New Program Coming to and RISE Apps: The Process

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The last few weeks, we have seen more new content on as well as our Apps on iOS and Android. RISE 8 – OUTBACK and RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts quickly became the top streaming videos on the site. We have also seen new content made available by our friends at Rogue Women Warriors and Bar Wrestling this week. We have even seen the newest Episodes of RISE – ASCENT resume with Episode 15 – Feels Like Home.

Today, we announce a new, original program: The Process. In this video series, exclusive to our streaming service, Writers and Executive Producers Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Harvey take you along their journey in all facets of what goes into the creation of a weekly, episodic platform and how those episodes build to larger scale RISE Live Events. Some installments will be retrospective, others will be filmed during the actual creative process of RISE – ASCENT Episodes and RISE Live Events. This will be an unprecedented behind the scenes look into the tireless work that goes into RISE weeks before fans enter the venue.

In the first installment, we will take a retrospective look at the intense struggles at all levels of RISE 9 – RISE of The Knockouts and subsequent tapings of RISE – ASCENT Episodes 7 – 13. Find out how crunch time decisions were made. Find out what might have happened had injuries not plagued the roster. Find out just how close the company came to closing its doors the week leading into RISE 9 and why.

Later this fall, we look forward to bringing you The Process, Part One – Kicked Out at Two.