Ringing Out 2018 with DVD/Blu-ray Clearance Sale – Year 1 Shows $6 Each!

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As we ready to begin 2019, it is time to make room for a new year’s worth of Live Events and ASCENT Tapings in our physical media library of DVDs and Blu-rays. Starting today, all Year One RISE DVDs and Blu-rays are $6. These are clearance prices, so once these units are sold, they will officially be out of print.

The Events included in our 2018 Year-End Clearance Sale are RISE 1 – IGNITE, RISE 2 – ASCENT, GAIN 1 – STAND WITH KNIGHTS, RISE 3 – MEDIC, RISE 4 – WARRIORS RISE, RISE 5 – RISING SUN. And even though “technically” they started our second year, we are including RISE 6 – BRUTALITY and RISE 6.5 – THROTTLE.

No coupon or discount codes are needed for these prices as they are already reflected in our catalogue at pipeline.ecwid.com.

All other RISE Live Events are priced at just $10 on either DVD or Blu-ray with the exceptions of the two-disc RISE – ASCENT Collections, priced at $20 each.

Build your RISE Library while you still can with Year One, because once our current inventories are gone, they are g-o-n-e.

Happy shopping at pipeline.ecwid.com!