Holiday Sales Through Monday: DVDs, Blu-rays, T-Shirts, Posters and More

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We have a number of sales going though the holiday weekend at our company store and our store at

Pro Wrestling Tees is featuring up to 20% off RISE tees, including the newest Phoenix designs in both Purple and Red. You can shop from our selection now at

All DVDs and Blu-rays are $10 for individual discs, $20 for two-disc ASCENT sets. The newest release, RISE 10 – INSANITY is included in this sale. The RISE Complete Anthology can be purchased with additional savings, $150 for the entire RISE library. The RISE DVD and Blu-ray sale items can be purchased at

We are also featuring 12 Month Subscriptions to RISE – ASCENT for $50. That works out to two months free and is valid for both new and existing subscribers. These subscription coupons will be sold through the company store at

We have a number of signed Live Event Posters, priced $15-$50, all on sale at We also have a the RISE Signed Poster MEGA-PACK priced at $250. The MEGA PACK has nine total posters featuring legends, stars of RISE, IMPACT Knockouts, WWE NXT Superstars and more. Get your signed posters at