When and Where is RISE 12? What Happened to RISE 11?

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We have received a few, consistent questions the last few days, and we hope to clarify the confusion as best we can. Going into last Friday’s RISE 10 – INSANITY, we intended to announce our next event, which logically would be RISE 11 and was slated to be our return to the Los Angeles Market. But, as can often be the case in the our world, “Card Subject to Change.”

Our next event, RISE 12 – WE DON’T NEED ROADS, was set for South Gate, CA. We had the building secured and key talent committed, but we had a very big factor preventing us from running the date we had set – impossible travel booking situations. When attempted to book travel for key talents, nearly all flights needed were already sold out or were astronomically high priced. Returning to our loyal fans in Los Angeles is a top priority for us, but we have been forced to push the date of RISE 12 and possibly the location. We WILL return to Los Angeles in 2019 at a date yet to be determined.

Now, as for another question…what happened to RISE 11?

We had announced on our Social Media some time ago our next event would be RISE 11 – ONE LOUDER. We had begun a dialogue with representatives of potential special guests who would have been very fitting for an event entitled ONE LOUDER. However, due to current legal situations, on which we will not further comment, we will be skipping over RISE 11 – ONE LOUDER. We will only ever get one “11,” and we hope to one day present the event as planned and to do it right.

As a show of solidarity for our potential special guests, we will not be making any reference to or making any profits from RISE 11 – ONE LOUDER unless they are able to be a part.

Now, where and when will RISE 12 – WE DON’T NEED ROADS be? That is to be determined. We are working on a few possibilities for early 2019. We will get the word out as soon as locations and dates are set.

What we DO know, is this: The Fifth Phoenix of RISE “The Latina Sensation” Mercedes Martinez will defend her championship against Kylie Rae!

Los Angeles, we hope to see you soon! And there are a few new towns we might be seeing in the relatively near future as well.

Thank you fans for your patience and understanding!