David Arquette Unable to Appear at RISE 10, Books RJ City on In-Ring Talk Show?

David Arquette is unable to appear at RISE 10 – INSANITY this Friday, October 19 in Berwyn, IL. David sends his apologies along with news for RJ City as well as fans in the video above.

A large part of the tumultuous team of Arquette City’s working arrangement centered around David’s promise to RJ of an appearance on a talk show. It would appear from this video David will make good on this promise and has booked RJ City on a talk show that will be happening in the ring at RISE 10.

RJ City will still be competing, but who will the partner be? Who will the opponents be? Many in The Lethal Lottery of Ladies have withdrawn their names with the prospect of getting their hands on David Arquette being off the table. What match will be made in the wake of these changes?

We look forward to finding out the answers to many of these questions at RISE 10!

For fans who purchased VIP Passes that included Photos Ops with David Arquette, RISE is providing the following options and accommodations.

For fans who purchased VIP Option 2: 

You may either substitute Option 1, the in-ring photo op with the stars of RISE. Or, upon request, we will be offering full refunds on Option 2 purchases only.

For fans who purchased VIP Combo:

You may substitute two free individual DVDs or Blu-rays from the merchandise table or one two-disc set. Or, upon request, we will offer a partial refund of $20 on VIP Combo purchases only as the in-ring photo with the stars of RISE will still happen as planned.

If you wish to pursue a refund, please email kevin@wrestlingpipeline.com, Subject VIP Refund.