyn vs. Karen Q vs. Miranda Alize vs. Saraya Knight from RISE 5 – RISING SUN

Kylie Rae vs. Deonna Purrazzo from RISE 6 – BRUTALITY

Aerial Monroe vs. Nicole Savoy from RISE 6 – BRUTALITY

Dust vs. Toni Storm from RISE 6.5 – THROTTLE

Have your questions ready, and be prepared to see some of the key matches from RISE History possibly through a different lens, the lens of The Process: The Elevator Matches!