RISE + Unify Championship Entertainment = Opportunities in Hawaii!


As all fans and Seminar attendees of RISE 10 – INSANITY know, SHIMMER Original Rain will be on hand to lend her perspective in Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes. It is also well known Rain will be competing at the Live Event of RISE 10 against an opponent of her choosing from The Prospective Talent Pool. But, there is one small detail that has not been announced until today.

Rain is now part owner of Unify Championship Entertainment, a professional wrestling promotion in Honolulu, Hawaii. And she is coming to RISE 10 to begin scouting female talents to possibly receive future opportunities with UCE!

“Part of what has always made RISE Special for Prospective Talents are not just the immediate opportunities from our Seminars and Live Events, but also those opportunities that may come with networking and time. Rain and I have been in close contact for the last few months, knowing there could be eventual opportunities for women wrestlers in Hawaii. That time will be coming soon, after she scouts talents at RISE 10,” said RISE Executive Producer, Kevin Harvey.

Women wrestlers, due to cancellations, we have three seats open in our October 19 Seminar with SHIMMER Originals Rain, Mercedes Martinez, Lexie Fyfe and Cheerleader Melissa. Register today at rise-wrestling.com/seminar.

For more information on UCE, please visit ucewrestling.com.