Vote Now – Favorite 2018 Seminar Talent for RISE of The Contender Entry


The RISE fanbase worldwide was able to meet many new talents in 2018, talents discovered in our World Class Development Seminars and given opportunities to perform on RISE Live Events and Episodes of RISE – ASCENT.

RISE will be bringing in *at least* one of the new talents discovered in 2018 Seminars to Chicago March 29 to take place in the RISE of The Contender Match as part of RISE 13 – LEGENDARY.

Regina “Honey” Badger received top voting for Seminar Discovery Debut of the Year for 2018 and will be in Berwyn, IL for RISE 13 in a match yet to be determined. We want to see more of these Seminar Discoveries return, but we want to leave that decision up to YOU, the RISE fanbase!

Voting is now open at! Make your selection using the form and let us know who YOUR favorite 2018 Seminar Discovery was and the top vote recipient will be part of RISE 13 in RISE of The Contender!

Happy Voting!