The Importance of RISE Seminars Coming to Texas – A Blog from Kevin Harvey

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When RISE was holding its first event, RISE 1 – IGNITE November 10, 2016 in Berwyn, IL, I don’t think many expected us to announce our second Seminar and Live Event. I think even fewer expected to hear it would be in Los Angeles, California.

We knew very early on that it wouldn’t be realistic for developing Women Wrestlers to always travel, often long distances, to the Chicago area for every Seminar. We knew we would have to branch out, and we knew we would need to go to areas where there seemed to be large populations of young, aspiring Women Athletes, the target audience for RISE Seminars.

In just the first two years, we have held World Class Development Seminars domestically in Chicago, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh and Orlando and internationally in Norwich, England. Through these Seminars, To date, 97 women chosen from these Seminars have been chosen to perform on RISE Live Events.

Some may remember we even held a few RISE on The Road Seminars. The first of those was held with our friends at Sabotage Wrestling in Austin, TX. It was important to me to find a way to stick a toe in the proverbial water somewhere in the State of Texas. There seemed to be a growing number of women wrestlers, and I wanted to see what would happen if we did something smaller scale to see just how many women talents in Texas were interested in the RISE variety of learning.

And then it happened – RISE on The Road sold out.

So we did another one – RISE on the Road sold out.

And on top of that, we saw a different mix of talent in both. It became apparent, we needed to bring a full scale RISE World Class Development Seminar and Live Event to Texas. And we wanted to do it in a grand way.

And that’s where Reality of Wrestling came into play.

ROW, the wrestling promotion and training school opened by WWE Hall of Famer Booker T and Queen Sharmell , we knew had great track record for developing talent. RISE stars Kylie Rae, Miranda Alize and Hyan all came from the ROW system and, as fans know, have been key parts of RISE Live Events since joining our roster. Add to that ROW showing tremendous focus on their Diamond Division, holding several Ladies Night Out events in addition to heavily featuring women on ROW Events, it just seemed a right fit.

And with increased focus from RISE in getting talent prepared to perform in televised and video centric environments, Booker T World Gym Arena is a venue readily equipped to help talent develop in these areas.

After my first talk with Booker T, it all came together. Clearly RISE and ROW were two companies who desire to give the best possible learning and Live Event experience to developing Women Wrestlers. And both companies realize just how much can be won when two companies work in collaboration, not competition.

Over 20 women are signed up for the Seminar this Friday with Phoenix of RISE Mercedes Martinez, Saraya Knight, Jimmy Jacobs and me. I am so happy to see so many faces, many of those totally new to the RISE environment. There are many women wrestlers in Texas, and we have a focus in helping them learn and break out in 2019.

Several of those will receive opportunities Saturday as part of RISE 12 – ROW on The RISE.

This event is important for so many reasons.

Our first full scale event in Texas.

The start of another new partner promotion in ROW.

Kicking off the rebirth of RISE – ASCENT Episodes…more on that later…

And let’s not forget opportunity for at least one from the Seminar who will be brought to Chicago to be part of the huge RISE and SHIMMER Weekend March 29-31.

And on top of all that, we will have some major announcements that will likely make a fair amount of noise in the wrestling world, and I cannot wait to share them with our new fans and friends in Texas City, Texas near Houston THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!

Get ready to see what happens with Reality of Wrestling and RISE come together.

Get ready for ROW on The RISE!